Free Printable 2022 Monthly Calendar

Hello sew-friends! Today, I'm very pleased to share that my annual printable calendar is back for 2022. One of the best things about the start of the new year is getting to start a fresh calendar. A calendar can be used as a decorative object or they can be used for planning and tracking. You can use a calendar to put some goals on paper, give yourself reminders or record what you've done. A great way to use a calendar for sewing is to record the projects you started, worked on or finished during the month. Read on for all the details, including how to download the calendar for free.

I started doing the free pdf calendar many years ago but took a break in 2021 because I just wasn't feeling up to it. In year's past, the designs have been sewing themed but this year, I went more minimal and generic (in a good way!). This calendar can be used for tracking plans whether they are sewing related or not. The calendar features one page with the entire year and a page for each month with lines for writing down notes, plans, goals or checklists. There are a bunch of options for different page/paper sizes and even the option of printing your calendar double sided so that it can go into a planner.

Over the years, I've learned that my calendar needs to be flexible. Like many creative people, I have many more ideas than I have time to do them all. I use my calendars as a place to record those ideas and attach them to dates. But I also leave myself room for moving things. It's hard to predict what's going to happen from year to year or month to month. Sometimes, plans will be waylaid because of things outside my control (hello pandemic!) and other times, plans will change because my interests or passions have shifted.

I have multiple calendars (digital and physical) to help me remember all the things I need and want to do. To make my physical calendars more flexible, I use sticky notes that can be shuffled around and erasable ink pens. I love the Frixion Earasable and Refillable pens because they actually erase really well, they write well and it feels more environmentally friendly that I can refill the ink. That said, one of the great things about a printable calendar is that you can re-print pages as needed. You can even keep one calendar for tracking sewing, for example and another for birthdays, events or tracking other hobbies.

The printable calendar is free to download when you sign up for the newsletter. When you sign up, you'll get a link and password to the Sew DIY resource library. The password will give you access to a web page where you can download the calendar as well as all the pdfs and pattern add-ons that are used in our tutorials. When you go to the Resource Library, scroll down to the "Printables" section.

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(Please note the calendar is for personal use only and not for profit or resale.)

The calendar is designed to go along with our Printable Sewing Planners and includes multiple sizes (Letter, A4, Half-Letter and A5). Here's a rundown on the different printing options:

If you are printing on A4 or Letter size paper:

Option 1: Use SewDIY-2022-Calendar-A4.pdf or SewDIY-2022-Calendar-Letter.pdf to print a calendar that fills the entire page. These files can also be used to print a double sided calendar.

Option 2: Use SewDIY-2022-Calendar-A5-2up.pdf or SewDIY-2022-Calendar-HalfLetter-2up.pdf to print two calendar pages per piece of paper. After printing, cut each page through the center to have A5 or half-letter size pages. These files are set up to work with double sided printing so they can be used in a planner.

Option 3: Use SewDIY-2022-Calendar-A5-CropMarks.pdf or SewDIY-2022-Calendar-HalfLetter-CropMarks.pdf to print a single calendar page per page. Trim the calendar to A5 or half-letter size using the crop marks as a guide.

If you are printing on A5 or Half-Letter size paper:

Option 1: Use SewDIY-2022-Calendar-A5.pdf or SewDIY-2022-Calendar-HalfLetter.pdf to print a calendar that fills the entire page. No trimming needed. These files can also be used to print a double sided calendar.

For tips on printing, check out this post.



  • 2022 PDF Printable Calendar (See details above about how to download.)

  • Card stock in preferred size (4-14 pieces of Letter, Half-letter, A4 or A5)

  • Cutting implement of choice: Metal Ruler & Utility Knife or Paper Trimmer

  • Hole Punch (optional)


STEP 1: Open the PDF calendar and load your printer with card stock. (Note, if you are printing Half-Letter 2-up you will need to load Letter size paper. And, if you are printing A5 2-up, you will need to load A4 paper. See above for more info on paper sizes.)

STEP 2: Print out the calendar. For tips on printing, check out this post.

STEP 3: If printing 2-up, cut down the middle of the paper using your preferred method. If printing with crop marks, align your ruler to the crop marks and cut from one mark to the next, without cutting all the way through the paper. Repeat for all four sides.) I prefer to use a straight edge (a quilting ruler or a metal ruler will do) and a utility knife but you can use scissors or a paper trimmer if you prefer.

STEP 4: If desired, use the hole punch to make holes along one edge of the calendar for use in a ring binder. Or make one hole at the top to hang it on the wall. You can also use a binder clip to keep all the pages together and hang 

Printable Sewing Planner PDF Download Printable Sewing Planner PDF Download 7.95 Printable Sewing Planner PDF Download Design 002 Printable Sewing Planner PDF Download Design 002 7.95

If you don't have one already, you might enjoy using our printable sewing planner. There are two design options. They each have the same pages, but different fonts and colors. Design option 1 uses blue as a highlight color and sans-serif fonts. Design option 2 uses yellow and a script font along with the sans-serif. You can check them out above or in the shop here.

I hope you enjoy your calendar and don't forget, if you share it on Instagram, use the hashtag #SewDIYCalendar.

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