8 Tasks To Plan Your Budget For 2022

You should treat your budget like gold because good things come your way if you use it correctly.

I’m not saying that to make you feel that your budget is going to remove debt magically,

It means that if you invest in your budget, the results will be that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In this post, I will talk about eight ways your budget for 2022 will benefit from simple tasks.

Perhaps using this as a refresher might add something new to your budget for those who already use a budget.

  • What would you like to see happen with your budget in 2022? Goals comes to mind.
  • Who you owe debt to, interest rate, monthly minimum balance, total debt.
  • Does your emergency savings need to be topped up or started?
  • How you can earn more income for your budget in 2022 to pay off more debt?
  • What areas of your budget needs improvement?
  • Is your budget realistic?
  • What expenses are costing you the most and why?
  • Things your budget can live without
  • Create your budget binder by visiting my Free Resources page.

Planning your budget for 2022 is only one step in the process of paving the way to debt freedom.

This is the right time to start planning your budget for the new year, as you can work on it slowly.

If you are new to budgeting, you need to collect data and develop a realistic action plan.

I hope what we’ve done inspires you or your family to consider budgeting, even if it’s a basic budget.

Do not fear budgets, fear living on the streets, fear having all of your stuff taken away.

That might be hard to hear, but it’s real, and some of you may have already experienced the hell outside of losing everything you own.

A budget may not save you, but it sure as heck will put you on track to paying off debt and paving a path.

Start Your Budget By Note Taking

method mapping your budget for 2022
Note-taking method mapping for the creation of The Canadian Budget Binder Blog in 2012

This is funny because both Mrs. CBB and I have a piece of blank paper to start.

By the end of the hour of conversation of the above questions, both sides are filled.

There are even notes on the sidelines, but that’s how your budget comes to life.

When I created the Canadian Budget Binder, I used a note-taking method called mind mapping.

This style of note-taking is when you use a web of ideas to create your whole.

As you can see above, it’s pretty basic; however, all the thoughts in my head had a home.

Trust me, this one piece of paper has taken me on a 10-year journey that I could write a book.

Types Of Note-Taking Ideas For Your Budget

There are five common types of note-taking that you can use to create notes for your budget for 2022.

  • The Cornell Method
  • The Outlining Method
  • The Mapping Method (this is us)
  • The Charting Method
  • The Sentence Method

You can find descriptions for each of these note-taking methods from the University of Tennessee website.

Perhaps you have used one or all of these note-taking methods in college, university or for your employer.

From the start of this blog in 2012, almost ten years ago, I’ve always said that your budget is your business. Treat it like one.

That means you can’t chuck it to the side because you’re too busy or don’t feel you need one. Everyone needs a budget, but today, your budget and what you will do for 2022.

What Goals Do You Have For Your Budget in 2020

Start the brainstorming session once you’ve decided what type of notes you will take for your budget.

As mentioned, we start with the goals because we always find a budget category that we are horrible with.

There are no bloggers out there that are perfect at what they do, and we are transparent.

We suck at grocery shopping, and that’s not a surprise to anyone at CBB unless you’re new.

Our first grocery budget was around $250, and I believe before our son was born.

After that, it kept increasing and not because he was overeating, but we were.

I’m not going to blame the pandemic on our ever-increasing monthly grocery budget that sits at $650.

That’s why we created the Monthly Budget Binder Challenge two years ago.

The challenge helps us know that other CBB readers are participating along with us.

You can read more about the 2022 Monthly Budget Challenge to see if you want to join us.

It’s a free challenge.

Our 2022 Grocery Budget Goals

Consider Today and Tomorrow when creating your budget for 2022
Consider Today and Tomorrow when creating your budget for 2022

Sticking to a grocery budget is tricky unless it’s the last option. I understand that since we’ve both experienced food struggles.

We have this problem, especially since we are debt-free and don’t want it to get out of control.

  • Go to Costco and get ONLY what’s on the list with NO exceptions. Oh look honey the nuts are on sale. NO! Haha. That’s our downfall. The other option is to use our allowance as we can spend it on whatever we’d like.
  • Grocery shopping together rather than splitting up like we always do
  • Create better meal plans according to our busy schedule. Note: Do away with UBER eats and other pricey food delivery services. However, if that’s your full grocery budget and it works for you, that’s your choice.
  • Resist the temptation of pleasing our son with treats too often
  • Utlize the reduced rack – for example we had a bag of mixed coloured peppers in our shopping cart yesterday for $3.99. A short walk up the aisle and we noticed two white carts filled with reduced produce. Sure enough there were packages of four green peppers for $1.49, so we swapped them out.
  • Eat less buying less and walking and working out more.- When we stay home we snack too much.
  • Stop buying or baking snacks unless it’s for the blog
  • Continue using online apps such as FlashFood to grab food deals at the grocery store. The app is so cool. Use my unique code MOCD28ZN4 at the checkout and when you make your first purchase you get $5 in rewards and so do I. Then you go on to share your unique code with your friends. In 2021 we’ve earned $112.00 with the new app. That’s money that we can use to purchase final sale or reduced product on the app. We have seen items with a 50-70% discount. Woah…is right. Download the app FlashFood on Apple or Android. You can read more about it from my FlashFood app review.

