51 Things to Declutter Right Now that Are Holding You Back

When you set out to live your best life, that means removing things that dont serve you. It can be challenging to start decluttering, so Ive created a list of 51 things to declutter right now.

This list is going to help you get the random clutter out of the way so that you can see things more clearly.

After going through this list, I encourage you to sign up for my 5 Day Tidy Home Challenge to simplify your home even more!

Before we dive into the things you can declutter right now, I want to answer a few questions I frequently am asked.

Do I need a professional to help me declutter?

Absolutely not! While they are helpful with the process, you can most certainly do this yourself.

How do I know?

Because I did it, and the cliche saying of, If I can do it, so can you! rings true here.

Will I miss the things I declutter?

Not when you declutter consciously. Decluttering isnt about how little you can live with, but rather about identifying and removing the excess to make room for the things you use and love.

What do I do with the things I declutter?

You can do a few things, but I encourage you to check your local organizations to find the best places to donate your decluttered things.

Aside from donating, you can host a garage sale, sell things online, consign clothes, and toss what cannot be sold or donated.

51 things to declutter right now

The things listed here are things that dont serve you and only take up space.

I suggest starting at the top and working your way down it. Grab things that come to mind as you move through the list.

Dont worry about getting absolutely everything the first time. You can go through this more than once, and I encourage you to do so.

This list includes physical and digital things, so youve got a good foundation for getting started with decluttering

Physical things to declutter right now

1 // Broken things

Do you have things that are broken and arent going to fix them? Do you tell yourself youll fix them one day?

If so, be honest with if youre going to fix them in the next TWO DAYS. If not, declutter them right now, and if so, carve out time during the next 48 hours to fix them or take them to be fixed.

2 // Things you wont use

Have things in your home that you wont use? If so, declutter them.

This can be food, craft supplies, or even beauty products. Go through things to be sure youve gotten everything that you wont use and declutter appropriately.

3 // Old magazines

Declutter any old magazines that you dont look through regularly.

If youre keeping them due to a few pages of inspiration, tear those pages out and put them in a binder or folder for when you need them.

Old magazines can take up a lot of real estate, so if you arent consistently looking through them, give them to the library or recycle them.

4 // Extra mugs

First ask yourself how many mugs you truly need, then work to declutter your mugs until you only have that many.

Mugs take up a lot of space, so be sure that you keep enough for what you need and be sure they are mugs you love using.

5 // Extra cups

Cups accumulate just as quickly as cups do, so be sure you go through all of your cups and declutter the cups you dont use.

By decluttering your mugs and cups, you can create a lot of space in your cabinets.

6 // Specialty gadgets

Do you have gadgets that only do one thing? Do you have a multi-functional tool that can do that one thing just as well, along with other things?

If so, consider decluttering all of your specialty gadgets that you dont use often enough to justify keeping it.

A quick example, I had an apple slicer that was great, except I never used it. I always chose a kitchen knife over it, because it was more convenient.

Once I realized this, I let go of the apple slicer and gained a lot of space back in my drawer.

7 // Small appliances

Of all the things to declutter right now, decluttering your small appliances will probably give you the most space.

If these small appliances are one trick ponies, ask yourself if another appliance can do the same job or if you even use it.

For example, a waffle maker is fun, but how often do you really use it?

8 // Expired Food

If it is expired, you definitely need to clear it out of your kitchen. Expired foods dont serve you in any capacity.

9 // Expired Beauty products

Same goes for expired beauty products. Let it go and create more space to organize your beauty products.

10 // Beauty products you dont like

Try something you didnt like? Declutter it by giving it to a friend that would like to try it.

11 // Beauty products you wont use

Dont keep beauty products on hand that you wont use. Domestic violence shelters could use them versus you letting them expire.

12 // Worn washcloths

Im a firm believer in using washcloths that feel fluffy and luxurious, so worn washcloths need to go!

If you need some cleaning rags, you can use them for that purpose, but if not, declutter them.

13 // Old, dingy towels

Your body deserves more than an old, dingy towel to dry off. Consider making a donation to your local animal shelter or cutting it up into rags for cleaning, if you need them.

14 // Expired medicine

Expired medicine for sure needs to be decluttered right now, because you dont want to take medicine that wont work. Be sure to contact your local police department for proper disposal.

