35+ Special Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

What do you get the mom who doesn’t want anything?

Whether it’s because she has everything she needs or because she hates getting gifts, finding gifts for Mom is difficult!

Shopping for her can be a challenge, but we are ready to rise to it and help you find some special gifts for Mom.

From spa days and home decor to sweet treats and pampering products, this list covers all your bases so you can find the perfect gift for your mom who deserves to be pampered.

There are plenty of unique and fun gifts for Mom out there that will delight your mom even if she insists she doesn’t want anything!

It’s an important thing, however big or small, and reminds her how special she is and how much you love her.

This list includes sentimental, experiential, relaxation, and other thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays so you are sure to find the perfect present to pamper your mom who totally deserves it.

35 Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Sentimental Gifts For Moms

1. Make Her A Special Dinner

Show your mom how much you appreciate her by cooking dinner.

Whether you’re preparing a simple meal or something more elaborate, your effort will be appreciated by your mom even if she doesn’t want anything for a holiday gift.

Ask her what her favorite meal is and look up a recipe that you can whip up.

She’ll love that you’re taking time in the kitchen to cook for her as she does for you, especially if she gets to relax while you cook.

2. Go On A Picnic

Was there a park you always visited as a kid?

Now you can relive those memories and visit for old times’ sake.

This is a great mother’s day gift because the weather will be perfect to spend time outside.

You can even get a picnic backpack to make it easy and quick to grab your food and go.

Just pack up some of (cough *all* cough) her favorite snacks and a few cold drinks and head out to spend some quality time together.

To make it even better, you can bring something fun to do, like a bag with board games, cards, music, and whatever else she may like.

3. Custom Puzzles

I loved doing puzzles with my mom growing up, it was the perfect entertainment most days, but it was even better on cold and rainy days.

Wouldn’t it be cool to do a puzzle with a picture of you and Mom or all of her kids?

It’s easy to get a custom puzzle made, all you have to do is find Mom’s favorite family photo.

Then send it to a service like puzzleyou or Shutterfly to get it printed. Use the Honey extension to find coupon codes for discounts or free shipping.

It will be so fun for your mom to unwrap this meaningful gift, and even a fun activity to do together!

4. Custom Gifts

Speaking of custom stuff, there are so many options for customizable goodies these days, shipping from all around the world.

Who hasn’t seen people wear t-shirts of dogs or cats while out and about? Clearly, Mom needs an amazing t-shirt with your face on it, her life just isn’t complete without it!

You could get her a cozy blanket with all the kids on it or even a tote bag printed with some family pictures.

Or, get her a gift with her name or initials monogrammed on it if that’s more her style. This works great for jewelry, towels, pillows, and even a cutting board.

5. Make A Family Recipe Book

Not only is this gift sentimental, but it’s also useful!

Imagine how handy it will be for your mom to be able to reference the family’s favorite recipes all in one place.

This can be a great group gift that everyone in the group contributes to. Just ask your siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to each contribute a favorite recipe.

You could have each person hand-write the recipe on a recipe card for a homemade touch. Or simply gather each recipe (and ask for pictures too!) and print it in a neat little binder.

If you’re going for a more high-class feel, order a bound recipe book that you can design on Shutterfly.

6. Family Portraits

Did your mom ever want you to dress up and look nice for a JCPenny portrait? That was a bit yearly thing in our families and Mom loved it!

You could all get together and do family portraits the old-fashioned way, or get a cute hand-designed portrait.

This is a fun activity to do with your mom that she can enjoy for years to come. If you’re taking photos don’t forget to get everyone in the group their own copies!

Plus, it’s easy to find cute hand-designed portraits online from places like Etsy where you choose the picture and pick the options.

7. Massage Certificate

Who doesn’t love a good massage?

This is an easy gift that your mom will actually use. Find a local spa, or pick out a gift card for her favorite massage place online.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can even give her a massage yourself! She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she opens the door to see you holding fancy lotions ready to rub her back.

