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Wedding websites are becoming more common these days. It’s understandable why; not only are they a useful resource for guests, but they also can help you stay organized as you plan your wedding. Whether you’re making your special day come to life on your own or with the aid of a professional, a wedding website can serve as a virtual wedding planner in a lot of ways. Here’s five ways a wedding website can help take stress away from your big day.
It’s a Go-To Guide

People love wedding websites because they summarize all the necessary details in one place. It’s easy and convenient! Instead of answering the same questions about the dress code, time of arrival, or parking over and over again, you can save time by directing your wedding guests to an online FAQ.

Not only is a wedding website useful for guests to know when and where to go, but as the bride or groom, you’ll find it useful for that same reason! While you’re arranging appointments with vendors, you can always look to the website as an informational resource. For example, you’re sure to remember the date and time of your event, but you will likely find yourself looking up the venue address constantly.
Keep Track of Guests with Virtual RSVPs

If you’re going to have a wedding website, you absolutely should have an online RSVP form, whether you have a paper invitation or not. And if you have a massive guest list, a virtual RSVP list will be one of the handiest tools in the planning process.

A virtual RSVP database will make it easy to know who’s coming or not and help you keep track of any guests with special dietary requirements or other needs, such as accessibility issues. It’s also useful to ask people to include their contact info in the RSVP form so you can get in touch with them throughout the planning process if needed.
Keep Vendor Contact Information at Your Fingertips

It may be a good idea to share your website with any vendors that you work with. One reason is that they will have all the necessary details about your big day. Depending on the design of your website, they might also get a better picture of what vibe you want your wedding to have. This will improve the chances that your special day will be perfect.

If you choose to have a reference page for all the vendors you use, your website becomes an easily accessible list of contacts which you can always look up without having to sift through endless business cards and brochures. It’s a good idea to have because guests will likely ask you who baked the cake or where you bought your dress, anyway.
Declare Your Do’s and Don’ts

With a page on details such as dress code or menu, your wedding website will give guests a clearer picture of what to expect. Don’t hesitate to state any personal preferences. For example, if you don’t want kids at your wedding, your website will be the best place to mention it. Not only will this help prevent awkward moments and problems, but it will also assure that things run as smoothly as possible on your big day.
Stay Organized After the Wedding with Thank You’s and Photos

Having a wedding website will also help you with post-wedding to-do’s. For example, you can post all the photos from the ceremony and/or reception on there so that your guests can all enjoy them. You might even want to embed your social media posts to automatically include any mention of your wedding on the website. If you decide to have a section for a gift registry, the website may also help you with thank you notes later on.
What Should My Website Include?

Think of your website as an instruction manual for your wedding. Therefore, provide any and all information guests may be interested in or find useful. Common details to include on a wedding website are:
Venue Information Local Information Directions, Transportation, and Parking Schedule of Events Dress Code RSVP Form Gift Registry “About Us” Section Vendor References Reception Menu Social Media Guidelines FAQs
As you can see, a website can easily be seen as an online version of a multi-tab binder. It’s safe to say that if you can create an informational page on each of these topics, you have covered the most important parts of wedding planning. In the end, you can use it as a reference source and a way to track your progress. And guests, too, can keep up with any updates as the pages come together.

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