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Having an organized, predictable routine can make all the difference!

I have been getting lots of questions about Simple Comprehension! I will be trying to answer as many as I can in blog posts to get you all started on the right foot! Many of you requested pictures… so here they are!

This post will contain affiliate links. You don’t pay any more, but if you purchase from my link I get a small commission. This allows me to try everything out that I recommend to you and keep my blog running smoothly (and providing you free resources like this one- so thanks for clicking my links!))
+ Binder (If using simple comprehension all year, you’ll want a bundle set, affiliate link)

+ Paper (find my favorite here, affiliate link)

+ Lamination (find my favorite here, affiliate link)

+ Velcro (you don’t need a ton, find my favorite here, affiliate link)

+ Paint sticks (FREE at your local paint or hardware store)

+ 3 hole punch (find my favorite for lamination here)

+ Clothespins (I get mine at walmart, but here’s an affiliate link if you can’t find them)

Yup, I only suggest printing exactly what you need. There is SO MANY options included in the sets. There are extra tabs, binder spines, covers, and page dividers to meet your needs- but don’t waste your paper! Find what works for you and do that!

Things to think about:

+ Do you need all 3 levels in your room?

+ Are you teaching whole group?

+ Does every student need a binder?

+ Are you laminating to reuse with students 1:1?

+ Are you using the materials center based?

Answering these questions (and only you can answer, I don’t know your caseload or classroom setup!) will help you decide how to best implement simple comprehension, how many copies of materials you need, and how much you need to print!

I prefer to have a binder for each student, with only the leveled materials they will be using for that month inside. It keeps me organized and keeps my paper load lower.

I also like to have my own binder for each month that includes a NON laminated copy of all levels for me to pull from year to year to make copies. This is also especially helpful if you get a new student and need to make materials quickly OR if your student makes progress and you are able to move up a level (YAY).

To attach the tabs I use this tape (affiliate link). I tape them to the page divider title page so they stand out in the binder.

It may be best for you to list out the pages you need on a post it before printing so you are more quickly able to print what you need (this is helpful if you have others doing your printing and becomes easier each month if things stay the same!)

Then, organize piles by student (if you want to use bins instead of binders) OR binders by student (in which case you’ll need my favorite hole punch, affiliate link)

(( TIP: save money by using the same binder each month for students and just switching out materials sending old materials home and replacing with new materials.)

I only print the parent letter the first time a student is using Simple Comprehension. I don’t print it after that!

I like to laminate (here’s my favorite laminator… I’ve been using for 5 YEARS! affiliate link) ONLY the vocab, clip cards, and sequencing. If you want to reuse the comprehension or stories for years to come, you may want to laminate those too, but I prefer to save on lamination and like to send the stories and comprehension home each week.

I cut the clip cards, and I make the sequencing worksheets into sequencing sticks (which involves cutting… but that’s it! I know this is a lot of pages but I prefer to make the prep as easy as possible.

FINALLY, You’re done!
Store the materials in bins on a shelf separated by student, in monthly binders, or in student folders. There are so many tabs, monthly labels, and page dividers to use as covers or labels for all these things included in each set!

Want to learn more about Simple Comprehension?
+ Read about how to use the data sheets here!

+ 5 Tips for how to teach the lessons here!

+ How to use Sequencing Sticks here!
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Your students will love these captivating stories, bright age appropriate visuals, differentiated materials, and that each week is something new and exciting! I loved having my students guess what the topic will be each week! Such a fun and exciting new addition to the classroom for your students and you!

Click this image to download March Simple Comprehension!

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