Happy Toolbox Tuesday, everyone! After taking a break from The Family HUB in March, this month’s we’re getting back to it with not one but two highly-requested sets of printables: Cleaning & Maintenance and Vehicles

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These two kits are chockfull of worksheets, checklists, and calendars to help you keep track of all the maintenance-related tasks in your life and home. I’ve worked hard to make these cleaning & maintenance printables comprehensive and intuitive yet also flexible and customizable so you have exactly what you need to track the tasks you do most. Let me show you what all is included in this month’s downloads so you can get them printed, filled out, and inserted into your Family HUB!

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What Is The Family HUB?
Back in January, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home! This printable kit (which by year’s end will include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple and complete home management binder. I know a lot of you have already started assembling your Family HUB. But if you haven’t and you’ve suddenly found yourself with a lot of time on your hands in recent weeks, this is a great project to tackle since it can sometimes be hard to carve out the time to print and write out all this important information!

So far, I’ve released all the Covers, Dividers and Tabs to help you assemble your Family HUB, as well as Part 1 (About Our Family) | Part 2 (In Case of Emergency) | Part 3 (About Our Home) | and Part 4 (Dates & Schedules). Below is the release schedule for the remaining sections:

April’s downloads feature all sorts of cleaning & maintenance printables for your homes and cars, and I am thrilled to share these two new kits with you today!

Part 5 | Cleaning & Maintenance
The lighter green section of The Family HUB is dedicated to worksheets to help you track cleaning and maintenance tasks around the home. These 27 pages include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance logs, as well as cleaning guides, calendars, trackers and more so you always have that information easily on hand.

The first few pages in the Cleaning & Maintenance printable kit are dedicated to helping you create a cleaning routine. I’m going to show you how to use these specific printables in more detail later in the month, but for now, here is what’s included:

MASTER HOME MAINTENANCE LIST. Use this two-page spread to hash out every single thing that needs to be done in your home and assign it to a timeframe: daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

CLEANING PLAN BRAINSTORM WORKSHEET. If you don’t want to use the detailed Master Home Maintenance List, you can instead use this single page worksheet to brainstorm which tasks need to be done when.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CALENDAR. Available in both a 1-page layout and 2-page spread, you can hash out all your maintenance tasks for the year ahead.

CLEANING SCHEDULES. Whether you need a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual calendar to keep track of your cleaning tasks, this kit features 8 different options to choose from!

ROOM-BY-ROOM CLEANUP. Keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed in each room of the house with this simple 6-page checklist!

MAINTENANCE LOG. A simple 2-page spread allows you to easily track AND see what’s due for maintenance and when.

“HOW TO CLEAN” GUIDES. Simple checklists help you hash out how specifically to clean certain things in your home.

CLEANING RECIPES. If you like to make your own cleaning solutions, this 1-page worksheet allows you to keep track of your favorite and most effective “recipes.”

This kit really features a lot of options for tracking your cleaning “to dos.” Not only are all the pages fully editable (as always) and available in both color and black-and-white, but you have a lot of flexibility in how to use them too. While most are best tucked into The Family HUB, there are several (like those shown above) that can also be taped up right to the refrigerator or your family command center and used individually!

PPPPPssssttt – So even if you’re not assembling The Family HUB, these worksheets might still really come in handy for day-to-day use!
Part 6 | Vehicles
Have you ever found yourself filling out some sort of paperwork and have to run out to check your license plate number or pull out your driver’s license? The 17 pages in the dark-green Vehicles kit will help you log and track every detail of your cars, including maintenance, insurance, cleaning, repairs, payments and more!

VEHICLE SPECS. This 1-page sheet can be printed as many times as you need (for as many vehicles as you have) and succinctly outlines all the primary information you need to keep on hand.

VEHICLE PAYOFF PLAN. If your cars are financed, this 1-page worksheet can keep you on track to pay it off on time and within budget!

When used together, these 2-pages give an excellent snapshot of the primary information you need to keep on hand for each car you own.

VEHICLE PAYMENT TRACKER. To keep track of all the costs associated with the life cycle of a car, this worksheet logs taxes, maintenance, registration fees and other payments.

The rest of the Vehicles kit features pages devoted to routine maintenance and cleaning.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE LOGS & TRACKERS. This kit features three different logs for tracking maintenance. Thanks to editable text fields, you can choose how detailed or general your tracking needs to be.

GAS MILEAGE LOG. A single-page tracker to help you log gas prices and use over time.

VEHICLE EMERGENCY INFO. This one-page worksheet is designed to be kept in the glovebox of your car. It provides a snapshot of the car, drivers, insurance, and emergency information.

CAR CLEANING CHECKLIST. Whether you keep this tucked into your Family HUB or in the glovebox, this simple worksheet can keep you on task when getting the car cleaned up.

EMERGENCY CAR KIT CHECKLIST. Always ensure you are ready for the unexpected by keeping an emergency checklist and checking it regularly.

Like the Cleaning & Maintenance pages, whether you include the Vehicles pages in your home management binder or you just need 1 or 2 to track some important information (gas, payments, etc), this kit has some super handy pages that I know you’ll find a use for!

Parts 5 and 6 of The Family HUB system have been uploaded to The Organization Toolbox and are available for download right now!

If you are already a Toolbox member, you can click here to login and download them right away. If you need a Toolbox membership, just click below to get started!

Other Family HUB Downloads
A new kit for The Family HUB is added to The Toolbox almost monthly! You can see the other HUB kits now available by clicking below!


I am so excited to get these comprehensive cleaning & maintenance printables into your hands and your Family HUBs! I hope you enjoy filling them out and getting a better grasp on your routine to-dos around the home!

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