Avocado chicken salad is on tap for today!

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I’m still on a mission to arm myself with as many delicious lunches that I can! Bonus points if they are make-ahead and ready in the fridge for me when I’m starving come noon.

Pass all the crunchy crackers, please.

This avocado chicken salad is another great option to have during the week. Of course, you could eat it for breakfast or dinner too. You do you.
I just love it for lunch. 
Speaking of lunch, are you still working at home right now or heading back to the office? I love this recipe for both situations: it lasts, you can throw it together the night before and it’s basically a pantry meal if you grab a rotisserie chicken and a bag of pita chips. 

Now, I have made chicken and egg salad with the avocado as a binder in the past. Like, mash it up and use it with the wet ingredients to bring everything together. I really love that too, it just doesn’t last as long in the fridge. 

Chicken salad is one of those dishes I like to prep ahead so I have it for a few days. My current favorite way to enjoy it is on super crunchy crackers. So if it’s prepped ahead, I know it’s in the fridge and makes for a wonderful snack or lunch. 

This is another version of that, and it may just be my favorite one yet. I used the base for my summer chicken salad (aka, the best one ever) and instead of using lemon, used lime. And some diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. This adds the perfect amount of spice, especially if you have it with tortilla chips or crackers!

I like to make that base above and store it in the fridge. Much like my make-ahead marinated chickpeas. This is our base! But then…

Go ahead and add a few more delicious things.
Or, at least one more delicious thing.

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