13 Brilliant Command Hook Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

command hooks

While Command hooks are popular among renters and students who want to decorate without sacrificing their security deposit, there are so many other situations where they can come in handy! In fact, you can use removable hooks to organize, decorate, and generally spruce up every room in your home!

In todays blog post, Ill be sharing over a dozen ways you can use Command hooks to get organized. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, these tips will show you just how versatile and useful these adhesive marvels can really be!

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13 Brilliant Ways To Organize Everything With Command Hooks

command hooks

1. Simple Scooping

Attach a small hook to the side of your food storage containers that store dry goods like flour, sugar, oats, etc. Hang a small measuring spoon or cup on the hook so its always handy for scooping and measuring.

For instance, you can hang the scoop you use to measure your coffee in the morning right on the side of your coffee container. You wont ever have to go searching for it again!

command hooks

2. Prepared To Party

Place a series of small hooks along the top of a door or window frame, and use them to hang banners or bunting on special occasions. Leave the hooks up all year round to make it quick and easy to decorate for any occasion!

command hooks

3. Hidden Cables

Hate seeing the tangled mess of cables behind your living room or office furniture? Attach hooks to the backside of the legs of your furniture to use as guides for the cables of your electronics.

Guiding the cables along the legs of your furniture will keep them hidden from view, and give your furniture a cleaner, more organized look.

command hooks

4. Toothbrush Hanger

Hang a hook on its side to create a simple hanger for your toothbrush in the bathroom. Attach it to the inside of your medicine cabinet for easy access.

command hooks

5. Belt Storage

Hang a large hook in your closet or on the inside of your closet door to hang your belts on. The hook will keep your belts organized and out of the way, yet easily accessible when youre picking out an outfit.

command hooks

6. Kitchen Wrap

Free up valuable drawer space in your kitchen by hanging rolls of plastic wrap, tin foil, and other wraps inside of your pantry or cupboard door. Attach two small hooks on their side facing inward to secure the ends of each roll.

command hooks

7. Wreath Hanger

Make a wreath hanger by attaching a large hook upside-down on the inside of your front door. Once the hook is secure, loop your wreaths ribbon around it and drape it over the front of the door.

Not only is this a convenient way to hang a wreath, it also eliminates scraping and scratching from bulky metal wreath hangers.

command hooks

8. Charging Cradle

Use a couple of small hooks to create a cradle next to your preferred charging outlet to hold your phone. This will keep your phone up off the floor or countertop so no one will accidentally crush it while its charging!

command hooks

9. Keeper Of Keys

Hang a hook (or several!) near your front door to hang up your car and house keys. With designated hooks, youll never have to scramble to find your keys!

command hooks

10. Glove Storage

Attach a small hook under your sink and hang a binder clip from it. Use the binder clip to hang up your rubber gloves after using them for cleaning or while doing the dishes.

Hanging your gloves will not only keep them handy, but it will also make sure they dry out properly between uses so you dont run into mold or mildew problems.

command hooks

11. Instant Art Gallery

You can also use hook and binder clip pairings to create a customizable art gallery to display your kids artwork! The binder clips make it quick and easy to change out the artwork to feature their latest creations.

command hooks

12. Sink Saver

Attach a hook next to your kitchen sink. Use it as a safe place to hang your rings, bracelets, or watch while you wash dishes.

command hooks

13. Shower Caddy System

If it feels like theres just not enough space in the shower for everyones stuff, Command hooks can help! Hang a few large hooks in the bathroom and use them to hang a separate shower caddy for each person who uses that bathroom.

Everyone can bring their own caddy of supplies into the shower with them, then hang it up again when theyre done!

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