10+ Tricks to Stop Phone Charger Cables from Breaking

How to prevent your phone charger cable from breaking? You buy one, it breaks, you get another. Do you rip the charger out of the phone instead of holding it by the plug and carefully taking it out of the port? And there it goes, all crumbled up into your pocket. And it’s the one you keep your keys in – perfect! They’re just gonna rub up on the cord and wear it down!

You're probably thinking: “Just charge wirelessly!” But you know you can’t use that ALL the time. Plus, they can make your phone hot! First of all, buy just one cable – you don’t need a vast collection anymore. But consider getting a cable protector with it. They come in all shapes and sizes – fancy things attached to the joint near the plug. This is the most delicate part of the cable.

Get a cable protector 1:01
Or use a shoelace 1:37
Try heat-shrinking tubes 2:11
Get yourself a magnet adaptor 2:30
Try a special adhesive putty 2:52
Another handy remedy is liquid tape 3:14
The problem may be in the port itself 3:38
Or it could be your smartphone’s software to blame 4:17
Use binder clips 4:38
What about when you’re on the go? 5:00
The WORST thing you can do 5:17

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