23 adorable DIY Halloween costumes for kids—no sewing necessary!

I look forward to Halloween every season—not just for the candy and treats that come with it, but because of the costume making. Oh, how I love to get creative with easy DIY no-sew Halloween costumes!

As a kid, my mom would always whip up a super creative design for my sister and me, so I knew I wanted to carry on that tradition with my little ones. And, let's be honest, this is basically the Golden Age of DIY. Between sources like Pinterest, Instagram and the internet at large, there are so many great ideas for DIY Halloween costumes out there.

Here are some easy-peasy DIY Halloween costumes for kids that you can definitely pull off this fall:

Elliott and everyone's favorite extra terrestrial

A red hoodie, bike basket and E.T. stuffie and you're GTG.

Wild Things

All you need is a pair of white footie pajamas for the base. Grab some fur, felt sparkly paper and a hot glue gun for the rest!

Grandma + Grandpa

Stick on mustaches FTW.

Cardboard Rocket

Some call it recycling. Others call it THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME.

Elton John(s)

There's really no wrong way to do this. Just add as much feathers, sparkle and flair as possible.

Coco Chanel

You might even have all of this kicking around already!

Nanna Noodleman from Sing!

Some drapey fabric and fan gets the job done.

Queen of Hearts

The makeup really pulls this simple costume together.

Cereal Pals

Lots of felt and your trusty glue gun are all the tools you need.

Hamburgler and His Conquest

A bit of craftiness is required, but a sewing machine is not!

Sam I Am

You don't even have to be an artist to draw up these props.

Tired Mom

She's even got a no-wash day top knot. Can confirm this is spot on.


All Schitt's Creek costumes all the time, please and thank you.

Paw Patrol 

Honestly, what can't duct tape do?

Richard Simmons

Would a Deal a Meal binder put this over the top?

Chuckie + Susie

A guaranteed costume contest win.


The challenge is getting them to keep the headband on.

A Rain Cloud

Budget friendly and so easy!

Energizer Bunny

This is every toddler ever.


Making these costumes can be a family DIY affair. Just grab some paint and rifle through the recycling bin.


I mean, this is basically how my toddler would have dressed herself anyway.

Paper Doll

This concept is limitless and it couldn't possibly be cheaper to execute.

Mary Poppins

Sweeter than a spoonful of sugar!

Have fun getting crafty and creative, mama! ✂️

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