10 Employee Training Plan Templates

10 Employee Training Plan Templates

Your employees are your greatest asset. As a result, training in the workplace is an essential way to strengthen the skills of existing employees and new employees. The right training can reduce any weaknesses which might be hampering company operations, growth and success.

Despite the importance of training, not every business knows how to implement a successful training program. For example, small businesses often dont have the luxury of a human resources department.

Using training plan template can steer your training efforts in the right direction and help your business and your employees get the most from training.

Employee Training Plan Templates

Theres more to training new employees than handing over a binder and wishing them luck. Here are some employee training plan templates to inspire you.

Template.net Employee Training Schedule Template

10 Employee Training Plan Templates

The Employee Training Schedule Template by Template.net provides businesses with a handy template to manage employees training schedules. The employee training plan template can be downloaded instantly and is editable and printable. It is available in A4 and US letter sizes and comes with standard Google fonts. The Employee Training Schedule Template supports Google Docs and Sheets, as well as Windows and Mac OS. If you require support with the template, chat support and 24-hour emails are available.

SharePoint Employee Training Management Template

The SharePoint Employee Training Management Template is designed to help make managing your training program significantly easier. SharePoints training documentation streamlines otherwise time consuming and demanding activities, including scheduling training events, registering participants, organizing and sharing course material, as well as collecting and providing feedback.

Smartsheet Training Plan Templates

Smartsheet provides training plan templates that are available to download in Microsoft Excel, PDF and Word formats. For example, if youre looking for a new employee training plan template to onboard new employees with ease, you can download Smartsheets New Employee Training Plan Template. The document enables you to track the new employees orientation and integration from the first day through to the first year with this easy-to-use template.


Creately provides a visual employee training plan template to help your business develop corporate training programs and method. On Creately, you can download pre-designed template for employee training. The sites easy drawing and diagramming tools enable you to extend your training plan templates with ease. You can also share the templates with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing.

ExcelDataPro Employee Training Log Excel Template

Another sample training plan template for employees available to download is the Employee Training Log Excel Template by ExcelDataPro. The Employee Training Log is an Excel template that helps you to record and manage employees training to help upgrade their skills with greater efficiency.

Lessonly Customer Service Training Manual Template

10 Employee Training Plan Templates

For an employee training plan template to train customer service teams, check out Lessonlys Customer Service Training Manual Template. This training plan template will save your business significant time. For example, the template covers the basic concepts that every customer service team should know, while enabling you to modify and edit the template to your businesss unique requirements.

Betterteam Employee Onboarding Process Template

Betterteam provide a new employee training plan template designed to make the onboarding process more efficient. You can download Betterteams Employee Onboarding Process Template instantly with no email address required. You can then use the template in Excel format to create your own onboarding spreadsheet for new hires.

Skateholdermap Training Plan Template

Skateholdermaps Training Plan Template is available to download in Word and PDF. The template is fully editable with Word. As a result, it can be converted to suit the training requirements of your business.

Workable New Hire Training Checklist

Workable provides a sample training plan template for employees. For example, you can download and use the New Hire Training Checklist template as part of your onboarding process to help new employees adapt to their new roles as smoothly as possible.

Northpass Employee Training Manual Template

Northpasss Employee Training Manual Template is a PowerPoint document that you can download. This structured training manual template sets out actionable strategies and provides real-time life examples. As a result, the Northpass Employee Training Manual Template provides businesses with a practical guide to accomplish their training goals. The template is editable so you can customize it for your unique requirements.

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