10 Easy Office Organizing Ideas

Remember this office project I shared last week?

You can see the before and after here.

When I shared the makeover I got asked tons of questions (which you know I am all about) and so many of you asked how I organized it.

What did the drawers look like?

What was behind the cabinets?

How did I store office supplies?

Good thing there’s an unlimited question policy around here.

And good thing I have the answers.

So today let me show you the spaces in this office and how they function and how they are organized.

Are you ready to talk a little office organization?

Let’s GO.

Both walls of the office are lined with these bookcases from IKEA. Before I open the doors and show you inside, I wanted to answer a few of the questions I was asked about the bookcases:

  • They are the standard BILLY bookcases from IKEA
  • The bookcases come in separate parts–the doors, the bookcases and the upper units are separate
  • You purchase each separately and then put them together
  • We did attach them to the wall (there are instructions on how to do this with the units)
  • We have two bookcase units on one side and three bookcase units on the other side
  • There are two adjustable shelves inside each bookcase

And when you open the bookcases?

Here’s how I have the inside of them organized.

Here are the storage baskets that I ordered for the space.

I LOVE THEM so much. I ordered two sets of them (and I may order one more set of them when I fill the two sets up).

They come in different colors and have lids and measure 10.4 x 7.3 x 5.1 inches and there are little holes in the side to let the contents breathe and they are affordable and there is a 10% off coupon right now.

You can see them here.

I also used this stand-up file folder organizer for my files.

To each of the bins, I added these clip-on gold labels.

They just slid over the side of the bins and I added labels to the front. I was going to print off fonts on clear labels but I didn’t have time.

Here are some of the things I’m storing in the bins:

  • photo supplies
  • stamps
  • markers
  • labels
  • tape
  • notebooks
  • scissors
  • chargers

You can see the clip-on labels here.

On my dad’s desk (which I did not paint and I’m so happy you all convinced me not to) I have this laptop stand.

It is so sturdy and puts your computer at the perfect height for ZOOM calls. I used to prop up my computer on books before I found this stand.

When you aren’t using it—the stand folds flat and fits perfectly in a computer bag.

You can see the foldable laptop stand here.

Inside the drawers of the desk?

I have these plastic desk organizers that fit perfectly in the drawers.

I got these organizers at IKEA, but you could also use these drawer organizers that I used to organize my kitchen drawers.

These gold scissors are part of a nine-piece office set that I ordered.

Here’s the stapler that’s part of the set.

It also includes a beautiful tape dispenser, a staple remover, a ruler, a pencil holder, a stapler and tons more.

You can see the entire nine-piece set here.

To hold office supplies like binder clips and paper clips and push pins, I found this set of acrylic apothecary jars with gold lids.

Then I decorated the bookcases with them.

You can see the acrylic apothecary jars here.

On this side of the office, I have a charger station set up.

I love this retractable charger. It retracts on both sides so the charging station always looks neat. There are three different types of charges on the end, so no matter what type of device you are charging, there’s always a place to charge everything.

You can see the retractable charger here.

I also love this four-plug charger with USB ports.

Just a couple of other things that I’ve been using in the office lately.

This pull-up cord organizer sticks onto your computer charger to organize the cord.

You can see the cord organizer here.

I also have this phone stand that holds my iPad or phone to watch movies or Facetime.

You can see phone stand here.

This portable charger goes in my laptop and charges both types of phones or devices. You plug it in the wall and then it has a charge anytime you need it on the go.

You can see the charger here.

I am still organizing and moving things around and figuring out how to use the office spaces and storage in the most effective way.

Isn’t it amazing how a new office gives you a brand-new perspective?

I was SO productive last week and I think I owe it all to the office.

Work has never looked so cute….

…or been so MUCH FUN. 🙂

All the office organization items I’m using are linked here:

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post

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