8. Update Those Home Movies

Does your mom have a box of old camcorder tapes from old recitals or family reunions in storage?

Well, it’s time to finally get into the new century and digitize your precious memories! Free up all that storage space, it’ll help her in the end.

There are a few ways to do this: you can either take them to a local place that does digital conversions or order the equipment yourself and convert them using your computer at home.

9. Speakers With Special Playlists

It’s nice to have an Echo Dot with Alexa that can play music whenever we want, but remember mixed tapes?

Your mom would love having playlists you made for her, with some of her favorites as well as yours. So pick up a nice speaker and make your mom a playlist.

Playlists are nice low-key gifts for moms who don’t want anything.

10. Digital Photo Frame

Speaking of digital gadgets, mom would love a digital photo frame that rotates through some of your best family moments!

Just get a frame, save some of your favorite pictures, and enjoy seeing her smile each time she walks by.

This way she doesn’t have to do the old-fashioned swap out or have hundreds of frames pictures everywhere!

It’s all in one device, rotating all the time, so she can see everything at any time she might want.

11. Movie Day

Curl up with mom and pick some of your favorites to rewatch together!

Don’t forget to get comfy, grab a nice cozy blanket, and some snacks! If she enjoys popcorn, you could get her an air popper to make some healthy popcorn.

This is a great gift for a mom who doesn’t want anything because she doesn’t even need to leave the house. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and show her you love her.

The Gift Of A Memory

12. Create Photo Albums

If your mother is anything like mine, she has about a million snapshots of her childhood and her kids stored in various or miscellaneous boxes.

It’s hard for her to pick those up and sort through them all, so why not save her the stress and pick out the best photos to showcase in a photo album?

This is great for Mom, who wants to reminisce whenever she can but hasn’t gotten all the stuff together

Choose a pretty album, then pop in the best pictures you can find. Homemade albums are one of the best gifts for mom even if she says she doesn’t want anything.

13. Do Something Wild

Maybe it’s time for mom to do something wild and crazy! Wild gifts for mom could be anything from skydiving to checking out a specialty parade in her area.

Did you know they have mermaid parades, zombie parades, and all sorts of other themed parades?

Or if it’s cold enough for a polar plunge, jump into a local lake or ocean during the winter (yes, people actually do that!).

Whatever you choose, she’ll remember this cool adventure for years to come.

14. Snag some drinks

Go out with mom for a glass of wine, some beer, or go for a spirits-tasting adventure.

If your mom prefers beer, take her out for a flight of beers at the local pub or brewery. Or go to a wine tasting and let her pick out her favorite kind.

To keep it casual, grab some fun stuff from the liquor store to do a tasting at home. A good alternative to a bottle of wine is a growler you can fill at the local brewery.

Then just pull out a few glasses and have your own tasting party. This is one of the easiest gift ideas you can do at home.

15. Make Something Homemade

If you create a crafty gift like jewelry for your mother, she’s sure to appreciate it even if she says she doesn’t want anything.

Cooking for her is also a nice gesture, so take out an old family recipe or pick out what may be a new family favorite!

Be sure to submit your grocery receipt on Ibotta to get a little cash back.

Other fun gift ideas include making homemade candy. There are lots of recipes online that aren’t too difficult. You could even give her a goodie bag filled with all sorts of treats that she can enjoy in the future.

16. Plan A Vacation

Your mom has probably planned so many family vacations, and now it’s time to give her a break.

Planning a vacation (or staycation) for mom can remove all the stress from the process so she can just have fun. She is free to just go along with the group and step back as the leader of the pack!

As a bonus, plan the vacation for somewhere far away your mom has always wanted to go! Planning a vacation is the perfect gift for a mom who wants a stress-free getaway.

Gifts For Tidy Moms

17. Side Table Dishes

Jewelry dishes are cute and classy and will keep all your mom’s favorite jewelry to wear in an easy-to-reach spot.

These little dishes are fun storage gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything but loves a tidy room.

