6 Wacky DIY Smartphone Rigs: How to Build a DIY ‘Gimbal’ and More

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The folks over at COOPH have released a “Best of DIY Smartphone Rigs” video that covers some truly wacky ideas. From a DIY ‘gimbal’ to a scary looking spinning rig, there are at least a few ideas here you definitely haven’t tried yet.

The video describes six creations in all, each showing various levels of ingenuity (or is it insanity) to create a variety of janky stabilizers and motion control rigs for the smartphone shooter on a budget. Whatever you think of the usefulness of these ideas, you have to give COOPH points for creativity.

The ideas covered include:

A DIY ‘Gimbal’ (more like a glidecam) made from three cans and a mop handle
A DIY Motion Timelapse Rig made from poster board and an egg timer
A DIY Stabilizer made from a hammer, a rubber band, and a screwdriver
A DIY Automated Slider made from a toy car, an egg timer, and some fishing wire
A DIY ‘Spinning’ Rig made from a block of wood and a power drill
A DIY Gorillapod made from a few lengths of wire, some nuts and bolts, and a binder clip

To follow along and “build” some of these DIY rigs for yourself, check out the full video up top. While we wouldn’t personally suggest all of them (the spinning rig in particular feels a bit precarious) some of these ideas could come in really handy in a pinch. Shitty Rigs would be proud.

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DIY Silly Funny Wacky DoItYourself

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