Emergency Car Toilet You Need In Your Vehicle

Emergency Car Toilet You Need In Your Vehicle

I’m updating this post from 2014, some people may not realize they may need an emergency toilet in their car or truck. We all do, no matter what age we fall into. Some of us have those #10 cans with food storage in them. After we empty one of those cans that are approximately six inches in diameter and nine inches tall we never should throw them out.

If you are like me, I think to myself “I might need this for something”! So I stash them in the pantry or garage. Well, I have read in the newspaper where cars with adults, toddlers, and babies are stranded sometimes for hours on a highway.

This can happen anywhere, anytime. It can be a storm or a car accident. There is no way to drive forward or exit the highway or freeway. Let me tell you why I think every family needs an emergency car toilet.

Emergency Car Toilet You Need In Your Vehicle

Emergency Car Toilet You Need In Your Vehicle

Emergency Car Toilet For The Gorge

There is a section called the gorge between St.George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nevada. The drive is spectacular with the Virgin Mountains and the Black Rock Mountains with the Virgin River running down the middle. We have so many people talk about how beautiful the drive is through that gorge. I literally smile the whole way driving through there looking at the beautiful formations of rock.

There is really only one real drawback through the drive and that’s when there is an accident or a bad storm and the rocks fall on the highway. Or it floods the road after torrential rainfall. Here’s the deal with that highway section. There are no, and I mean no, pull-offs. No bushes or turn-around spots. Period. No portable toilets.

Really Bad Rainstorm

Well, a few months ago there was a really bad rainstorm and horrific waterfalls coming off the top of the rock formations. Rocks were sliding and roads were washed away. I am talking about the main thoroughfare going from California up north to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Truckers were stopped, families on vacation were stopped from traveling back home. Several people could not get to work for almost three to four days because they were stuck/parked on the freeway.

This does not happen often, but it did happen. They had to divert everyone around the debris on the roads that did not wash away. They were stranded for 9-10 hours. Maybe more. We only heard what was shown on the TV or in the newspaper.

Here is my other Emergency Toilet for homes.

I have my Emergency Car Kit here, but I am going to add the new shiny #10 can to my car and strap it into the bungee cords to keep it from flying through the car.

Emergency  Car Toilet Contents

You can see I have some moist flushable wipes, known as bum wipes. I have some small packages of Kleenex tissues and some hand sanitizer. They all fit into the #10 can car toilet with a lid.

You will want this car toilet, I promise. Marilyn mentioned adding a puppy pee pad to use so we don’t have to use the public restrooms.

The puppy pee pads would be awesome. I have now added this size to my emergency car kit to be used in the #10 can along with 4-gallon size garbage bags. After using the #10 can, you can tie up the 4-gallon bag, and it’s ready to put in a garbage can at the next restroom stop. 4-gallon Bags and Pop-Up Tent for Privacy and Leaktite 1-Gallon White Plastic Pail or 1 Gallon Metal Paint Can with Lid

I purchased these puppy pads for my car. Small Puppy Pee Pads and these Poo Powder Degradable Gel

Here is another option, TRIP-TIPS Portable Folding Toilet Car (it’s collapsible when not in use). Or possibly these,

Emergency Car Toilet or Extra Diapers

I washed the #10 can and filled it with water to make sure it would not leak. I let it air dry and started gathering the necessary items. Luckily it had zero leaks and I started filling the emergency car toilet with the items needed for an emergency if our car is stalled or the traffic/weather stops us in an unforeseen situation.

You know the guys have it made they can go behind a bush or pee in a bottle. Well, it’s a bit harder for us chicks. We can get toddlers to pee in a diaper if we have an extra diaper or two in the car. Babies should be okay as long as they have enough diapers in the car. We may want to add a puppy pee pad to the #10 can!

Joyce’s-Emergency Car Toilet Idea

One suggestion might be to put a few plastic grocery sacks inside. If you have to use the potty, you could line it with the sack, like you do your trash cans at home, and then tie it. That way, you really wouldn’t have to toss your #10 can when you got to your destination. Just an idea.