If you’re going for more of a homemade feel, you could make it yourself- or better yet, make it a mom and me pottery class trip!

18. Carpet Shampooer

Now carpet shampooer may not scream “gift” but moms may really appreciate the extra help in tidying up a carpeted room or two.

Our carpet shampooer has made all the difference in our house! Our carpet smells nicer, feels softer, and isn’t too hard on the eyes either.

Your mom might appreciate it if you give her a hand using this practical gift to clean the house.

19. Standing Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers are a great way to keep jewelry organized and displayed beautifully so your mom who loves accessorizing can see all of the awesome pieces she has.

To make this a great Christmas gift, you can offer to put your mom’s jewelry in the box for her so it’s no extra work for her.

Remember to use Rakuten to get notified of deals when you’re purchasing gifts online!

20. Smartwatches

A smartwatch is a smart Christmas gift for mom that helps her track her steps and exercise or reminds her to stay active during the day.

My mother loves her smartwatch and tells me about it every time I see her. It’s helped her exercise more and keep an eye on her activity levels.

21. Kitchen Gadgets

Your mom might really enjoy getting a new kitchen gadget that will make her life easier if she loves to cook. This special cutting board has compartments for the items she’s already sliced and comes with a variety of tools to help her prep veggies faster than ever.

You could also get your mother a new food processor or a great hot/cold beverage maker for all her favorite drinks. There are lots of products that will help with cooking and baking, which is always fun to do.

Gifts For Moms Who Have It All

22. Reese’s Candies

You can hardly go wrong with chocolate goodies. I didn’t quite understand my mom’s obsession with chocolate until I got a little older, but now I totally get it. Now, chocolate is one of my go-to Mother’s Day gifts!

If your mother is having a hard day, chocolate is a great pick-me-up. Or she can celebrate a successful, productive day with a chocolate treat. It’s a win-win for any mood.

23. Clean Something!

If your mother has it all, why not take something off her plate instead? You could wash her car, work in the garden, or do any other chores that she would appreciate help with.

Ask your mother what her least favorite chore is, and then surprise her by doing it yourself.

Sure, you might have to get elbows-deep in the toilets to shine them up, but this is one of the best gifts for moms who don’t want anything.

24. Sassy Kitchen Accessories

Well, mom does it all, right? Clearly, she’s the secret behind all the family successes!

Sassy kitchen accessories are a practical gift for moms who are amazing in the kitchen. Maybe she’d enjoy a printed oven mitt, sassy wall hanging, or funny floor mat for the next holiday.

You know your mom best, so search around a little and you be the judge of what will bring a little sass into her kitchen and a smile to her face.

25. Comfy Shoes

If your mother works hard all day and then comes home to care for her family, it might be time for a new comfy pair of shoes.

She’d love to wear comfortable slippers or maybe even a pair of soft fuzzy house socks to keep her feet happy after a long day.

26. Journals

Journals are great gifts for the mom who has everything. Maybe she needs a place to write down her daily going-on and special memories that she can look back on years from now.

A journal is also a great gift for busy moms. Your mom can jot down any notes she wants, big or small, and then tuck them away into her favorite journal.

Gifts For The Moms In Need Of Relaxation

27. Spice Honey Bath Syrup

Hmmm, syrup for the bath?

Yep, you heard me right!

This type of honey is made with all-natural ingredients and is great for your mom’s bath.

Honey has tons of health benefits, and it can help relax her muscles after a long day at work or caring for the family. It smells delightful and is even good for her hair!

28. Spa Goodies

And on that note, why stop at just a bath? Pair it with some other pampering!

Nothing beats a good spa day at home. I say you should all indulge in a face mask at least once a week to relax, so Mom could use a stockpile of them!

It’s nice to go to an in-person spa one in a while as a treat, but why not avoid the people and treat yourself to some of the same good products at a fraction of the cost?

Staying at home can make it more cozy and personal, just hanging out in the living room with some wine or good coffee and using all the spa goodies!

