21 Intriguing Things and Solutions That Can Only Be Seen in Japan

Japan is an extremely fascinating country that delights many tourists. Only there you can buy solder binder in the middle of the night, take a hot bath while riding a cable car or eat dinner in a restaurant where the waiters do not show their faces. Japan can amaze!

#1 A Snack Vending Machine That Is Slowly Being Consumed by Nature


#2 The Interior of a Night Bus


#3 A Lavatory With a Sink. Water Used to Wash Hands, Is Later Used to Flush the Toilet


#4 In Japanese Vending Machines You Can Buy, for Example, Electric Resistor or Solder Binder. Even in the Middle of the Night 😉


#5 Farmers Mix Different Kinds of Rice Together and Turn Fields Into Works of Art


#6 Everyone Will Pay Attention to Such a Funny Illumination


This LCD screen in front of a building in Japan


#7 Stunning Wisteria


#8 Namba Parks a Commercial and Retail Complex Located in Osaka


#9 One of the Largest Aquariums (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium) In the World Is Capable of Holding More Than 7 Million Liters of Water. It Is Located in Okinawa


#10 A Cable Car Where You Can Take a Hot Bath and Enjoy a Beer


#11 Smart Store. Baskets With a Price Reader and Cash Registers That Self-Pack Your Purchases


#12 A Treehouse Cafe in Okinawa


#13 Perfectly Organized Railroad Infrastructure


#14 An Evacuation Capsule for the Arrival of a Tsunami


#15 Movable Seat Backs on Japanese Trains


#16 Impressive Underground Bicycle Parking Facility


#17 A Public Onsen (Hot Springs) For Feet Adapted for Disabled People


#18 A Train Stop With No Entrance or Exit. It Was Put Up Just So You Could Get off the Train and Enjoy the View


#19 A Restaurant Where They Care About Customer Privacy


#20 A Can of Dessert From a Vending Machine in Japan


#21 Starbucks, Where Employees Use Sign Language


Which fact surprised you the most?

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