Happy New Year, friends! If you have organization on the brain, like most of us do this time of year, boy do I have a treat for you today! You see…more than ANY other resource, printable, course, project or tutorial, the #1 request I get from you...

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Time and time again, you have told me that you just need a clean, simple, and effective method for keeping track of all of life’s details: from important family info and home improvements to maintenance schedules, pet care, favorite family meals and so much more. Admittedly, I’ve sat on this project for a while now. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it right…and I reeeaallly wanted to do it right. Well…all that time spent toiling and brainstorming was worth it because I am beyond excited to finally introduce you to my latest printable kit: The Family HUB: your Ultimate Home Management System. The first three sections have just been uploaded to The Organization Toolbox…and you guys…you’re seriously gonna love this!

Over the years of creating various organization projects and printables, I’ve learned that the one thing that really lights a fire in me is coming up with systems that truly make life easier. My chore charts, menu boards, and color-coded kitchen binder are all examples of such systems. Each one was thoughtfully, thoroughly and creatively conceived, and all rely on intentional color-coding, intuitive symbols and streamlined categorization to ultimately help you save both time and sanity on common daily activities.

It’s been a little while since I’ve conceptualized and created a comprehensive system, but that’s exactly what The Family HUB is: a flexible, customizable, modular organization system to help you keep track of all the details you need in an efficient, intuitive (and pretty!) way!

What Is The Family HUB?

HUB stands for Home Use Binder. It’s an expansive series of printable kits that, when used together, will become your family’s information HUB. The HUB will essentially be your one-stop-spot for all the information you need to track regarding your family, your home, your money, your health and so much more.

All the information included in The Family HUB system is organized into the 16 color-coded categories shown below. The Family HUB will ultimately include resources in each and every category. However, in order to make it the ideal organization resource you need, you can (and should!) only use the sections that pertain to you and your family!

The 16 color-coded categories are the crux of The Family HUB system. Not only are they a darling design detail, but they are the key to keeping your information sorted and easy to find. Both the symbols and the colors of each category are carried across the entire printable system, from the binder dividers and tabs to the table of contents, and even along the footer of every printable worksheet.

When I first sat down to create The Family HUB, I thought it would be about 20-30 pages. But my idea list kept growing, and then current Toolbox members weighed in with even more requests, and it became clear to me that in order to make this a truly comprehensive home management system, it would need to happen a little at a time. For me and for you. As such, I’l be uploading 2 sections of The Family HUB at a time to The Organization Toolbox in the following timeline:

Yep – we’re going to work on this together, little by little, for 2020! This schedule will allow us all time each month to print off, fill out and thoughtfully assemble each section as it pertains to our own families. And by year’s end, we’ll all have a comprehensive and complete Family HUB! Are you ready to do this?

NOTE: Toolbox members will notice that a few Family HUB categories overlap with some printable kits already available The Toolbox. These duplicate kits will in fact be re-released with the coordinating color, symbol and design so they integrate perfectly with the Family HUB system! 

The HUB Assembly Materials

In addition to the first two kits of the Family HUB system (which I’ll show in more detail below), this month I am also releasing a bunch of fun and pretty materials to get your Family HUB up and running. I’m talking pretty binder covers, binder spines, divider pages, and a variety of printable tabs, all color-coded and ready for you to quickly print and assemble the bones of your Family HUB.

The HUB system includes 6 different binder covers (one isn’t shown) with coordinating spines. Each cover has an editable text field which allows you to add your family name! Insert these pages into clear pockets on binder covers or as interior cover sheets.

So that you can keep track of everything you add to your Family HUB (and make it much easier to find!), print off and populate the included Table of Contents as you work.

NOTE: At year’s end, a fully populated Table of Contents with ALL the released printable worksheet titles will be provided.

Personalized divider pages with corresponding tabs not only look adorable but will ultimately help you find exactly what you’re looking for whenever you need it.

Speaking of tabs, I have three different pages ready to print and use in all sorts of different ways. Both symbol and word tabs are provided…and you can cut them by hand, with a punch (which is how I did mine), or slide them into existing divider tabs.

NOTE: Be sure to reference this post on how to make the tabs!

Between the cover, tab and divider options, you have lots of different ways to personalize and customize your own Family HUB!

The HUB Part 1 – About Our Family

The first section of The HUB is titled “About Our Family,” and includes 8 pages to help you log important details about your family members.

The “About Our Family” pages can be printed as many times as needed for your number of family members and should be updated each year with current stats and pictures.

Two different “Important Documents Checklists” are included: a 2-page spreadsheet and a table format. Whichever you prefer, these pages make it really easy to ensure you have certain documents for each family member.

While I have these checklists pre-populated for you with prompts, you can easily delete out and add in any documents that pertain to you and your family!

Other pages included in this section are the ID Card Record and Passwords Log, both of which can be printed over and over as needed.

The HUB Part 2 – In Case of Emergency

Part 2 includes 6 pages dedicated to emergency planning for your family. The 1-page emergency plan (shown below) is not only good for your family use, but is also handy to give to babysitters and family members.

Checklists and planning pages are included for both Shelter-In-Place and Evacuation emergencies.

The emergency planning pages have been pre-filled for you with helpful guidelines and prompts from ready.gov, but feel free to delete out and add in any information that is necessary for your family.

Are you ready to get started assembling your Family HUB? The first 3 kits in the Family HUB system have been uploaded to The Organization Toolbox and are available for download right now!

(All future kits will be uploaded according to the schedule shown earlier in this post.)

If you are already a Toolbox member, you can click here to login and download them right away. If you need a Toolbox membership, just click below to get started!

If you are not yet a Toolbox member and you want full access to all the HUB kits as they are released, be sure to join The Toolbox this month while Lifetime Memberships are on January special! Prices increase on February 1st!

Okay! So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start assembling your Family HUB! Start by printing off the binder assembly materials of your choice, and then settle in front of your favorite TV show with some scissors and tape and put your pretty binder together. Next, run off and fill out Parts 1 & 2 as they pertain to your family and insert them behind the navy heart and blue asterisk tabs. Finally, be sure to check in on the first Tuesday of February for the next two kits: About the Home and Dates & Schedules!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this giddy about an organization project. But seriously, friends…this is a good one. As your home management binder comes together over the course of this year, I just know you are not only going to love the process of putting it together (I mean, who doesn’t love color coded worksheets!!!), but you will also truly love and appreciate the time and sanity saved by having all your family’s important information in one central…dare I say it…HUB!

P.S. It’s been a long time since I checked in after moving and having baby Jack. Meet me back here on Friday for a “coffee break,” and I’ll catch you up on life behind the blog!

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