65 Times Babysitters Uncovered The Dark Secrets That Seemingly Normal Parents Were Hiding

Just because someone looks ordinary or innocent, doesn’t mean that they don’t have skeletons hidden in their closet! Behind the smiles of normal-seeming families lie some dark secrets. And the babysitters working for these families sometimes stumble upon them by accident.

In a thread on r/AskReddit, the babysitters of Reddit have been sharing their chilling tales about the dark secrets that some ordinary-looking families were hiding. Have a read through some of them below and, if you’ve uncovered some frightening secrets while on the job yourselves, dear Pandas, you can share them in the comments at the bottom of this list.

In my opinion, there might be two main reasons why babysitters are able to uncover these family secrets. The first is that they spend a lot of time inside the family home, meaning that they can accidentally absorb a lot of sensitive information. The second reason, however, is that some parents simply aren’t careful around babysitters because they don’t respect them enough or simply aren’t afraid of the consequences of their actions.

The author of the post, redditor NuclearSquid74, was kind enough to give their perspective on the world of babysitting, family secrets, and the importance of privacy. You'll find their insights, which they shared with Bored Panda, below, so be sure to read on, dear Pandas.


Somewhat wholesome story: I used to babysit for the kids down the street when I was in high school. One night I went into the parents’ bedroom to get something - I think a puzzle - and there was a book on the nightstand called “how to comfort your kids when you’re thinking of divorce” or something like that. The next time I was over, there was a book downstairs (on the mom’s desk) that was “the couples’ therapists’ guide to saving a failing relationship.”

It made me sad because the parents seemed really happy together whenever I saw them. I felt bad that they must have been going through a hard time behind the scenes. My parents had a pretty unhappy marriage so I tried to be extra nice to the kids. I hoped they hadn’t had to listen to their parents fighting.

Anyway, this went on for a few months with no further indications of trouble. I felt like I knew this awful secret that the kids didn’t know. One night I came over to babysit—the mom was in grad school and she had a class—and the same books were sitting on the counter. As the mom was leaving, she was like, “oh, I can’t forget the textbooks!” and grabbed them off the counter. I actually didn’t know what she was studying, so I asked what class she had. Turns out she was studying to be a couples’ and family therapist. The books I saw were her schoolbooks. In retrospect, that made complete sense because the titles were kind of academic, but I immediately assumed they were divorcing.

About a decade later, they are still married and the wife is a very successful couples and family therapist. Go figure.

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I'm not sure of this counts but this is my secret between myself and my nephew.

My sister was 23/24 and she was going through her divorce. She and her 3 year old son came to live with us. I was in high school at the time and devoted all of my after school time to him. He and I were close. We were so close I would be on the couch with him in my lap at 3am watching In the Night Garden for the billionth time, still in my school uniform but now smelling of regurgitated milk and doing math homework with my left arm.

Mean while my sister would be out partying and what not.

One day, it was just my nephew and I. At the time he was i think around 4? I was in my school uniform, getting ready to leave for school. He was "helping" me get ready by putting his favorite toys in my bag.

As I was heading out, I told him that I loved him like usual and he replied "I love you too mummy".

I was stunned but I was already running late so I brushed it off and went to school.

After that, when we were alone, my nephew started calling me "mummy". He was genuine. I asked him "What about mummy?" And he tells me how "she doesnt really love me, you love me. And nanny loves me".

I tried to encourage him to call me auntie again and he did when others were around but when we were alone, he looked at me with his sweet little eyes and called me "mummy".

He eventually says "I wish you were my real mummy".

Tantrums become more common for him. He throws them when his mum is around and begins to avoid her hugs. Her hugs were only there to pose for selfies and to show off what a good parent she is. He would start crying and screaming and get sent to his room for misbehaving. My mum (nanny) and my sister would go out and leave me in charge. I would then go to my nephew and give him a big ol' bear hug.

I'm not the parent and he isn't my child but our secret was mutual. I wished he were my child and he wished I was his mum.

We had to keep our wishes secret because if my sister knew that I was ruining her image by taking all of the mother-son love then hell would have broken loose. She was all about "self image" to the point she became a compulsive liar and she also has some other mental problems.

His teachers noticed our bond when he entered primary school and his afterschool baby sitters knew about his "other mum".

My nephew is 10 now. I don't know if he remembers any of this but the other day was my birthday and for the very first time, he tried to earn money through chores to by me a gift himself.

It was a squirtle amiibo.

TL;DR My baby nephew and I developed a secret mother/son bond that only teachers and babysitters picked up on and it had to be secret because his real mum is crazy.

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I baby sat a lot when I was 13-15. At the time I lived in a small town. I was a very popular baby sitter as I also worked at the daycare centre. Often I would have kids from two or three different families at once. I didn't care I got triple the pay for having three different groups of kids. I was recently told why I always had groups of kids like that. Turns out the small town had a swingers club and I was the go to baby sitter for their different groups.

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"I'd imagine that babysitters are able to uncover so much due to the fact that they are allowed in people's homes. You can tell a lot about a person from what's in your house. Similarly, children (especially young ones) may also tattle about their parents, tell them things which may seem innocent to a child, but reveal a lot about the parents," the author of the thread, redditor NuclearSquid74, shared their perspective as to why babysitters can stumble across dark family secrets so often. A lot of it comes down to the babysitter being present in the house and gaining the family's trust.

"I think that parents mightn't be as careful around babysitters as they are around others as, when hiring a babysitter, you are letting someone into your home for a long time, trusting them with the things you should love more than any other: your children. When you are giving someone that level of trust, you can assume that they won't spread rumors about you or what you have done."


I nannied for this very rich family with three kids from the west coast who would come to south Florida for summer vacation every year. The mother was in her thirties, clearly had her kids when she was young, and was very stereotypically hot— blonde, thin, big boobs, perfect teeth. Her husband was a little older, salt and pepper, suuuuper handsome, very George Clooney-esque. Their kids were all blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cute as [hell]. They absolutely adored their parents.

