December 19th

 A couple of weeks ago I had a big tidy up of my fat recipe folder - which is polythene pockets in a very old ring binder. Some of the pockets had split and every time I moved the folder half the things fell out.

A big sort out and many recipes that had been saved but unused for years have gone into the recycling. The useful recipes put into  some new polythene pockets and everything is tidy again.

At the back of the ring-binder were 2 polythene pocket things full of Christmas Cuttings and clippings from old magazines, some dating back to the 70's.

When I started maternity leave in 1980 one of the ladies I worked with in the library gave me a whole pile of old Family Circle Magazines to keep me occupied during the rest of the waiting time. I seem to remember it being  a nice little magazine, more down to earth than many that came later.

Perhaps pages from one of those old Family Circle mags is that discoloured collection in the middle, featuring Mary Berry - years before she became more famous through Bake Off.
I use her Christmas cake recipe and there are cuttings there that I refer too when I'm doing the spiced nuts each Christmas, but other than that I've not looked at them for years.

I put all the Christmas cuttings back in their pockets - perhaps someone will find them useful after I've gone!

Back Tomorrow

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