I have my fingers crossed (which makes for difficult typing) that Blogger is over whatever hiccup it had last night and lets me post pictures. I had a much easier time today getting through my post-NaNoWriMo writing segment. I've got 34 5-page segments in the binder. I'm so happy.

I treated myself to a used copy of the Lonely Planet's Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Bonaire and it has been a real benefit when I'm writing about diving. Plus it has pretty pictures.

Today's drawing lesson, Pegs, was the second to last one in You Can Draw In 30 Seconds. I confess that I will be glad when this book's lessons are done. This one didn't inspire me like the others have but I'll stick with it to the end. I'm stubborn that way.

This morning there was a big flock of Sparrows all pecking around under the feeders. There are usually a few of them but not the dozen or so that was there today.

In the afternoon I filled the feeders and the squirrels made short work of the peanuts. There were quite a few skirmishes with two or three squirrels fighting over whose turn it was. The one with the white ear tufts seemed to win most of the time. Must be the boss squirrel.

Tonight I finished the Stained Glazz hat and even made a giant pompom to put on top. I like the way it turned out.

Today's toss was a brown zippered sweater that I bought at Big Sky Brewing when DS and DIL1 lived in Missoula, MT. I like it but it doesn't have pockets so I don't wear it much. Someone else will love it.

The prompt today said to think of the worst pun. All I could think of was the pun the drawing teacher put in one of the lessons, saying that he was in Pencil-cola, FL. Sad but I couldn't think of anything else.

Forty-five years ago today Durwood and I were married. I thought about that day a lot today but it didn't make me too sad, just nostalgic. That's progress.


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