Dad would help the kids and mom settle in at the house and then fly back to Cali for work. I babysat 3-5 times a week, 6:30pm-2am. Mom would get all dolled up, leave her wedding ring on the kitchen counter, and come home very late, clearly drunk, and sometimes brought men home with her that she introduced as her “friends.” She would often overpay me, which I never complained about, but I worried for the kids.

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“My daddy hits my mommy sometimes.” For that one, I was still in high school. I told my mom what she said and my mom went to the police station to report it.

“I like it when you’re here, not the other lady. She’s mean and she makes me sit in the closet.” This little girl was referring to her dad’s girlfriend. I told the dad about it and never saw the girlfriend around again.

And for some comic relief... “My older brother and I play swords in the bathroom, daddy taught us how.” Asked him to show me with his action figures what he meant, expecting the worst, and he says look! And goes in his dad’s closet and pulls out these giant foam swords. Whew!

Thankfully not all in the same house.

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I used to babysit for my next door neighbor who had an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. I was 13 when I started babysitting for them and I knew off the bat the kids were an interesting duo, to say the least, and I have too many stories to tell from when I was watching them. We all went to school together, so when we got off the bus, we'd walk to their apartment and I'd watch them, made sure we got homework done, and make them the Snack of the Day. One day, we had a half day at school, and I think the mom forgot, because when we walked into the apartment, I heard one of the doors shut. At the time, we thought it was an intruder, so I grabbed the 5yo's baseball bat, told them to stay in the room, and I'd do some investigating. I opened the bathroom door, and there was the mom, half naked, with a guy that wasn't her husband. She gave me all the money in her wallet and her business card (she was a photographer) and told me to never speak of it again. I caught her cheating and made out with $400 and a $650 photo shoot package (took pictures for all the upcoming holidays so I could keep giving gifts to my family). I babysat them for about 3 months after, before they moved away.

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According to the author of the thread, it should be up to the babysitter whether or not they should reveal any secrets that they find out. It's a very personal decision. However, it's one that has a lot of implications for the future of the family, so the decision shouldn't be taken lightly either way. "They could ask their employers more about what they find out, or they could keep it to themselves. I don't think anyone necessarily should or shouldn't keep anything to themselves. It should be up to the babysitter's discretion," the redditor said.

I was curious to know what NuclearSquid74 thought about normal families and if 'normal' families exist at all. I completely agree with the redditor's opinion that it's "completely normal" to have secrets (whether small or grand) and to want to have some privacy.

"I definitely don't think a 'normal' family exists. Certainly, there are happy ones and there are less happy ones, but every family is different and communicates in their own way," they shared their opinion. "There certainly will be things that everyone wants to keep secret, be it a dark secret, or a more mundane thing (like what they like to get up to in the bedroom). I certainly think that all families have at least some secrets, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all families are hiding something scandalous."


I had a regular, weekly babysitting gig for three kids. Older two (maybe 10 and 6) were the mum’s, and the toddler was from the newish relationship of the couple I was sitting for. A seemingly well-adjusted, normal middle class family. Crucially, this was before mobile phones. So one night I’m sitting there ploughing through rocky road ice cream and watching Doogie Howser (I was 15) when the phone rings. It’s the grandmother who ums and ahs for a bit and then tells me that she’s calling because the ex husband, dad of the older two kids, had contacted her was having some sort of freak out and said HE WAS COMING TO FIND AND KILL THE KIDS! But it’s ok as he doesn’t know their new location!!


I basically sat there, terrified for the next couple of hours. No idea why she thought it was appropriate to tell me this instead of say, calling the police! Turns out they were in hiding from a crazy, abusive ex! Mother was very apologetic but I don’t really remember the specifics of what happened afterwards. I continued to sit for them too.

Also sat for another family where the mum used me as her personal therapist on the drive home. People tend to tell me personal stuff. I must have a certain empathetic face or something? Marriage issues, you name it. My maths tutor did the same thing. Definitely not a therapist now!

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I nannied for a long time for a single mom of two kids. She never really spoke about why she was single but I later found out through her kids that their dad had been cheating on their mom for a long time while they were still married. Explained a lot, because the kids had some issues that you could see right off the bat. Felt sorry for the mom because she was a bit crazy. Not really super dark, but still sad.

I also regularly babysat for a family in my neighborhood who were Mormons. On the surface they seemed like a super by-the-book, typical nuclear family. Very religious and softspoken. One day while nannying I was upstairs helping the youngest pick up his toys and noticed a random variety of books on the shelf. I looked through some of the titles and among them were things like "Overcoming P*rnography Addiction" and a plethora of drug addiction self-help books. I have no idea which one of the parents they belonged to (maybe both?) but I just found it really strange. You never actually know anyone.

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My sister, age 14 in 1982, was babysitting for a family down the street. One of the kids threw up, an my mom ended up over there. My mom called the parents (pre-cell phones), and couldn't find some cleaning supplies, since the garage was locked. The parents rushed home, everything got sorted, nothing really unusual.

A few weeks later, that family got raided by the FBI. They had planted some bombs in a refinery in Texas, and had a small arsenal in that locked garage.

"On Sept. 28, 1982, the Cedar Bayou plant received a letter from an anonymous person that ten bombs had been hidden within the plant. The sender of the letter threatened to detonate the bombs unless Gulf Oil paid $15 million. Gulf Oil shut down the Cedar Bayou plant after determining the letter was a legitimate threat. A search of the Cedar Bayou plant located five sophisticated bombs in metal casings. A federal and multi-state investigation led to the arrest of four people—John Marvin McBride; his common-law wife, Jill Renee Bird; Michael Allen Worth, and Theodore D. McKinney, all of Durango, Colorado. Charges against Jill Renee Bird were dropped in exchange for her husband's cooperation."

Many of the secrets that the babysitters of Reddit uncovered had to do with the parents’ infidelity toward one another. Affairs, clandestine romance, and secret boyfriends and girlfriends seem to be far more common than they should be.

