A Day in the Life

I have decided to document my life, in photos. When out and about on one of the many adventures that fill an average Life Explained day I will snap photos of things I see then post them here.

To the right are some artificial flowers from an exciting, action packed trip to Taco Bell, where we ordered off the dollar menu. My wife and I ordered off the dollar menu, anyway. My son had something called the steak doubledilla. It cost quite a bit, but it was big, and came in its own box. It was highly recommended by his friend, who should know quite a bit about food, he works at Donato’s Pizza.

And here is a photo from my fun filled joy ride of an adventure to Target to buy some bottled water. My wife gave me very specific instructions. Buy six cases of Aquafina, it is on sale. And, she gave me a coupon, still attached to the advertisement that would trigger an award of a five dollar gift card. She even binder clipped a gift card to the ad, right by the coupon. I swear she thinks of me as a child. Hey, I can take care of things, I am a grown man.

The lines were not long, and I waited my turn, patiently, I am an adult, after all. When it was my turn I walked, briskly, efficiently, calmly, in complete control, up to the register.

WHAT? She didn’t clip the coupon. Now, I would have to tear it off, trying not to rip it in half, in front of the whole store, this was madness! But, the young man at the register scanned the coupon, and took care of everything, before I could even start to panic, too much. He handed me my gift card, my receipt, my new gift card, smiled reassuringly and thanked me.

I told him “wow, that was amazing, you were like a machine! That was so fast, and easy.” He thanked me, and I went to the food counter to buy a Coke and a bag of popcorn, which is kind of a ritual and my son was thought we should, so we did.

I have a theory, when you have free refills it demands a certain level of gluttony. So, I said to my son, “here, give that glass before you put on the lid.” And I was drinking some, maybe a lot.

While I was enjoying my long, delicious drink somebody touched my shoulder from behind and said “sir, can I talk to you.” It scared the bejezus out of me. I thought for sure they were going to make me pay for another Coke, and my mind was scrambling for a reason to drink extra pop (or soda, or cola, or whatever). She asked me about the young man at the register, and I said he was great. In my relief at not being harassed about my sudden, overpowering, unquenchable thirst I started talking a little too fast, and a little too much. Fortunately, I managed to stop short of telling her how much I hate shopping at Target. I am a rock.

Then it hit me, my life is pretty dull, and considering how quickly I fly into full blown, half crazed agitation, and frenzy it is probably a good thing. So I have decided to chronicle my life in pictures and make them seem more interesting than they are. On the right is a picture of the artificial flowers at Taco Bell re-enacting the battle of Anzio. And it was pretty convincing too.

Above is a picture of aliens getting ready to attack Target, Wal-Mart was too crowded, I guess.

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Talk to you soon.

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Photo credit: Tim Clark

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