15 // Half-empty shampoo and conditioner bottles you wont finish

I used to be guilty of this, but the truth is if you wont use it, you dont need it.

Declutter these half-used bottles and be thankful for the space youve created.

16 // Candles

Conventional candles are actually toxic to breathe in, so declutter them ASAP!

If you love candles and refuse to not have any, shop for beeswax or coconut wax candles that use essential oils for fragrance. They are actually good for you to breathe.

Here are is a candle shop I recommend on Etsy.

17 // Home Decor you dont love

Your home is supposed to be a place of peace and calm. However, if you have home decor you dont love, youll never truly achieve that feeling in your home.

18 // Handbags/wallets you wont carry

Need some closet space? Letting go of handbags and wallets you wont carry now or in the future is a great way to create some space.

19 // Belts that are worn or dont fit

Dont hold onto belts that you wont wear anymore. They may not take up tons of space, but it all adds up in the end.

20 // Worn out shoes/shoes you dont wear

There are so many who are less fortunate and need shoes to wear. Bless them by decluttering shoes you wont wear, and create some needed space within your closet.

21 // Jewelry you havent worn in the last 6 months

If you have jewelry you arent wearing, it is time to declutter it! You deserve to get excited about the jewelry you choose from each day.

Thats hard to do when you have jewelry you dont wear anymore.

22 // Scarves, mittens, gloves, hats you dont wear

Do you play favorites with your accessories? The ones you dont wear are things to declutter right now!

If youre like me and dont live in a place that gets and stays so cold that you need scarves, mittens, and gloves for warmth every winter day, consider only having one of each for those one or two days of the year where you do need them.

If it doesnt get cold where you live, be sure you dont have any winter accessories, because they are just taking up space.

23 // Clothes you dont like or wear

If you hate the way a piece of clothing fits or just dont like it, LET IT GO! You dont need that negativity crowding your wardrobe.

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24 // Socks with holes or too stretched to wear

Socks with hold or that are too stretched to wear dont serve you or your best life! Declutter them, and if you need one or two for cleaning, be sure to set it to the side.

25 // Undies youd be embarrassed to be seen in my your significant other

If youre embarrassed by your undies, it is time to let them go, too! You should only have undies that help increase your confidence and are comfortable to wear.

Holy undies have no place in your drawers.

26 // Bathing suits you havent worn or doesnt fit right

Bathing suits are designed to keep you covered when swimming. If you dont enjoy wearing a bathing suit, declutter it. Only keep your absolute favorites.

27 // Extra hangers

Having an extra few hangers on hand is fine for when one breaks. However, dont confuse a few extra hangers with 10+ extra hangers.

Allot two per person for your extra hangers and use the One In, One Out Rule to ensure you always have plenty of hangers on hand.

28 // Random findings in junk drawers

When was the last time you cleaned out your junk drawers? It is time to find things to declutter right now that are just random bits and bots you dont need.

29 // Craft supplies you dont need

Have a craft supplies on hand for projects you decided not to do or complete? Let go of these items to create space for things you actually plan to do in the next couple of months.

Dont let your craft supplies overcome you. Youve got this and can get them decluttered!

30 // Books you wont read or read again

Having a book collection only serves you when it is full of books you want to read or find useful for reading multiple times.

Declutter any books you wont read in the near future, whether that is due to youve already read it and wont read it again or you dont find it interesting enough to pick up for the first time.

31 // Pens that dont work

Pens that dont work are the very definition of clutter! Go through all of your pens and declutter the ones that dont work.

32 // Extra office supplies

If you have extra office supplies on hand that you dont need, dont keep it. Other people can utilize office supplies you dont need.

33 // Paperwork you dont need

Have fliers for past events or receipts you dont need for taxes? If so, declutter them.

Ive got a post that goes into detail of how to declutter and organize your paperwork, so you can be sure to declutter everything you dont need.

34 // Extra blankets

Have an abundance of blankets? Donate them to your local animal shelter or homeless shelter.

Both need them more than you know and it is a quick way to make room in your linen closet!

35 // Extra sheets

Beds cant wear more than one set of sheets at a time, so be sure you only have two sets per bed.

An exception to this is for a child that isnt potty trained completely. For them, I encourage you to only keep three sets for their beds.

36 // Extra pillows

Have extra pillows around your house that you never use? Dont allow them to take up anymore space in your home and donate them to your local homeless shelter.

