20 Creative Ways to Use Old Stuff You Planned to Throw Away

According to the latest statistics, each of us produces about 0.5 kilograms of waste every day! Over the course of a year, that’s as much as 182.5 kg! The Earth is going through a serious crisis, and if we all don’t start acting for its common benefit, it may soon become impossible to save it! Are you sure you want your children to grow up in a grey world, without seeing the plant and animal species you know so well?

Fortunately, you can start taking action. Reduce the level of trash you throw away and learn about recycling like you never knew before! Below, you’ll find some inspiring ideas on how to make sure you cut down on throwing away trash. It turns out that you can reuse quite a few things!

#1 You Can Use Old Guitars as Original Bookcases


#2 If You Have a Coffee Mug That You Don’t Use, You Can Put Some Bamboo Shoots & Make a Insect House


#3 Use an Old Baby Buggy to Make a Pot for Your Plants


#4 Did You Get Books That You Don’t Read? Don’t Throw Them Away! Make Them into Interesting Flower Covers


#5 Time-Consuming but Very Interesting Solution for Wine Lovers – Corks to Make a Cork Wall!


#6 Scratched and Non-working Records Don’t Have to End up in the Trash – Make Them into Kitchen Gadgets


#7 Old Books and a Piece of String Replace Plastic Knife Racks


#8 You Can Turn an Old TV into a Stylish Bar


#9 Help Eliminate Landfills by Turning Old Binder Rings into Key Hangers


#10 Old Light Bulbs Can Be Turned into a Pepper Shaker and Salt Shaker – Add Caps and You’re Done!


#11 Turn an Old Coffee Table into a Pet Space – Just Put the Table Upside Down and Add a Stylish Pillow


#12 You Can Do the Same with an Old Tire


#13 You Can Make Garden Furniture from Wooden Pallets


#14 An Interesting Alternative Is to Use Old Boards as Shelves


#15 An Old Suitcase Can Become an Interesting Decor Element as a Table


#16 You Can Transform an Old Toy into an Interesting Photo Frame


#17 Old Cans Can Be an Interesting Pot for Succulents


#18 You Can Also Use Old Records as Kitchen Mats


#19 Old Guitar Case Can Turn Into a Jewelry Rack


#20 How to Use Old Pipes? We Have a Suggestion!


#21 How to Turn Old Colanders into Original Lanterns Translated


#22 Recolor an Old Ladder and Add Shelves to It to Make an Interesting Bookcase


Which trick do you like best? What recycling tricks will you use?

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