Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – New Spier Arrivals, J. Crew Sale Tiers, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Target: 20% off Tops and Jeans when you log into Target Circle

Target menswear

You’ve gotta be logged in (or, create an account), and find and click the “save offer” button to have it apply, but once you jump through those hoops it’s 20% off tops and jeans. Which is pretty darn good for Target.


J. Crew: $25 off $100, $50 off $150, $100 off $250+ w/ FALLHAUL

J. Crew menswear

The key to tiered sales like this is to do the math to see how it stacks up to other sales. For example, $25 off $100 is 25% off. Okay. Not great. But fine. But the % off DROPS as you get closer to $150. Say your cart is at $140. Well, 25/140 = a 17.8% discount. Better off waiting, right? Yet $50 off $150 = 33% off, and $100 off $250 = a whopping 40% off. Which is really quite good. You just have to get as close as you can to those thresholds. And remember, it’s never a good deal, no matter the % off, if you don’t want or need the thing you’re looking at. Playing the game is fun and all, but, don’t go broke. Please. Lots of exclusions too. So know that.


Gustin: Made in the USA Waffle Hoodies – $49

Gustin Waffle Hoodies

Hey now. A made in the USA hoodie in a waffle texture? It’s Gustin, so you’ll have to wait a bit (these won’t ship until November) but if you’re looking for something a little different, and made Stateside, these could be a go-to for the cold weather to come.


BONUS Banana Republic: 46% off w/ BRFAMILY (ends today, 9/20)

Banana Republic menswear

Last call for this. Full picks here if you’d like them. And a reminder that GAP inc. cardmembers get 52% off when they use the code BRCARD20 at checkout.


BONUS II Spier and Mackay: LOTS of new arrivals starting to land

Spier and Mackay menswear

No discount, but worth a mention because Spier doesn’t run that many sales, and their new fall arrivals are starting to land. Lots of pre-ordering though. Just note the shipping date if you buy something.


Also worth a mention…

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