Costs Of Recipes For The Blog

Keep in mind the recipes that I share with you on the blog have ingredients factored into our grocery budget.

I only share two recipes a month, but it is a blog expense; however, it’s my understanding you can’t claim it. (If I’m incorrect, please message me)

As you can see, we have lots of grocery shopping goals for 2022. Your budget will be different based on family size, special diets and so forth.

Collect Your Debt By Owning It

How to plan your budget by collecting your debt and owning it.
Collect Your Debt By Owning It

We no longer have debt, but collect your debt for those who want debt-freedom as bad as us.

Owning your debt means you will take responsibility for the debt no matter who created it.

If your name is on the debt, you may be liable to pay for it or face debt collectors calling or knocking on your door.

Related: Can you inherit debt after the death of a loved one?

If you’re not organized with your financial paperwork, start with a piece of paper and write down who you owe money to each month.

Check our free budget binder printables for the debt repayment plan and fill the information into that form.

Expenses Ruining Your Budget

Go through your 2021 monthly budgets, credit card bills or the receipts that you do have and find out what’s ruining your budget.

Could it be your utilities?

Are you spending too much on groceries?

Maybe you are eating out too much?

Are you joining to make extra-curricular sports or activities?

Perhaps your alcohol or drug consumption is too high. (marijuana is legal in Canada)

There has to be a reason why you’re not able to balance a budget and all you can do is reduce, earn more money or delete items.

We use a zero-based budget which means every dollar we have is used in our budget.

Things You Can Live Without

Do you really need a home phone and a mobile phone?
Do you need a home phone and a mobile phone?

In 2021, Mrs. CBB and I decided to stop paying for our Rogers Home Phone and our Rogers Cable.

You know what? We don’t miss them at all, and the savings are fantastic.

We watch videos on YouTube and our Prime movies that come with our Amazon Prime Membership.

The internet allows us to read the current news and just about anything we want to watch.

Our Rogers unlimited internet costs us $99 a month with taxes, and we’re okay with that.

The savings we get go towards our retirement investments and emergency savings.

Emergency Savings Is An Emergency

An emergency saving account is for emergencies. I had a great example when my mother-in-law had to be transferred home from one hospital to another.

The transfer cost was over $400, which we had to pull from her savings account.

Another example might be when you have to fly home because there was a death in the family.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened to me, but if all three of us have to fly to the U.K., that will cost thousands.

Every finance blogger has different amounts to save for emergency savings, but we aim for 12 months.

The reason for that is the potential to fly to England, but 3 to 6 months is reasonable.

Ways You Can Earn Extra Income For Your Budget 2022

My favourite part of planning is our budget is finding ways to earn extra money without doing much work.

For example, Canadian Budget Binder earns me a 5-figure income every year, but will it last forever?

Learn how to blog like I do and earn money every month from affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts and more.

Both of us participate in local focus groups and use every app that we can to save money.

Our favourite apps to earn extra money are Rakuten, Checkout51, FlashFood, Nielsen Homescan, Pinecone research, Paymi, Ampli, Caddle and more.

You can sign up for them all on the extra income and savings page. You will also find reviews of many of the websites and apps we use. I haven’t finished them all yet, but I will get to it.

The blogging series is in the beginning stages, but there’s already lots to read. If you want to work from home, blogging is a great way to earn passive income.

There are other ways such as freelancing, Etsy store, writing an e-book, or working for a blog taking care of their social media accounts, writing blog posts or designing blogs.

Other ways to earn extra money from home or pay for outside cash jobs could be dog walking, animal babysitting, daycare, babysitting, yard work or before and after school care.

Some of our other favourite ways to earn money are to flip items we buy at second-hand stores.

I’ve repurposed furniture and sold it for double the price it cost me or more.

Putting Your Budget Together

Now you have the information you need to put your budget together for the 2022 new year.

Head over to my Free Resources page to see if a free budget suits your needs.

If you have a budgeting app that you prefer to use, then make that your budget priority.

That’s the hard part for most people because starting is half the battle.

Now what you need to do is set up a time and date that you monitor the budget.

I’d suggest reading my 10 Step Mini-Budgeting Series to show you how we budgeted our debt away.

P.S. Using a budget is not torture; living with nothing is beyond words.

Remember, you’re giving up something to have something that keeps a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes and the bills paid on time.

Discussion: How do you plan your budget for 2022? Have I missed something that you do that I haven’t mentioned?

Please share your thoughts and ideas below, as I’m always interested in your feedback and experiences.

Good Luck in 2022.


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