However, the fact that so many babysitters opened up about these examples of infidelity proves that some parents aren’t very careful around the ‘hired help.’ That, in turn, shows that at least some of them don’t respect babysitters enough to be scared of them finding out. Though a few parents did bribe the babysitters to keep things hush-hush when caught in the act.


When I was 17-18 I used to babysit for a couple in their early 30s. At one point they asked if I was interested in a threesome, which I politely declined. Also realized eventually that they had me babysit some times so they could do meth. They told me so after offering me some, which I also politely refused. I guess they were being responsible?

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I baby sat for this one family only a couple of times when I was 16. But on the first night they just casually talked about how I needed to call the police if the kids bio-dad turned up at the house. I was then told I would need to barricade us all in their master bathroom and I should call them and their lawyer. Custody battles suck.

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I was not a babysitter but I worked at a kid's place for a really long time. We had birthday parties where other parents could just drop off their children, leaving the only adults usually being birthday kid's parents.

I was hosting a party for about 15 children, all around the age 7-9. They were sitting at multiple tables, doing crafts when I overheard something a little boy said.

"Well, I saw MY daddy bend my mommy over and spank her with a belt. That will teach her to bounce a check again!"

I saw the parents come pick up their kid later and they seemed like such cliche white picket fence adults. I still don't know if the man was genuinely abusive or if they were in a BDSM relationship.

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Another way that this lack of respect can manifest is in low wages. Some parents aren’t providing their babysitters adequate compensation because they believe that looking after their ‘precious angels’ isn’t a job but a treat.

“They would love to be home with their child all day, so I think they feel like it’s not a real job. It’s something you get to do, and they’re mad they have to pay someone to do it,” one babysitter told Bored Panda earlier about the point of view that some families have towards nannies.

“They love their child, they’d do anything for their child. There’s a connection there that someone else could never have, and they can’t imagine not having that connection, so they treat it like it’s not a job, it’s a privilege. The ‘you’re so lucky you get to stay home with my baby while I have to go to work’ mindset, when in reality we leave our families to take care of yours; we don’t want to leave our families in the morning for work any more than you do, but it’s our job.”


I baby sat once for one of the moms from our daycare, she had a 6yo daughter and a 14 m.o. The 6yo’s bio dad wasn’t allowed to come to the daycare because of child assault and sexual predatory charges, but this was from 5 years ago so he was out and newly acquainted into the community.

I watched them 7-10pm one night and mom texted me she wouldn’t be home till later, but her new boyfriend would pay me when he got home at 1030 or so. Turns out new boyfriend was actually just the dad who had the charges on his name, he offered me a beer, I declined, and left ASAP without being paid

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I used to babysit occasionally for some neghbors who had a legit sex dungeon in their basement.

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I babysat for a family with three wonderful kids. I genuinely did not like to babysit, but these kids were different. They were fun and nice and generally well-behaved. We had a standing babysitting night every Saturday. On a couple occasions, I would call the night before if I was sick or couldn’t come for whatever reason. When I called, the mom answered and said she understood. She sounded loopy. I didn’t really know for sure what “drunk” sounded like, but that’s what I thought was happening. The next night she would call to see why I was late and if I was still coming. She told her kids and husband that I flaked, but she confirmed my suspicions that she was (blackout) drunk. After a couple times of this happening, they stopped asking me to babysit. I didn’t want to confront her about it. I missed her kids a lot and every time I passed by the house (multiple times a day) Id hope that the kids were well.

I found out later that the parents were a lot worse than I knew. Drinking, partying, leaving the kids alone a lot. When I told my mom years later about the phone calls, she wasn’t remotely surprised.

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Meanwhile, according to the Chicago Collegiate Nannies, one of the most important aspects of a babysitter’s job is discretion. Especially when working with families who are very well known.

“Be sure not to publicize family’s private information on the internet and/or social media platforms. As common as the use of social media is in this generation, be sure to be careful with how you share information. This is especially important because of how many families prefer not to have their private family information (i.e. address, children’s names, your employer’s jobs, your employer’s marital status, etc.) online for everyone to see. Whatever you choose to post should always respect your family’s privacy and should never use specific information on the internet,” the CCN warns babysitters to be professional and very careful when dealing with sensitive information.


I used to manny for this lady who was recently divorced and had one 9yr old son. She shared custody with the father and all was good except things didn’t work out but I’d meet the kid after school and help him do his hw. His mom was a big lawyer in NY and was very successful. I always wondered why the parents got divorced, bc she was a type A dominant personality and he was mute subtle. Then one day she asked me to look for something which was under some bed and in the process i found her “toy” stash. She was also dating a neighbor at the time. Seems she liked to be a dominatrix. One day i was bringing her mail in and there was a flyer for some swinger party club. Guess she frequented often. Then she left her pc on an email with her friend talking about she found a new person with good weed.

You never know who does what, she was a lovely lady who you’d never suspect and she was in a highly successful position.

I never did anything about it or told anyone before now.

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I never babysat. But my friend did, and the kids were asking to have beer. When she said no they were like, "But dad gives it to us." She was confused, so she called the mom. The mom was confused, and she asked the dad. I think the dad confessed, and I don't know what's happened after that, but they probably filed for divorce

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I was a Nanny for a young boy with additional needs. Let's call the parents John and Lisa. John worked for Lisa's parents as they owned a painting company. This company had the family surname as its name. One day I noticed John was home from work early in the painting van but it had his surname as the company name on the van, not Lisa's parent's surname. I thought it was a funny coincidence that he and Lisa had the same surname and so I pointed this out. He froze up and looked a little awkward and said 'oh... That's because Lisa and I are first cousins'. They shared the same paternal grandparents and therefore the same surname. They had been together since they were young teenagers. I'm not actually sure if this is legal or not but it's certainly frowned up here.

