Bullet Journal Calendar

A bullet journal calendar is a foundation to any bullet journal. This free printable template comes in both a full-page and a half-page size. The two sizes fit into a variety of notebook sizes and styles, so you have many options.

Im guessing that youre as busy as I am. I love the flexibility of bullet journaling to keep my schedule and life in order, but Im just too busy to create my own bullet journal spreads by hand. Because Im looking for convenience, Im a big fan of using bullet journal printables to make bullet journaling possible in my busy life.

What is a monthly spread?

  • A monthly spread is one of the most common bullet journal layouts.
  • It is also known as a bullet journal calendar, a monthly log, a bujo monthly or a monthlie.
  • Its usually designed in a 2-page format to give you space to write and to be able to see the entire month in a glace.
  • It is used to track appointments and tasks for each month.
  • It is also used to set goals and make plans for the month.
  • It allows you to have a big picture of your schedule for the month.
  • It can works in conjunction with the weekly and daily spreads.
  • There endless varieties of calendar designs that bullet journalers use.
  • The original bullet journal calendar or monthly spread design created by Ryder Carroll listed the numbers 1 through 30 or 31 on the left side of the page with the first letter of the day of the week to the right of the date. The remainder of the space to the right is used for noting appointments, tasks and reminders.
  • Many bullet journalers use a traditional calendar grid format, either simple in design or with varying degrees of decoration.

The terms monthly spread and bullet journal calendar are often used interchangeably.

Bullet Journal Calendar

  • The bullet journal calendar, in any of the formats, functions like a traditional calendar.
  • If you design your own bullet journal calendar, you can design it to meet your unique needs and preferences.
  • If you want the flexibility of a bullet journal calendar with the convenience of a ready-made template, then this bullet journal calendar printable is for you.

Bullet Journal Calendar

How to Print this Bullet Journal Calendar Template

  • Download either the full-page bullet journal calendar or the half-page bullet journal calendar version of the printable monthly spread.
    • Click on the link above for the version you want.
    • When the pdf opens, right click on it and save your copy.
  • You can print the monthly calendar front to back if youd like or you can choose to print other bullet journal printables on the back of the monthly calendar.
  • You can print the calendar template on regular computer paper, but I prefer to use 28 lb. paper in bright white. The heavier weight paper holds up better to a months worth of use and provides a better writing experience.
  • I recommend you try a few trial runs in printing your
    bullet journal calendar. Every printer is different, so use computer paper and the draft printing option until you figure out how your printer will print out the pages.
  • You can print as many copies as youd like for your personal use.

How to Use this Bullet Journal Calendar

  • Thebullet journal calendar printable fits on either a full-page or a half a piece of paper. But the half-page version prints out 2 pages on one regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
  • The full-page or letter size will fit an A4 notebook.
  • The half-page or half-letter will fit an A5 notebook.
  • You can use any style notebook or binder that you choose. I prefer to use a disc bound notebook system because the pages are easy to add, remove and relocate within the binder, which gives you (almost magical) flexibility.
  • You can use a 3-ring binder style planner, any planner style binder or have the printed pages spiral bound at your local office supply store.
  • You can even glue the calendar pages into a composition or spiral bound notebook.

Experiment with your bullet journal and with how you use different spreads. Your bullet journal should work for you. No more adjusting your planning style just accommodate the limitations of a planner format.

A bullet journal gives you the flexibility of designing a format that works for your unique needs. And this free pdf gives you the convenience of using a printable monthly calendar template.

I rely on my bullet journal daily, sometimes even hourly to keep life organized and on-track. For more bullet journal ideas:

Be sure to pin for later so you can always find this bullet journal calendar template whenever you need it.

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