Guided Reading Level D Curriculum is here! This level of Guided Reading will move students to a more independent level of reading with simple stories, basic sight words, and targeted reading strategies

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In addition, the phonics focus for this level is decoding CVCe (silent e) and vowel team words.

Now that I’ve finished Levels A-D, I’ve bundled them in my store at a discounted price!

If you missed Guided Reading Level A, Level B, or Level C, be sure to check them out! If you want to see this curriculum in action, be sure to join my private Facebook Group HERE.

What is Guided Reading?

Guided Reading is a small group instruction, which allows the teacher to provide explicit teaching and support for reading increasingly challenging texts. As the teacher targets and implements reading strategies that help guide and support the reader, students learn to think like proficient readers.

There are so many instructional options available in this 600+ page Guided Reading Level D Curriculum, which help make this the most effective guided reading instruction available!


Read fiction and simple non-fiction books
Continue to follow text with eyes rather than pointing
Read text with fewer lines of repeated words
Read compound words (ex: newspaper, sandbox) and words ending in -ing
Continue to correct reading mistakes
Read easy, high frequency words (at, an, am, do, go, he, in, like, me, my, no, see, so, to, up and we)

*Source: The Continuum of Literacy Learning Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5 by Fountas and Pinnell

This guided reading curriculum requires very little prep. I start by printing all of the lesson plans. These were printed double-sided and placed in a 1.5-inch binder. I separated each set of lesson plans with a tab. There are 10 tabs, one for each book.

What is included in this Guided Reading Level D Curriculum?

10 Level D Guided Reading Books with multiple options to print
Level D Guided Reading Books also come in Black and White (single and double-sided printing)
Easy to follow directions on how to print each book
Level D Spanish version of each book
40 scripted lesson plans (4 days of lessons for each book)

Each Guided Reading Book includes lesson plans. The 4-day lesson plans for each book follows this format: 

Preparing and Predicting
Fluency and Making Connections

Reading Strategies for Level D include:

Using sight words
Starting to use vowel rules
Using sounds to decode long words
Using pictures and context clues

Writing Strategies for Level D include:

Making Predictions
Story Word Writing
Retelling a Story
Asking and Answering Questions


There are 10 books in Level D:

Making a Sandwich
100 Days of School
Fun Days at School
Penguins at School
I Want to Sleep!
Peep and I
The Gingerbread Man
The Weather

Each book includes 3 Levels of Basic Skills and 3 Levels of Bonus Skills.  The 3 different levels of skills allow you to differentiate to meet the needs of ALL your learners.


The Basic Skills for Writing and Skill Practice Included in Guided Reading Level D:

Sight Word Practice
Silent e
Vowel Teams
Decoding Skills
Making Predictions
Story Word Writing
Retelling a Story
Asking and Answering Questions

Each Basic Skill comes in 3 levels so you can meet the needs of your students throughout the course of using the Guided Reading Level D Curriculum. For example, the Sight Word Practice comes in 3 Levels (a-easiest, b-intermediate, c-challenging). Choose the version that best suits each student. These can be used as part of the lesson, a center rotation, homework, or seat work. In addition, as students work through the books, they may need to be bumped up a level of practice. The 3 levels provided for each activity allow you to easily meet their needs.

Level D Up Close…

Each book comes with an easy to follow 4-day lesson plan…

The Guided Reading Level D Overview lays out the books, Sight Words included in each book, Basic Skills for each book, and Bonus Skills for each book.

Basic Skills:

Students will be giving a list of sight words included in each of the 10 books.

Story Word Cards are also included for each book…

Each book comes in multiple versions: single-side printing, double-side printing, black and white printing, and Spanish!

Here is an example of 3 Levels of differentiation for a basic silent e word activity.

This is an example of 3 Levels of differentiation for a vowel teams word activity.

There are 3 versions of sight word practice for each book as well.

Another skill that is practiced in Level D is retelling the story. Again, there are 3 versions of this activity for differentiation. Here is the simplest version where students are given the sentences and can place each one in the correct order that it was found in the book.

As your students work through the Level D books and activities, you can easily keep track of student progress using the Goal Tracker and Running Records.


There are also 2 Bonus Skills per book:

ch sound
One hundred
oo sounds
Days of the week
sh sound
Using quotation marks
Using thought bubbles
Family words
Compound words
Butterfly life cycle
ow sounds
Action verbs
Singular & plural
Identifying characters
Soft g
Using said
ar sound

An example of one of the bonus skills included in the Making a Sandwich book is the ch sound. These are the 3 levels of this skill…

The second bonus skills for this book is contractions. Here are the 3 levels of this skill…

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If you have any questions regarding my Guided Reading Curriculum, please feel free to email me at 

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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

Enjoy the journey! 

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