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What’s more, the CCN warns babysitters to always behave as though they were being watched. This way, they can always stay professional and mindful of how they present themselves. And even though babysitting can be very challenging (especially if the parents themselves are incredibly demanding), nannies should be very careful to who they air their grievances.

Sharing your story anonymously on a website like Reddit can be a good way to vent some frustration. Just remember to keep any identifying details out of your posts. No matter how juicy, spooky, and dark the secrets you’ve uncovered really are.


I was baby sitting a 2 y/o and a 5 y/o (both male) the kids were fine but the parents acted suspicious whenever i entered their room . They had cameras everywhere and stuff

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i used to babysit when i was around 13-14 ish. my neighbors and 3 kids. ages 4,7, and 11. the house was really nice, always clean and tidy. one time they asked me to babysit for a couple hours. okay no big deal. they paid me $6 an hour. when i got there they made the kids shake my hand and say “thank you for babysitting us”. i thought it was weird but it was whatever. the parents left and the kids wanted those dinosaur chicken nuggets so i made them some. as they were eating the 7 yr old asked for a toy, she said it was in her parents dresser. i didn’t want to snoop around but if she wanted the toy, i get it for her. i went into the parents room and found the dresser. i opened the first one and all i see are stacks of cash.. okay. weird but not my business. i went back out to ask the girl what dresser drawer it was in. she goes over and literally points at the second drawer and said “oh don’t open that one, it has bags of sugar in it, that’s what i hear mommy say”. i was like oh.. okay then.. she grabs her toy from the 4th drawer and runs off. i did take a peak in the drawer and sure enough, under the socks were bags of cocaine. i was shocked but i didn’t say anything. i put everything back where it was and left the room. when the parents got back i took the cash and left. never babysat there again. TLDR: babysat some kids and found cocaine in the parents drawer.

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One family- I still dunno what was up with them. It's like they were squatting in a model home or something. It was a fully furnished house that looked to be straight out of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, but there was nothing in the drawers, fridge or cabinets. No toiletries in the bathroom except for toilet paper, no food or silverware in the kitchen, no clothes in the closets or in the kid's drawers and no toys! The lady just told me to order food for the kids & they watched tv. It was weird!

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When I was 13-14’ish, I used to babysit two kids while their parents went to Amway functions. One night, for whatever reason, I looked behind the couch and saw a bunch of magazines. I collected them, thinking they’d been dropped behind there by accident by the kids I babysat. It was a HUGE stash of Penhouse and Playboy magazines and I had to quickly re-hide them before the kids saw them. I was curious, naturally, but I told the mom when she drove me home. I don’t recall if she said anything or not, but I stopped babysitting her kids shortly after that because I moved away.

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I was babysitting at my neighbor's house, they were a young couple (early 30s) with two kids aged 5 and 8. I was sixteen at the time and the first questions they asked me was if I had a boyfriend and if I was a virgin, because they didn't want me seeing boys while babysitting. I think part of the reason why they asked this is because they were pretty wild themselves and probably did crazy stuff when they were younger and babysitting. When they found out I smoked, they always left some cigarettes for me. They always told me that they'd be home around 12 or 1, but most of the times I would fall asleep and they would stumble home completely drunk around 3 in the night. They'd give me way too much money as an excuse, which I obviously didn't mind. After a while the dad started messaging me online, first just asking innocent questions, but after a while they became more sexual in nature. I told him I didn't feel comfortable with that so he stopped. They broke up a while later and the mom started throwing wild parties at their home. I randomly walked by with a friend of mine once and she invited us in and gave us a beer. Me and my friend felt pretty cool, here we were at a grown up party, having beers, until the mom came up to us to offer us some cocaine. We were shocked and declined and left the party quickly after that. I told my parents a couple of years later about all this (after the mom and kids moved) and they were outraged, apparently they always acted like they were very respectable.

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A family member of mine was a babysitter in the 70s. A couple who lived nearby asked her to babysit their baby a few times. I didn’t get the sense that she knew them well. Every time she’d go they said the baby was sleeping and not to disturb the baby by checking on it. The baby never cried. The parents would come home and relieve her. She never saw or heard a baby.

At the time I don’t think my family member thought much of it, but has told me this story several times because it keeps nagging at her. How could a baby be asleep for the entire time she was there, every time. No noises. Nothing. Today, she thinks there must not have been a baby but has no idea why they’d hire her.

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I babysat for the local policeman when I was teenager - he always came home very drunk and in a weird mood and one time brought out a home made Ouija board and persuaded me to take part with his buddies. Always paid me really well...

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I nannied for a wealthy couple (she was a surgeon, he was an architect), and the husband had a study in the house that the wife joked about never being allowed in. Now, I'm a nosy f**ker, and I was curious about why you wouldn't let someone in a study, esp since it looked like a fairly normal room: big desk, walls covered in bookshelves, books of architecture everywhere. So one day I just roamed around in there. I didn't really find anything, and I was kinda disappointed, but then I grabbed a book off one of the shelves. The thing had money pressed between it's pages - about $500, if I had to guess. Picked up another book, found the same thing. I think I checked like ten different books, and every single one had money hidden in it.

Still not sure if the dude was just paranoid about banks or if he was intentionally hiding money from his wife.

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I was babysitting once and the kids were wrestling in the living room. All of a sudden the smell of dank filled the room. I hear the kids stop and say "what is that?". One of them had knocked over a big tin can on a shelf and the parents weed stash spilled everywhere. I sent the kids away and cleaned it all up for them and put it back.

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I worked at a daycare center. To be clear, these parents did not seem very normal: mom had fake inflated Kardashian sized boobs and butt and was generally very conceited, like almost a stereotype of a person with a body that augmented. She stood out among the other parents who picked up their kids from the daycare after working 12 hour shifts scrubbing floors and doing other blue collar labor (large immigrant community). Dad was more down to earth so it seemed.

