Find Your Purr-fect Cat Notebooks

You and I both know that you and I both own far too many unused notebooks. But you never know when you’ll need one, so of course, when the opportunity arises, why not pick up another one or two? For readers and writers like me who also happen to be fans of cats, well, you’ll be excited to snag some of these cat notebooks.

Your Purr-fect Cat Notebooks

Channel some good luck with this black cat notebook. I will take multiples, especially with such pretty gilt edges. $21.

This notebook has 20 individually designed cats. So pretty! $7.

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For the love of cats! $10.

I actually have this on a T-shirt because nothing quite captures my interests like a good cat pun. The Mew Yorker notebook is a must. $23 and up.

A big old orange tabby on a little mini notebook. $11.

It’s a tuxedo cat on a salmon sketchbook, AKA perfection. $8 and up.

Treat yourself to a fully-customizable leather-bound notebook. $35 and up.

Cute and cat aren’t too far apart in terms of spelling for a reason. I love this cute pink cat notebook. $15.

Don’t we all? I work hard so my cat can have a better life notebook. $12.50.

This journal features an embroidered cat. Super unique and fun. $25.

This notebook is delightful and might actually encourage using it. $7.50.

Grab yourself one of these vegan leather personalized cat notebooks. $30.

For the kawaii fans, these absolutely adorable little notebooks. There are a few colors to choose from. $20.

We all could use a cat dressed like Leonard Cohen on our new notebook. $4.

Cats licking their chops is a weakness of mine. $8.

Space cat! Perfect for those falling in the center of the Loves Space and Loves Cats Venn diagram. $21.

Wildcats deserve a little love, too. $15.

So do tigers (and crystals!). $15 and up.

For the love of kittens! Lots of different design choices for this notebook. $7.50.

The color on this leather kitten notebook is just as perfect as is the design itself. I’d splurge for this total gem. $52.

A kitty face made up of cat paws and sweet little whiskers. Love it. $9.50.

This is not a notebook, per se, but rather a refillable, customizable wooden binder that you can make into your very own cat journal. $37.

Meow, meow, meow! $5 and up.

Travel the world with this little cute guy, who is customizable. $43.

Last, but certainly not least, this neon tiger notebook is literally everything. $27.50.

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