2020 Free Printable Sewing Calendar

2020 Free Printable Calendar from Sew DIY

Today, Im very excited to release my annual sewing calendar for 2020. Its hard to believe, but this is my TENTH year designing a free calendar download!! The calendar has only gotten more popular over the years and I love seeing people use it (use #sewdiycalendar and tag me so I can see yours!). This year, Im including one of my favorite sewing tips each month so as youre planning your sewing adventures for the year, youll also be able to learn something new and up your sewing skills.

2020 Free Printable Calendar from Sew DIY

Last year, I also released a printable sewing planner that matches the calendar. So this year, I though it would be fun to do that again. Unlike the calendar, the planners never go out of date and can be printed as many times as you like. Plus, they come with undated calendars so that you can create your own calendar for any future year. This new planner design has a new style and colors but all the same options and content as last years. So, if youd like to try a new style for a new year, I invite you to check out the new pdf printable sewing planner.

2020 Free Printable Calendar from Sew DIY

To match the sizes available with the printable sewing planners, Ive provided multiple sizes and printing options for the calendar. Ive also included a cover page, 2020 year-at-a-glance and lined notes.

A little more about the sizes. There are four sizes: Letter, A4, half-letter and A5. For a larger calendar, you can print directly on Letter or A4 size paper. Or, for a smaller calendar (Half-Letter or A5), you have three printing options. First, if your printer allows it, you can print directly to half-letter or A5 size paper. The second option is to print 2-up, meaning two pages of half-letter (or A5) will print on one letter (or A4) sheet. After printing, cut each page in half. Lastly, you can use the file with crop marks to print a single half-letter (or A5) page on letter (or A4) paper. This last method is the least efficient but is good if you just need to print one page. (Ive included this last method mostly so that if you are thinking about getting the sewing planner, you can review the size and printing options before purchasing.) One last thing to note about all the pdf options, the 2-up calendar files are arranged so that if you want to print double sided, the correct months will print back to back. If you print single sided, you can just reorganize as needed.

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How to make your Sewing Calendar


Free PDF Printable Calendar (sign up in the box above)

Card stock in preferred size (6-12 pieces of Letter, Half-letter, A4 or A5)

Cutting implement of choice: Metal Ruler & Utility Knife or Paper Trimmer

Hole Punch (optional)


1. Open the PDF calendar and load your printer with card stock. (Note, if you are printing Half-Letter 2-up you will need to load Letter size paper. And, if you are printing A5 2-up, you will need to load A4 paper.)

2. Print out the calendar of your choice. (Later this week Ill be posting tips for how to print the planner and those will be helpful if you want to print your calendar double sided.)

3. If printing 2-up, use a pencil to make a small mark at the midpoint of the page (one mark at the top and one at the bottom is enough). Line up your straight edge to the marks and use the utility knife to cut the paper in half. You can cut one sheet at a time or stack them up and cut them all at once. So fast! I prefer to use a straight edge (either a quilting ruler or a metal ruler will do) and a utility knife but you can use scissors or a paper trimmer if you prefer.

If printing with crop marks, align your ruler to the crop marks and cut from one mark to the next, without cutting all the way through the paper. Repeat for all four sides.

4. If desired, use the hole punch to make holes along one edge of the calendar for use in a ring binder. Or make one hole at the top to hang it on the wall.

For more help printing your calendar or planner, check out this post.

(Please note the calendar is for personal use only and not for profit or resale.)

2020 Free Printable Calendar from Sew DIY

I hope you enjoy your sewing calendar and don't forget, if you share it on Instagram, tag me and use the hashtag #SewDIYCalendar.

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