Younger Brother, age 7, told me he was anxious one day. He tended to be a worry wart, so I wasn’t surprised, but I asked him why. He says that his Dad yells at his mom a lot because she gets drunk, goes out and parties with her friends, and then he has to go and Pick her up, which leads to a lot of arguing. I told him that that’s really sad and that we would say a prayer for them (it was a Christian day are). A week or so later he excitedly told me that the prayer worked, and his parents weren’t arguing anymore. While Mac does say that all things are possible through God (so jot that down), i was only tenetively optimistic about YB’s revelation.

Older brother (8) was a completely different personality: a bully to the kids and adults, never had a positive thing to say. The things he seemed to like were his younger brother, fortnite and roblox (like you do). Most of the school year we had butted heads trying To get him to do homework, but towards the end of the year his behavior changed. He would say he was too stupid to do homework and would try to hold his breath to try and commit s**cide (in his own words). This seems like a huge red flag and he eventually broke down and said that his dad was abusive towards him and that his mom says she doesn’t like being around him. While he was prone to lying, he was crying (something he never did) and his behavior was like nothing me and my coworkers had never seen. That was my first time calling CPS and when the next school year started those kids didn’t come back.

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I used to nanny for a family. At the interview they seemed totally normal, even the first day wasn't too terrible. I quickly realized that both parents were abusive, mom had severe anger issues (and was medicated for some condition related to it), dad was a borderline sexual predator who constantly talked about how gross looking his wife was and how if she didn't stop being a b**ch, he'd divorce her.

Their kids were just as bad, one of them was also medicated for behavioral issues. I found out later that the reason they were hiring a nanny opposed to day care was because their kids had been kicked out of the daycares in the area.

Noped the f**k out of that situation within a few months.

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I was babysitting for a local family who owned car dealerships. I answered the phone hello as one does and it was the father who didn’t know his wife had hired a babysitter so she could go to an appointment. He started in with the stupidest sexy voice until he realized it wasn’t wife, he hung up. Later he was caught cheating.

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I was babysitting for my neighbors, & they were super nice people, two kids, very pottery barn people. They would always come home late, with no cash to pay me, but they’d come by my house literally the next day with the cash, so I never minded, but I was always a little confused as to how they spent all their cash at dinner & a movie & somehow didn’t plan to pay the sitter, & how they managed to stay out til 3 am just doing dinner and a movie (& they were pretty wealthy, so it wasn’t like a waiting til payday thing). Once before they left, when they were in the other room saying goodbye to the kids, I went to move the wife’s purse and saw a really big roll of singles. I brushed it off, but then another time their daughter had an allergic reaction & I texted them a SOS. When I got a call back, I picked up & heard club music. It was a couple sittings after that, when I left through the back door and saw the husband in the garage, shaking glitter off their clothes, that I realized they were probably going to a strip club. When I went to college, they switched to using my sister as a sitter, & I sat down with her and explained where they went and not to ask or act suspicious. They were good parents, & it’s not like a problem, it was just super not the vibe they gave off & I kinda found it hilarious.

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I babysat when I was 13 for this nice woman, she looked like she was in her early 30s. It was always come home, eat snack, do homework, take bath, read story and bed. One night I put them to bed early and went to watch TV in the guest room, I put in a DVD and it started playing the mom's p*rn videos, I just sat there like "what. The f**k." So yeah she turned out to be a mother who made p*rn .


When I was younger my family was super involved in this really nice church and a lot of "perfect familys" would attend. All the kids would run around and stuff after the services and because I was the oldest the parents just sorta treated me like a day care thing (not quite babysitting but eh). This one family was new to the area and seemed typical; mom, dad, little girl about 6 and a little boy about 4.

The mom and dad started having major marital issues but kept up that "perfect family" image pretty intensely. One day when I was helping put the kids in their carseats the daughter said something like "you're the best dad ever" and the dad went "if only mommy knew that". There were a few other instances when he seemed really depressed as well.

A few weeks later the dad got hit by a train and died (like died to the point a body bag was swapped for a ziplock...).

I never saw the mom even the slightest bit upset. His death was ruled an accident but I dont believe it....


Work at a school, but here you go.

Most of the parents seem pretty normal. Several parents of students grow weed, and at least one couple is involved in swingers parties. The kids don't know any of this, but I found out accidentally for most of them.


My mom once told me that she used to babysit one of her teacher’s kids when she was in highschool. I don’t know what lead to up to this but she caught his kids watching a sex tape. That like the only part I remember her telling me and that she took the tape out and the kids were confused. She said she didn’t want to confront the teacher about it because it was too awkward of a topic and yeah. I don’t babysit though, I don’t like kids. Last time I babysat someone that wasn’t my little sister I almost lost my s**t. This little girl kept summer saulting around the house and almost hit her head after I told her to stop. Then she did hit her head and I was just angry.


A couple of months ago i started to babysit for some pocket money. A married couple wanted me to baby sit their children of 4 ages 3-11 because they were going out on a date night, seemed like a normal family. The kids where pretty chilled no crying, fighting, ect

I was playing snakes and ladders with the kids and one of EK wanted some crayons so he could draw. I asked him were the crayons were he told me it was in the living room coffetable draw. Okay then! I went to go get them from the draw and came back to the EK and gave him the crayons.

Then continued playing with the other kids, then he came to me and gave me a drawing. Apparently it was EP and the EK's doing family time he drawn his family doing witchcraft ritchuals and blood was everywhere. Op-'what were you guys doing in this picture?' Ek-'mommy and daddy wanted to talk to the man' Op-'who's the man' Ek' the man who I see in my bedroom while going to sleep' Then he runs off giggling

Finally the parents come home from their date night. I got my money and I left as I was leaving one of the EP called for my name.

EP-hey OP!


EP-'their was no issues between the kids and you right?' said with a very unatrual smile

OP-'No not at all.'

EP-slams door

After that I stopped babysitting, this was probably one the most creepiest s**t I've experienced.


Knowing some of the siblings of the kids I babysat were being abused. I was too, so I didn't know what to do. I'm still terrified of authorities because of the fear drilled into me growing up, but I hate myself as an adult for not saying anything. I was afraid, but some of those kids suffered because I did nothing.