Desiree’s-Emergency Car Toilet Idea

I have done something similar when my children were small. I lined it with a plastic grocery bag and put a folded paper towel in the bottom to help absorb the liquid. When finished, tie it shut and toss it at the next trash can. It really worked well!

Melissa’s-Emergency Car Toilet Idea

Even better than grocery bag liners are large Ziploc bags (with absorbent material inside such as a piece of a Chux pad, cut-up diaper, or sand) also an extra-large Ziploc to put used bags in case multiple users are needed. And scented dryer sheets to throw on top of *stinky* potty use. CHUX PADS

Also, kitty litter (get the corn cedar variety) is very absorbent, lightweight, environmentally more friendly, and can help mask scents. Kitty Litter

Appyhorsey, great idea! On the boat, we actually have a curtain that velcros on for privacy. Only your head sticks out if you want it to! Something similar for car privacy could be velcro to put around the headrest or even better use a shower curtain and a couple of ring hooks {like the keyring or binder rings} that could be attached to headrest posts when needed.

A waterproof shower curtain can also double as emergency rain protection or be placed on your seats to protect from wet clothes/bathing suits. Shower Curtain

Appyhorsey’s-Emergency Car Toilet Idea

I’ve done this for MANY YEARS. Grocery bags are too cheap and usually leak, anyway. Get the small-sized “garbage bags” instead. You can store them and a roll of toilet paper in the can. It’s also nice to have a big blanket or tarp or something, to “hide behind” if at all possible.

If your car is big enough you can use this IN the car, and cover the windows with something (blankets, towels, etc.) but if your car is too small, you will have to use it outside. (In a big traffic jam, you may be stuck in a center lane and NOWHERE to “get out of sight” of other people.)

If your car is a 4 door, open a front and back door and hang a blanket/tarp. If you only have a 2 door car, I’m not sure what your options are. Ha. Hang the blanket over the door then hold up the other half?

Maybe use this in the trunk with a blanket hanging as a cover? I like the idea of a folded paper towel in the bottom to absorb liquids. Never thought of that.

Cherie-Emergency Car Toilet Idea

I use large plastic coffee containers [ a.k.a. Maxwell House or Folgers]. I also have one with toilet paper in it and one baby wipe container. I carry an inexpensive pop-up tent for privacy.

It’s all together in a vacuum space bag. I also carry kitty litter and small bags in assorted sizes. The small bags can go inside the coffee container with a small amount of kitty litter in the bottom – then the bag can be thrown away leaving the container clean.

The kitty litter in the car toilet also serves as a winter staple in case you get stuck in the snow. The baby wipes will also be used for headlights or windows in an emergency only since they do leave a film.

Just in case I forget to put my rags and vinegar in the winter supply. The plastic bags can also be used to cover outside mirrors overnight, used inside your boots, hats, and mittens to keep you warm.

Everything I carry has more than multiple uses. Just thought this might help some people. You can also zip 2 sleeping bags together to make a portable privacy screen.

Kenneth-Truck Idea For Emergency Car Toilet

Well, you ladies seem to have this well thought out. Being a guy I have carried the wipes and toilet paper in my truck forever. I drive a pick up so I carry a 5 gal utility bucket. It holds all sorts of necessary items for emergency stops.

Linda those nice clothes pins would hold up a travel blanket attached to a partially open window or edge of an open car door and the run-off gutter on most trucks. Whatever it takes it is much better than a ticket from an LEO for exposure or a nature call in public. Oh, yea I carry orange and strawberry-scented hand sanitizer.


For discretion, while using an emergency toilet outside I recommend buying a cheap plastic rain poncho. When it’s worn it should come down low enough to cover what’s going on and allows your hands to be free inside the poncho too. Rain Poncho


Having spent 14 Yrs as a ‘crime scene tech’, I had to carry “new paint cans /lids’ for “evidence collection”. So when at a ‘scene’ in an outdoor area, away from any facilities, I used a paint can (1 gal size) with a small trash bag in it. I drove a closed-in van so no problems. Happened more than once.

Final Word

I hope you think about making an emergency car toilet for your car. You never know when you might need one. Please keep prepping, we must. May God Bless this world, Linda

FEMA.gov Federal Emergency Management Agency

Survival Food Storage by Linda

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