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Modern minimalism is moving into Chinese markets faster than ever. The growth of this movement offers a unique chance to see two very distinct styles intersect – vibrant design traditions interpreted through the keen lens of contemporary frameworks. This post explores three home interior concepts by prolific designers based in China, each one blending subtle traditional elements across a chic minimalist canvas. All three homes demonstrate a different approach, some with clear roots in Chinese design and others with the most understated of influences. Which one is your favorite?

Designer: Gray Vision    Visualizer: Gray Vision   

The first home is the work of Beijing-based Gray Vision. White surfaces and clean lines set the stage, diverging from the typical minimalist aesthetic thanks to creative treatments like a textural backlit wall panel and sophisticated built-ins throughout. Décor bounces between casual touches like the pouf and playful throw pillows and high-end pieces like the round coffee tables from the Bell Collection by Sebastian Herkner.

Combining major social areas into one, the open living space embraces guests with its bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoying a prime spot by the windows is a handsome tea table, outfitted with two large cushions and a spacious low table. Elegant indoor plants flank the arrangement on either side. In a home defined by its ultra-modern style, this area retains the influence of Chinese tradition.

On the table, classic meets contemporary and east meets west. The unique teapot is the work of Stockholm-based designer Anna Lerinder.

Elegant built-ins extend across the other side of the living space as well. This one adds a dash of color.

The dining room pendant light is the iconic Artichoke design by Poul Henningsen, a distinctive piece to counterbalance the minimalism of the round dining table below it.

Stylish swivel chairs continue the theme.

A galley kitchen occupies a secluded space set apart from the social areas. A stainless-steel backsplash adds a professional touch, softened by the addition of marble floors – both elements working together to create a sophisticated grey and white kitchen theme.

Storage is abundant. A mix of enclosed drawers and cabinets keep items neat and tidy while open niches offer at-a-glance access for everyday essentials.

Now, for a look at the charming bedroom. This space embraces subtle color with its pastel end of bed bench and delightful reading nook.

A bedroom pendant light hangs over one side of the built-in cabinets. Wall sconces flank the bed for direct illumination.

The wall opposite the bed is left empty – no artwork or knickknacks to distract from the quest for sleep.

Attached to the bedroom is a clean and simple bathroom area. Storage cabinets line the vanity, with open shelves tucked in next to the mirror.

Elsewhere, the master bathroom switches from the gentle wood floor aesthetic to clean marble tile.

An incredible walk in wardrobe serves as a picture of pure luxury. Equipped with a vanity and stool, a space like this serves as a full dressing room, allowing the bedroom to maintain its status as a purely relaxation-oriented area.

The modern home office takes on a completely different character compared to the rest of the home. Ample decorations line the shelves along with books and other reference material – everything on display for inspiration and easy access.

This tour closes with a look at the entryway, equipped with a spacious closet illuminated from behind semi-translucent doors. A blush-pink vanity stool and blue sculpture welcome guests with colorful character.

Designer: Gray Vision    Visualizer: Gray Vision   

Here is another home concept by Beijing-based Gray Vision. In this home the traditional eastern elements are expressed outwardly but with a dramatic contemporary twist. This tour opens with a fantastic example of Zen inspired design, a dry garden style most commonly attributed to Japan with roots in Chinese water garden layouts.

Vertical wood slats create visual separation between functional areas, an updated take on the intricate lattices and screens of traditional Chinese architecture.

Natural colors define the living room, its light wood furniture accented with touches of jade green textiles.

Various styles of calligraphy adorn the walls throughout the home. Here, a tremendous feature wall commands attention.

In fact, a major portion of the living room is dedicated to creating calligraphy. Behind it, a folding screen centers the space with a large dramatic brush stroke.

The table has shelves for spare scrolls and supplies. Above, linear suspension lights provide even illumination.

Another calligraphic accent draws attention toward the kitchen area, which is set apart from the main living spaces in its own private cove.

Countertops wrap around and project from the kitchen, creating a dining area that can double as extra workspace for meal preparation.

The bedroom continues the theme of natural wood, soft greys, and subtle jade accents.

Instead of table lamps, bedroom pendant lights hang at either side of the bed.

Where you might otherwise expect a well-stocked wardrobe, this home concept instead features a stylish place to store calligraphic scrolls and supplies.

A handsome master bathroom is broken into two spaces separated by a glass wall, allowing sunlight to enter unimpeded.

Another bathroom sits tucked away beneath the stairs, integrating the shape of the treads into the architecture for a unique look.

Designer: Simon   Visualizer: Simon  

The final tour features a home concept by a different designer – SIMON based in Harbin, China. This space embraces the same sense of minimalism and understated luxury as the others, this time accented with ultramodern furniture from iconic brands across the globe.

Each piece of living room furniture captures the eye with sculptural appeal. Plush elements invite comfort, like the Tactile Sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis. Others cut a clean minimalist profile, like the round ottoman coffee table.

This piece is especially engaging – the Spun chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis is a piece of functional interactive art, rolling and rocking thanks to its unique top-like shape.

Next to the sofa, an adjustable wall light provides directional illumination where needed.

In a room dominated by low-profile furniture, even casual pieces like this pouf lounge feel right at home.

The spacious living room opens into a kitchen at the left.

Artwork is placed in prominent areas to become the focus of attention rather than simple décor.

Minimalist decorative vases grace the table. Beyond them, built-in shelves offer more storage and display space.

The bedroom truly captures a feeling of luxurious retreat. A stately bathtub with marble backsplash stands to the left, enjoying the ambiance and natural sunlight of the room that surrounds.

The future of modern minimalist design in China is looking bright, innovative, and inspirational.

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