2020 Word of the Year + My Goals for 2020

Can you believe this is my third year writing a Word of the Year post? I havent always been consistent with blogging so I love finding little trends like this to build off of. I started choosing a word of the year in lieu of making new years resolutions because I realized I sucked at keeping up with my resolutions each year. Im happy to report that since starting with selecting just a word for the year and building goals around that word Ive been way more successful. In fact, 2019 and my Year of Yes was probably one of my best years yet as far as goal setting!

I love sharing these posts with you guys and I hope you find them inspirational! Ive included a list of words that fellow members of the Made in Mom Jeans community have used or are using for their Words of the Year if youre feeling stuck about picking a word like I was!. Ive also included some of my big goals for the year because I want to be transparent and I also need yall to hold me accountable. Here we go!

My 2020 Word of the Year: Flourish




  1. (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

I had a really tough time choosing my word of the year for 2020. Youll see as you keep reading that in many ways, consistency should really be my 2020 word of the year but there was something about the word flourish that really stuck out to me. I like the idea that flourishing requires a favorable environment, a reminder to focus on self-care and my own needs as well as the needs of others this year. I chose Flourish instead of Grow because I knew a lot of my goals would involve growth but I wanted to make sure I was focusing on something more than just growing as a person and growing my platform and community.

Flourish is a feeling that Ive felt a lot this year as Ive stepped into the new role of motherhood and I want to continue on with that feeling in 2020. Plus, I think its a good word to kick off an entirely new decade of life. Ill be turning 30 in a few short years and I really want to make every day and every year count. Youll see that in a lot of the goals Ive outlined below.

Word of the Year Bible Verse for 2020

2020 is the first year Im selecting a bible verse to go along with my word of the year. The following verse is actually one of the reasons the word Flourish stuck out to me in the first place when I was searching for a word of the year for 2020. My goal is to memorize the verse by the end of the year since verse memorization is something Ive never really practiced before.

Planted in the house of the lord they will flourish in the courts of our God. Psalm 92:13

A few goals for 2020

Youtube - One of my goals this year is to monetize my YouTube channel. YouTube requires a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in order to apply for monetization. This is a goal I know I can hit if Im consistent with my upload schedule this year. But flourishing is a lot more than being consistent and I want to focus on creating videos I love and really honing into my editing styles and that sort of thing. I have a really exciting project that is in the works that Im hoping to premiere on a monthly basis so letting that passion flourish and evolve will be one of my main focuses this year. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Made in Mom Jeans - It can be so easy when we see minor successes to get stuck in thinking that its okay if we dont grow or adapt or evolve anymore. Letting the blog get stagnant is something I really want to try to avoid which I think is partially why the idea of the word flourish sounded so good to me. Ive established the environment for the blog to take off and I want to make sure that this year is the year that happens. In 2019 I went the longest Ive ever gone without quitting when it comes to blogging. Thats something I hope to keep up with this year as well. (Writing this makes me feel like my 2020 word of the year should have been consistency LOL. Are secondary words a thing?). Anyways, I have some really great recurring ideas that Im planning as far as series go (like a bi-weekly diary/camera dump, a monthly roundup of my Instagram posts to make shopping easier, and more) and Im planning on bumping my posting schedule to almost 7 days a week. Im hoping this will let me make room for more Coffee Talk-style freewriting on a consistent basis because I have a lot to say.

Coffee Break Newsletter - One of my main goals for this year is to be consistent with my newsletter. Ive laid the groundwork for it to grow and now Im hoping that throughout the year it will continue to flourish. If you want to make sure youre on the list, you can fill out the form below! Each month Ill be rounding up inspirational posts from around the web, interviewing incredible women in our community, and be giving you access to free downloadable wallpapers that I designed!

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Instagram - I didnt hit my 2019 goal for Instagram, which was 5,000 followers but thats okay because I saw some tremendous growth in the last year on that platform! I am setting a profound goal to double my following on that platform to 6,000 this year. But most importantly, I want to use Instagram as more of a creative outlet. I love sharing my thoughts with you guys in the captions over there and have been really enjoying the IGTV thrift with me series I started in November. I also went really out of my comfort zone and posted the first poem Ive ever written on there! Ive gotten really into graphic design and digital doodles lately so I want to push myself to keep thinking outside of the box when it comes to Instagram and not getting stuck in the same old boring photos rut it can be so easy to fall into. Click here to follow me on Instagram!

Fitness - Right now, I am the least active Ive been in the past five years. I know everyone has fitness and weightloss on their list each new year but fitness is really something Im going to be prioritizing this year. I need to for my sanity and for my aching joints. I plan to get back into running consistently and Im already so excited. I used to be a pretty avid runner when we lived in New York and I miss it so much. This year I would love to run a half marathon or even a full marathon!

Faith - I only have one goal this year faithwise and that is to find a church we love and feel at home in. I already have a list on my phone of local places to check out. I truly believe that this is one of the hardest aspects of military life so if youre the praying kind, please pray for our church finding journey.

Reading - I kind of failed miserably at hitting my reading goal for 2019 but I did end up reading about 20 books which is still pretty great. I know with the Household Six book club that Ill be reading at least one book a month but I really want to challenge myself to read more and continue learning. Ive talked about how much I usually dont like self-help books but I think Im going to challenge myself to read at least one each month this year.

Journaling - I want to journal every day. This is going to take a lot of discipline on my part but it is something I really want to be intentional about setting time aside for each day. I remember watching my grandma always fill out her journal (a giant three-ring binder with printed off pages from the computer) and still feel mesmerized by the memory of her doing that at the kitchen counter. Even if I just write down one or two sentences each day, I know its a great way to focus on self-reflection as well as documenting our life. Im hoping that buying myself a fancy new journal will help keep me motivated.

Traveling - Im starting off 2020 by traveling and I want to combine my year of yes (2019) with saying yes to more adventures and new places. Id like to visit at least one other country this year as well as a few cities/states Ive never been too. I think its so important to travel while kids are young and Im blessed to have been to numerous states before I even hit my teen years because my mom was always taking me with her when she traveled. Those are still some of my best memories to this day and I want to instill that love of adventure into Jasper. Plus, this year is filled with a lot of unknowns for our family so I think Im going to have a lot of free time to fill.

Learning - I really want to learn sign language. Im setting this as one of my biggest goals for this year. Ive already started by teaching Jasper some baby sign language but Im going to look into classes online and here in the Fairbanks area. Sign language is something Ive wanted to learn forever and Im excited about the possibility of learning it this year! I also want to continue working on my French. Along with learning languages, I want to take a couple of courses this year to learn a few new skills. Im thinking of needlepoint and/or embroidery, maybe some sewing, and a few drawing classes.

Your Words of the Year

I took to Instagram to ask members of the Made in Mom Jeans community to share their words of the year for both 2019 and 2020 if they had chosen one. I wanted to share these with you guys in case you are like me and were struggling to pick a word this year. Just a reminder, your word is for YOU. Carly, a member of our community said it best when she said, Your word doesnt have to sound cool or mean something to someone else. I included my words of the year for both 2018 and 2019 on this list. You can click the links to read more about why I chose each of those words for their respective years.

2019 Word of the Year

2018 Word of the Year

Made in Mom Jeans 2020 Word of the Year Inspiration

Whats your 2020 Word of the Year or your biggest goal for 2020?

Chat soon, Darrian

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