Not a babysitter but nursery nurse here. We had this girl, say Mary, who went to the nursery, and during one of our open days they came along. The dad wasn’t too pleased with the mum, not sure if they were married, because he thought she was cheating on him, which she was, but it was the classic ‘she wouldn’t do that, she’s not the type to’ conversation followed obviously by the break up due to the affair. The mum then gets together with the lady she was sleeping with and they recently got married. However, the mum had a younger child with dad, a little boy who clearly has issues, who when in the 2-3 room, and after the dad left and mum 2.0 joined the scene, would constantly ask for dad. We would casually ask at pick things like how they got on just cause he asked about him, mum and mum 2.0 would always get really uptight and weird about it. They’re also a really odd match, not that it matters, but no one would ever put them together ever. Mum 2.0 is good with the kids but is socially not great.


Well on the flip side we normally hire a babysitter so that we can responsibly head out to overnight orgies and couples dates. Not too dark but a fun secret!


My employer was a very nice divorced mom of 5, I had learned from other family members that her ex had tried to strangled her and abused her verbally and emotionally throughout their relationship. The kids all had massive emotional trauma from it and behavioral issues. Very sad.


I’ve seen them only a couple times now, we’ve made a lot of CPS reports bc of how they act (forlorn and desolate) and how they dress (always dirty in the same thing for many days) but alas nothing has arisen yet


I was babysitting two boys and older one always told me how rich was his dad. Dad worked in government security and mom was an accountant in hospital so they were upper middle class I guess, with big flat, cool cars, expensive travels and stuff. Once the boy told me "You wanna know where my dad got all the money? From a casino" I thought his dad might just joke about it, but turned out he was owner of illegal poker club. I felt underpaid


My brother and i used to babysit for our older cousin. We went snooping in an "off limits" part of the house. Sex dungeon. Sex swings, adult toys' whips. Crazy stuff


I was babysitting my friends younger sibling while the rest of the family went to watch a horror movie my friends my mom said I could sleep in their bedroom if I wanted while walking around in their bedroom I dropped my phone and when I bent down to pick it up I could see lots of fun items under their bed, they were definitely spicing it up


I was going to make a post about this regardless so might as well comment. A few weeks ago, I was babysitting my neighbor's 5 year old son, and he started to talk about how he couldn't use his ipad. I asked him why and he told me that he wasn't allowed to because he had gotten in trouble. He went on saying that it wasn't going to be as bad as his brother's (9) punishment would be. I asked him what was going to happen to his brother and he said that their dad would probably spank him with the wooden spoon. Before I could say anything he asked me if I wanted to see the wooden spoon. Of course I said yes and took a picture of it.

Side note, he also mentioned how his dad might just use hid bare hands instead of the wooden spoon, and proceeded to explain how he would (and did) do it.


I never really babysat for anyone besides family, but I did dog-sit for a woman and her husband for a while. She gave me a tour of the house the first time I went over there and there was a room in the back of the house that was filled with d*ldos and other sex toys. She sold them as a side hustle and wanted me to know they were there in case i was uncomfortable. They paid me well and left a great review on the site I was using. I wish they never moved lol I loved their dogs


This is so late but this is seriously so crazy I tell it every chance I get even just to justify to myself that this really happened. I babysat for a couple while I was in high school who had 3 boys. I’d stay late and fall asleep on the couch. Once I was awoken to the sounds of moans and skin slaps. That night the mom drove me home WITH a navy guy in the front seat. We stopped at 7-11 and she dropped him off first.


I was a live-in nanny for a local pediatrician’s family, stayed with them for around 6 months. The dad moved overseas before his family to make sure everything was settled when they came. So basically, I was the second parent in the home while he was gone. During that time, I grew incredibly close to the mom (in a love/hate way). She opened up about how she had (has?) an emotional affair with a mutual friend of hers and her husband’s. She would show me the conversation, countless “you’re all I wanted” type of messages. I remember asking about how she can do this while loving her husband, she replied “I don’t love him!” In hindsight, I was going through my own relationship drama so it seemed like a (toxic) bonding moment. My rose colored glasses fell off when she admitted she flew across the country to go to a resort with him, all while telling her husband she was on a work trip.

For reference, she had two toddler twins and a boy entering Jr. High. Pretty certain her oldest kid knew what was going on.


I am a dude, and have had dogs for a large portion of my life. I live somewhere pretty close to a small park with a playground and I used to walk and play with my dog there frequently so I would meet this woman who had an adorable daughter quite often. Both she and her daughter liked my dog, so it would often end up with my dog and her daughter playing for a bit while me and the mother were talking about stuff. I am quite laidback and chill, so after talking for some time she asked if I would like to care for her daughter sometime if she was gonna be busy (as she trusted me). As I liked her daughter I didnt mind, we ended up just playing mario kart and chillin on the sofa while I told her stories until she had to go to bed.

The mother came home pretty drunk on a few occasions and we ended up sleeping together a few times. What she hadnt told me about was that she had a husband that was working offshore, the kind of work where he would be gone for weeks at a time with no cell reception, something I kinda found out when I passed her house while walking my dog, seeing a man working in the garage and the garden several days in a row. I asked the woman the next time I met her if she had met someone new as I saw some guy at her home.

Her face changed immediately and she poured it quietly all out to me, she was miserable with her husband cause he was an alcoholic and was rarely at home cause of work where he always worked overtime. She had fallen for me and thought that I was one of the sweetest men she had ever met, and she would rather be with me than with him.

So her nice house, expensive car and all sorts of gadgets were paid by her husband while I as a lowly middle range wage man was boning his wife and bonding with his daughter while he was gone. I felt so bad about it so I told her that we should stay as friends, but that I would keep her secret if she promised to care as well as she could for her daughter, and if s**t hits the fan I would look after her daughter.

Its been over 1 year now and we still occasionally talk, but I still feel pretty bad about it all. I just hope the daughter doesnt know.


