Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

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Whether you’re getting around by car, train, or plane, traveling can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, even if you love it. Your flight can get delayed by a lot. Sitting in close quarters for a long flight can slow blood circulation and cause the muscles to cramp. Your ears can pop during take-off and landing. So pay attention to some tips that will make your next trip a breeze!

For example, make sure you have an empty water bottle in your carry-on. That way, you can get past security with no problem and then just fill the bottle up at the airport. Most have drinking fountains, so you’ll save some cash!

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Pack a couple tennis balls in your carry-on 0:16
Keep some chewing gum in there too 0:47
And a pillowcase… 1:16
And a trash bag! 1:43
Keep your clothes smelling fresh 2:05
A trick for wrinkle-free clothes 2:24
Put a “Fragile” label on your suitcase 2:47
Instant razor guard 3:10
Make your suitcase stand out 3:28
Keep your clothes nice and clean 3:49
No more tangled cords 4:20
Organize your jewelry on the go 4:33
Don’t lose your bobby pins 5:02
Keep your shirt collars stiff 5:24
Support your back on a flight 5:44
Book a really early or late flight 6:03
Go big on lunch 6:27
Help your body with jet lag 6:49
Carry an empty water bottle with you 7:18
Drink water 7:43

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- If you take 1 or 2 tennis balls with you on the plane, you can use them as little massagers to relieve and prevent that pain. Roll it along your ankles, calves, legs, wrists, back, and shoulders.
- Chewing on some gum actually keeps your ears from popping during take-off and landing.
- A trash bag or two will be a lifesaver when you come out of the airport at your destination only to be met by…rain!
- The dryer sheets will keep your garments smelling fresh and clean like they’ve come straight from the laundry.
- If your luggage is marked as “Fragile,” it should be handled more carefully by baggage personnel. Plus, it’ll likely be put on top of the other bags.
- Grab a binder clip and clamp it onto the blades of your razor when you pack. This will save you from any accidental—and painful—injuries.
- You don’t need to go out and buy expensive and flashy luggage. Use a plain basic suitcase and tie a bright ribbon around one of the handles.
- When you’re packing, wrap your shoes up in shower caps. This will prevent the bottoms from dirtying the rest of your clothes.
- Whether you’re flying or driving, keep all your chargers and power cords in a good-sized sunglasses case.
- You know those pill containers with little boxes for each day of the week? They’re also a great way to store and organize your jewelry when you’re traveling.
- Keep your shirt collars nice and crisp by lining them with a belt.
- Most airlines provide a pillow and blanket so that passengers can get a nap in during the flight. Take that little pillow and put it behind your lower back.
- If you’re going to be switching time zones, start making changes to your sleep pattern the day before you leave.
- The air inside airplane cabins tends to be very dry. Drink plenty of water, or another drink that contains electrolytes, to prevent dehydration.

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