Happy Homemaker Monday

Sunday morning we got some sprinkles, but not enough to really soak the herb garden.  I was thankful for it anyway.

While in town I checked the hardware store for a swivel hook I needed.  They had a single one for $6.99 for a project I am working on.  I however, did not buy it.  I went home and ordered 50 of them online for $8.99.  I'll be sharing that project soon.

I also found 3 hanging baskets at a decent price and added more beauty to the property.

So these are growing in my green onions.  I did not plant them.  What are they?  Wild onions?  I have no idea.  the tops are very tall and look nothing like my green onions.  I thought wild onion tops look more like chives, and these to not.  Any thoughts on this?  Wild garlic?  It has the smell of onions and garlic both.

The herb garden has been fully weeded and new pine mulch (minus 2 more bags I need for it).  I never thought I'd finish it by Sunday.  I was so tired and with my husband working another midnight shift and first shift this morning, I thought I would be sleeping in and resting up.  

Nope.  Daughter E had the nerve to bang doors and talk loudly to herself, which woke me up early.  Urgh.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The weather outside is . . .

79°F/61°F, cloudy

On my reading pile . . .

On the TV . . .

Heartland, Netflix

On the breakfast plate . . .

Sausage/egg/cheese quesadillas, coffee

On the menu . . .
-new recipe to try
-baked chicken, veggie
-baked mac n' cheese, green beans
-breakfast for dinner
....in no particular order

On my to-do list . . .
-make a breakfast
-sweep and mop kitchen
-plant rosemary, weed corner of one flower bed
-sweep off front porch
-water house plants, water flower beds, garlic, asparagus, and rhubarb (still not getting rain as predicted)
-write up a pattern that is only on a video to keep in my pattern binder

What I am crocheting, knitting or creating . . .

A lot.  Too many projects on the hooks right now.  I'm working on getting some photos and doing an update on them all.  Stay tuned.

Looking around the house  . . .

It's in shambles.  I've spent every day outdoors with yard work, garden work, etc. 

From the camera . . .

We named a resident ground hog "Harold" and apparently it's a she.  I spotted a youngin' out there.  I guess we need to take care of that problem before the garden is planted.

Something fun to share . . .

I seem to slack in this department.  I have nothing "fun" to share right now.  Other than I have more new recipes to try out.  Not sure if they'll get made this week or next.  I have more flowers to plant, and 2 new rosemary plants to plant and 4 more flower beds to weed (not to mention put in the entire vegetable garden.   

On my prayer list . . .

A friend's family.  They want their Marine son to come home for a summer visit, but there are some issues with allowing him to travel.  

Bible verse, devotional . . .

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