Seemingly a happy family, but the child had a lot of odd behaviors. The most obvious one was she'd cry if you laughed in front of her. Her mom told me the 4 yr old child would assume you were laughing at her. One time I group babysat at a neighbor's house with this child and when the father came to pick the child up, the neighbor's dog when ballistic and tried to bite him. Shortly after it came out that the dad was abusing the daughter.

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I babysat for them a few times. 3 kids, 1 eldest son, a pair of twins and a pair of doting parents. One of the twins was transgender, MTF. She was lovely, bubbly and a joy to be around. It was also really nice that the parents were super supportive of her. Included in their library were a few books on trans related issues,including that I am Jazz book.

It wasn't a hands on job. They mostly liked to watch whatever kids movie DVD and I would go on my laptop and do college work. Sometimes the twin would ask me to "help be pretty" and I would show her how to braid hair and s**t like that. The other twin who was a cis boy sometimes got involved but the eldest never did. I figured it was early 13 year old dude trying to be cool thing that everyone goes through and just let him be.

One day the parents came home as we were finishing doing our nails. The twins ran up to show the parents their nail colours and I was getting my payment when the eldest spoke up and said "you shouldn't pay her cause she's turning the other one into a f*ggot as well".

It was like time froze and everyone's mouths just dropped. I was hurried out of the house while I heard the little girl ask "what's a f*ggot". I wasn't asked over to babysit again. At first I thought it was because they thought I taught him that word but I quickly heard Village gossip that the eldest son was expelled from school for brandishing "disrespectful iconography" and they had to move somewhere else to put him in a different school.

It's been like 10 years now and I actually recently looked them up. Both twins are doing fine. He's training to be a pilot and she's in the catering business and is excited to start the hormone treatment. The eldest on the other hand is like poster boy white supremacist. Nazi salute and everything. I don't get it. Like the narrative of him not getting enough attention or getting picked on because of his sister doesnt even fit cause he was really high up on the soccer team and his parents and classmates loved him. He just fell into this s**tty hate spiral that he yet to come out of. I hope he snaps out of it one day but I hope at least he's leaving his sister alone. No one deserves to be called that word.


I looked after the neighbor's kid when I was young. they seemed normal enough when they moved in. kid's parents were always away at work, but her grandmother lived with them and worked from home, so she was always there. the longer they lived there, the clearer it became that I was the only one looking after this kid. they weren't feeding her or paying any sort of attention to her. and grandma didn't work from home so much as play computer solitaire all day. their dogs peed and s**t all over the carpets and they just left it. they let the dogs wander outside unattended, and eventually one got hit by a bus. my mom took her to the vet and she recovered. they let her wander again, now mostly blind and crippled. eventually she wandered off and didn't come back. they never looked for her. eventually they moved. they tried to take the appliances with them. ripped the stove, cupboards, toilets, dishwasher, etc out of the walls and tried to drag them out to their truck. realtor caught them and there was a big fuss about it. these things were there when they moved in. it's been more than a decade and I still worry about that kid.


Not a deep dark secret, but as someone with 15 plus year in childcare, it’s pretty common for a lot of wealthy parents to prioritize their jobs and themselves over their kids. Kids can sense this and usually develop some sort of unhealthy way to get more attention. The response is usually to throw money at the problem instead of genuinely getting the kid help or re-examining their family structure. It’s always so deeply sad to me, a few families I have worked for, I genuinely wondered why they had kids. I understand parents need a break and people have to work, but man, it was so sad.


I was giving the 4 year old a bath and he asked me "Why don't you touch me like dad does?" That was my first red flag. Eventually the dad would show up at home unannounced to just hang out with me when the kids were napping. (I was 18) One day he got a vasectomy and told me if I wanted he could send a couple "blank shots" at me. A few days later he full on assaulted me. I locked myself in the bedroom and called his wife; she wouldn't believe me. I called my brother and he rushed over with a baseball bat.


Not so much as dark but really sad. I baby sat for a typical upper middle class family, dad worked mom was stay at home. The mother was always a little over protective like checking on their daughter the second they got home, but I didn't think much of it.

One night they came home and we talked a little. She mentioned how much she loved children and her daughter so I asked her if they ever thought about having another. She completely broke down and explained that she had multiple miscarriages before and after her daughter so they stopped trying. I felt really awful and really sad because it seems like she wanted another baby.

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Not me, but my babysitter. She regularly babysat for a little boy. He was about 2 and the parents refused to help with anything. She had to do everything. The parents were still home when she babysat, but alway were in the office. Once when she was looking for something she found a bong. Many weird incidents have made her come to the conclusion that they sell drugs. Weird.


I babysat for everyone in my neighborhood growing up, but one of the kids had really really nice parents. They always paid me more than I thought I deserved for playing a few hours of video games while the kid slept. I never got a weird vibe and they never made me uncomfortable so I just figured this was how people reacted when they had money to spare. The only rule that I thought was somewhat strange was "don't go into the basement." Not even their kid could go down there. I never questioned it though because as odd as it was, everyone has their quirky rules and who was I to argue? I was a teenager making loads of pocket money for basically doing nothing lol.

We eventually moved to a new neighborhood about the time I started my junior year of high school and I never babysat for them again. But a few years after I graduated high school I found out they'd been arrested for cooking (and using) meth in that house. I guess I'll never know for sure if that is what they didn't want me to see down there, but it's the most logical explanation I can think of. I still have so so many unanswered questions though..


Babysat for a neighbor back in 1997 or so. 4/5 yr old little boy, bit bratty, but not too bad. His mom was a bar tender that also loved bingo, so I worked every friday/saturday night and just spent the night there, sleeping on the couch and such. I woke up one morning to the mom watching a**l p*rn with her son... I groggily said "what's that?" And she nonchalantly said, "oh, it's just a**l." I told her that it was gross and went back to sleep.

Knowing that not much was going to happen because lack of proof I didnt report it. If I would've know that CPS in that area was anything decent, I would have reported it.