37 // Old cleaning supplies

This doesnt serve anyone, so be sure you declutter your old cleaning supplies.

As a bonus, declutter all of your conventional products and switch to non-toxic, natural cleaners.

38 // Sponges

Sponges are gross and full of bacteria! Toss your sponges and get a wooden handle scrubber instead.

39 // Furniture

Have furniture in storage for future good intentions or just extra furniture in your home that you dont need?

These are all things to declutter right now that will serve you so well! You can free up major space when you declutter furniture you dont use or need.

Digital things to declutter right now

40 // Digital Files

Browsing for what you need shouldnt take up your time. By decluttering your digital files regularly, you make it easy to find what you need.

41 // Downloads

This is another file you need to declutter right now and regularly. It can get cluttered quickly, so clear it out at least once a week.

42 // Computer Photos

If you like to backup your phone photos or keep absolutely every photo youve taken with your camera on your computer, declutter them!

Only keep your favorites that you want to see again and again. Be sure you remove any duplicates, blurry, or weird photos that you arent sure of what they are.

43 // Computer Desktop Icons

Your desktop icons can only serve you if they are exactly what you need to access all of the time.

If you dont need all of the icons currently on your desktop, remove them.

I personally only keep the recycle bin and a file Im going to access that day on my desktop. At the end of the day, I declutter my icons down to only my recycle bin.

I love how clutter-free my computer is when my desktop is clear.

44 // Emails

The simplest way to declutter your emails is to unsubscribe from all the sales emails and random subscriptions you find in your Inbox. This reduces the amount of emails you receive.

From there, sort through your Inbox and delete anything that isnt needed. Anything over a month or two old can most likely be deleted, but be sure to scan for any receipts or important emails that need to be moved to a saved folder.

Once you reach Inbox Zero, you can consider yourself done.

However, if you want to take it to another level of decluttering, click the All emails tab, sort through, and declutter all of those.

45 // Social media following

Ready to up level your best life? Declutter who you follow on social media.

Be sure youre only following or friends with people you care to connect with or find inspiring. Cute animal accounts are fun to follow, but be mindful of how many you follow.

Lastly, be sure to reduce [or eliminate] negative or sarcastic accounts. These dont serve you or your best life, and you dont need them cluttering up your feed.

You can find more information about that in this post.

46 // Browsing history files

Speed up your browser by deleting your history files. Be sure to clear cache, cookies, and browsing history.

47 // Phone Apps

Declutter any apps on your phone that you dont use. This takes up unnecessary space on your phone for no reason.

If you have an iPhone, you can also hide apps you dont want to use that you cant delete. Go into Settings, choose Screen Time, then click Content & Privacy Restrictions. In that menu, youll see Allowed Apps. Click Allowed Apps, then choose which apps you do and dont want to have access. You can always adjust this.

48 // Phone Photos

Same as #42, clean out your phone photos. This will make scrolling through them more pleasant and easier to find specific photos.

49 // CDs/DVDs

While CDs and DVDs are physical items, they are digital products, so I put them under the digital things to declutter right now.

Assess and be honest with yourself as to what you want to keep and what you dont.

With it being easier to access everything online, it makes the necessity for keeping these things reduce significantly.

50 // Old technology

Find someone you trust to wipe your old technology and get rid of it. It doesnt serve you by sitting in a drawer or closet never to be used again.

51 // Declutter your fantasy self

You know the person in your mind who tells you that you are going to do all of these things youve never done before and dont worry about if you have time for them or not?

That is your fantasy self and they need to go along with all of their baggage.

Trust me! Youll be so thankful when you are honest about the things your fantasy self has encouraged you to buy that you dont really want to bother with at all.

Figure out what is the cause of your fantasy self, make a list of the things to declutter right now, and let this person go so that you can focus on what your best life truly is!

Final Thoughts

Decluttering things you dont need is a beautiful thing. Whether youve struggled with where to start or what to declutter, this list of things to declutter right now will help you get started!

Once youve gone through this list, consider what else you want to declutter, use the momentum youve gained, and tackle it like your life depends on it. Because it does!

Your best life depends on you getting rid of the things that dont serve your idea of your best life.

I believe in you and know you can do it!

If you want to take this work deeper, sign up for my 5 Day Tidy Home Challenge.

I've created a list of 51 things to declutter right now to help you get started, because I know how difficult it can be to know where to start or what to declutter.

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