Your mom could use bath salts, a scrub for her feet, or a hair and face mask. There are tons of spa-inspired ideas you could use to create an evening just for her.

29. Tea

This one was inspired by my own mom, who can never have enough tea. I know I got my love of a nice hot cup of tea from my mom.

You can get your mom who loves tea a loose-leaf tea subscription, an adorable teacup, and a cute metal tea ball as a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

30. Wine & Accessories

Grab a bottle (or three) of your mom’s favorite vino, and don’t forget the accessories. Here’s an awesome mommy cup that she will never share because she loves it so much.

Wine glass charms with a theme that is special to your mom could also be great gifts for Mom who loves wine.

31. Snacks

Spoil mom with a few gourmet snacks to show her how much you care. Fancy marshmallows, a bag of kettle corn, and some luxury coffee to wash it all down – these are some of the best ideas for edible mom gifts to give for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other holiday.

Throw in a cute “Mommy Fuel” box filled with sweet snacks to treat mom after a long day! Snacks are easy and quick gifts for the mom who loves to indulge and treat herself.

32. Bath Bombs

A nice bath bomb is a great mother’s day gift for moms who love to pamper themselves.

There are all types of bath bombs and bubble bars- some with essential oils and other special ingredients to make her skin nice and smooth.

33. Book Subscriptions

Book subscriptions are a practical gift for a mom who wants nothing more than an entertaining read. She will get a new book (or two) every month as part of her subscription.

She can choose from different types of subscriptions, too. If your mother is into contemporary romance novels or anything that Oprah recommends, then she will love receiving a fresh-off-the-shelf read in the mail.

34. Bed Necessities

Soft sheets that you love to sleep in at the end of a long day are perfect gifts for mom. Give her a new memory foam pillow and a soft blanket so she can sleep more soundly.

These soft, cozy bed necessities will make mom happy every time she crawls into bed for the evening.

35. Kindle Paperwhite

The perfect gift for mom is the ability to take books on the go! A Kindle is the best way to take books on vacation, to the gym, or even just around the house.

This e-reader also has adjustable settings so your mom can read in the sunlight or even listen to audiobooks if she wants.

36. Scent Diffuser

If your mother enjoys pretty scents, get her an air diffuser or wax melter.

Pick one that matches her style, find some amazing and lovely scents, and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift!

These are relatively inexpensive and make awesome Christmas gifts for moms who like to have a nice-smelling home.

Some of the scents you pick can help her sleep, get her to relax, or just make for a nice ambiance.

It doesn’t replace the smell of fresh-baked cookies, but it can be just the thing she needs!

The Extras


Don’t forget to choose a cute card and write your mom a thoughtful note letting her know how much you love her.

For a special touch, you could even handmake the card like you did when you were a kid.

And check out these gift-wrapping ideas to add an even more special touch.


Flowers are a great way to brighten up your mom’s day. This is a great gift to give if you can’t decide on a longer-lasting present.

Getting your mom flowers lets her know how special she is. Flowers are so nice because they remind mom of the beauty in life and that’s something we should all appreciate every day!


Can you guess what most moms want for gifts from their kids?

Well, as a mom, I just want to spend time with my kids. Quality time is the best gift you can get your mom.

Go to a movie, spend the weekend shopping at your mom’s favorite stores, or just take her out for ice cream! She will love spending time with you and hearing all about what’s going on in your life.

Our Takeaways

things to do at night Grandmother and granddaughter are talking to family on laptop in cozy blanket house at night at home.

We know how hard it can be to get gift ideas for Mom, and you may search high and low without finding much success sometimes.

I’m sure this list has given you plenty of helpful links and gotten the creative juices flowing!

The best gifts for Mom, who doesn’t want anything, are the ones that show how much you care, have a personal touch, and reflect the kind of relationship you have with her.

Think of your mom’s favorite things to do and get her a gift based on those interests, you can never go wrong by helping her do what she enjoys.

You can choose the best gift ideas for Mom based on what she has expressed in the past or just by taking note of what she mentions that she likes throughout the year.

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