Took me a while to realize one of my little people's mom's was hurting him. He was a perfectly normal little rambunctious four year old so the bruises didn't bother me. Then he started acting out, hitting me, insulting me, expressing himself in other ways by pooping and peeing in inappropriate places. I did my research, talked to a child psychologist and a pediatrician, expressed to them my fears. They both encouraged and assisted me in calling CPS. The child was taken away, placed with his loving father and stepmother, who had been alienated by the mom.

The mom was, seemingly, a normal woman, cosmetologist with a huge client base, used to cut my hair for free, always did a good job. Everyone girl wanted her to do their homecoming/prom/military ball/wedding hair and makeup. She was a well-respected woman in town, had the ear of everyone from the school board to town hall. In short, she was everyone's friend, everyone wanted her to be on their volunteer committee, bake sale.

I called CPS and her entire image unraveled within a forty-eight hour period. It was further sullied when the courts revealed she had two other children by different men who had been removed from her custody and she had been permanently banned from seeing them due to gross negligence and abuse. She's currently serving a dime sentence at a North Carolina's women's facility.


i babysat for the best kids, best temperament and had great manners, both 3 and 5. their mom is kind and i have no qualms with her, but i decided to snoop cause i was 15 and bored. i found her bathroom COVERED in weed and weed products as well as a giant vibrator in her drawer. no judging from me, i was just insanely surprised lol. she had the two biggest bongs i’ve ever seen.


Let me just say, first off, that although these people had interesting magazines and props, I never saw any evidence of anything illegal. I think I was around 15 when I started babysitting for a family that lived down the street from my parents. It would have been around 1977. There were two boys who were 4 years apart. They fought like cats and dogs, but basically normal sibling rivalry.

The parents were desperate to find a good sitter. Until they figured out I could babysit, they didn't go out much, unless one of the grandparents watched them and both had issues with their parents, so they didn't want to do that too often. Since I wasn't 16 when I first started watching them, the mom made a big deal of not paying me much (because she could get away with it). I think at first they paid me $1.75 per hour and then when I turned 16, I got $2. Whoo Hoo!

The first few times I sat for them, I was really excited because they had cable and color tv (we didn't). They also had good snacks. The kids went to bed easily and that left me a few hours to explore. I found their dirty magazines and actually got a little worked up reading through them, but was careful not to move them out of place.

I only lived a block away, but at some point, they decided that they didn't want to have to take me home or have me walk, which I would have done in a heartbeat and without any issues, since I lived in a very small town. Instead, they had me lock the door after they left, then they'd let themselves in, and I'd sleep on the couch until I woke up in the morning and could walk home. Problem was, they'd come home drunk and randy as all get out. What most people do when they come home from a party, ya know? Guess what? I wasn't asleep and heard the whole thing! After the first time, I was dreadfully embarrassed and felt like I couldn't look them in the eye, but I got over it. I never slept over there, so I was always exhausted in the morning and I'd go home and crash for several hours.

So I guess it was more my dark secret than theirs.


My aunt was a babysitter during the early 1980's for their next door neighbor. It was a man, his wife, their two kids, and his mother. We grew up in New Jersey in a small, quaint town. Everybody knew their neighbors, the area was surrounded by woods, a nice place. The family was from Italy. The kids were young (6 or 7?), never went to school (homeschooled?) and were incredibly smart. Played the piano, always well-behaved, etc. Although her and I are not on speaking terms, we did talk about it years ago and she recalled they were normal, healthy, average, and extremely pleasant.

Fast forward, the man of the house was one of the defendants from the pizza connection, a mafia conspiracy that involved 1.6 billion dollars worth of heroin between the sicilians and the bonnano crime family. It was in the news for a very long time because it was the longest federal jury trial in the history of ever. Still is, I think. It was like 25 defendants all at once. The Donnie Brasco undercover operation and the death of Carmine Galante had a lot to do with the feds learning about what they've been up to for the last 10 years. Some people mention cocaine but it was all about heroin.

A few more details: The man of the house and my grandfather were kinda friends, he told him he was a cheese importer and brought him cheese (In reality, he owned a pizzeria as a front for moving heroin). My grandfather knew nothing about what he really did, despite being 100% italian. Just before the sweeping arrests in god knows how many states and countries, the FBI was in our backyard and my childhood dog, a doberman, would bark at them. The family, including the kids, all disappeared around that time. He was caught and sentenced to 20 years.


Oh gosh. Now is my time.

In the early 90s I used to watch the kids across the street. They were like 6 and 9. Sometimes the parents would go out together for the evening. Sometimes the mom would be out and the dad would call asking if I could watch them because he had work or a golf game.

At some point. The kids went to bed and I figured...hey this guy seems like the kind of person who would have p*rn. So I started snooping. Eventually I found some magazines hidden in one of his drawers. Nothing too weird but this was before I had the internet.

Then i noticed something else. There used to be these weekly newspapers that you could pick up for $.50 that mostly just had ads for strip climbs and 900 numbers but also classified for escorts. He had one of these. But with lots of numbers circled. This sort of blew my mind as a pretty religious young teen.

Then I noticed a manilla envelope under that. In side was the proverbial “binder of women. Basically 20 full bios of different women with pictures, the things they will and won’t do and prices. I had no idea this is how things happen, or who would be so organized in providing options.

So yeah. Babysitting while the man of the house was likely going out for paid sex.


Mom would go cross country for work and dad wouldn't come home till 2 or 3am.

Mom hired private eye to spy on husband.

Drawers, yes multiple drawers, full of prescription pills. No clue what they were but for the most part it looked like pain killers.

This was all just the tip of the iceberg. Didn't last long with that family. Look absolutely perfect from the outside but I've been a nanny for almost 15 years and they were the worst.


Not too bad in fact a hopeful outlook but I found a few Alcoholics Anonymous books on the kitchen counter flipped upside so no one would see. It was the dad’s handwriting in the books so I hope he’s at least doing better.

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