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Welcome to Season Three of  The Coaching Podcast!

While preparing for this season, I thought about how much has changed since I started the show.

The world has changed, and my family has grown.

Balancing it all hasn’t been easy, but I’m really excited about what’s planned for this season. There's some exciting stuff coming up.

As a coach and in my personal life, I've been through all the feels for sure. So this first month is all about feelings. We’ll be talking about matters of the heart for all of February. 

All the Coaching Feels 

Coaching is hard.

Teaching is hard.

Everybody expects us to act like everything is normal, but things are challenging for everybody right now.

Feelings happen whether we want them to or not. We often go from one extreme to the other when coaching.

Even on our best day, coaching feelings run the entire gamut. It's constant work to manage our emotions, so we can move on to the next thing we need to get done.

On the episode, I explain nine feelings I had as a coach, when they came up, and some tips for making them more manageable. At the very end, I give you my favorite tip for adding small bits of joy to your day.

In this post, I share four of the emotions and some ideas to help you cope with them. Click on the media player below to listen to the whole episode and hear all my tips.

Let’s explore the most common coaching feelings and some ideas for making them more manageable.

#1- Stress

The first feeling that popped up when I was preparing for this podcast was stress. There's a ton of stress in coaching work. You’re expected to do more than is humanly possible.

One thing I found helpful was to add a little bit of time for myself during the day. If possible, build in two minutes of peace for yourself throughout the day. Take a few minutes here and there to find some rest.

#2 - Frustration

It can be frustrating when you don’t see growth. One thing that helped me was looking back at my observations from earlier in the year. Sometimes changes were so gradual I didn't notice them without my notes. 

Another thing that helped when I was frustrated was going into awesome classrooms that made me happy. I’d go look at the great teaching and the kids learning. It would fill up my soul with joy.

#3 - Excitement

I get excited when I start a project or have something new to teach. It’s important to hold on to those feelings of joy and excitement because not every day includes them.

One thing that helps me is finding something to look forward to. A fun project can motivate you during difficult times. If you're frustrated, you can turn to the thing you're excited to work on. Start focusing your energy there and give yourself a boost.

#4 - Camaraderie

There are times when we work with someone and it's fantastic because everything comes together perfectly. Enjoy that feeling and express it. Tell the person how wonderful it was working with them and save that memory for when things get challenging.

Everyone needs a partner because it can be tough without one. If you don’t have a partner, I would recommend joining our Coffee and Coaching Membership. It’s a great place to find support.

If you want to hear all nine of the emotions I felt and more examples of things you can do to boost your mood, listen to the entire episode.

Ready to listen? You can listen below with the media player, or search for Buzzing with MS. B: The Coaching Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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