How to Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great app for having a little fun, but how can you use it to show a girl you like her without seeming like a creep? This article lists lots of helpful strategies, starting with fun message ideas, moving on to advice on message frequency, and finishing with tips on asking her out when the time is right. So snap out of your worries and let that girl know how you feel!


[Edit]Snap a picture with a cheesy joke caption.

  1. This is a great Snapchat icebreaker, especially if you’re a bit nervous. Take some of the pressure off yourself by making a joke that’s deliberately lame! Take a pic from everyday life, add a punny or just plain silly caption, and snap it to her. Personalize the caption with a question or an “inside joke” element so she knows you made it with her in mind.[1]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 1.jpg
    • For example, you might combine a pic of a cat looking super frazzled with a caption like, “Me after chem lab today. You?”
    • Or, you might snap a pic of a bowl of fruit with a caption like, “Orange you glad math class was canceled today?”

[Edit]Spell out a colorful, fun message with everyday props.

  1. Add a flirtatious hint without being too forward at this point. Compare the following: typing “What’s up?” as a caption, versus snapping a pic of “What’s up?” spelled out on a bunch of colorful balloons. The second option shows you’re taking the time to be more creative, which drops a big hint that you’re interested. At the same time, though, it’s more fun and playful so you don’t seem pushy.[2]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 2.jpg
    • If you can use a prop that you know she likes, all the better! For instance, if you know Froot Loops is her favorite cereal, spell out your message with it.

[Edit]Cue up a song she likes in your snap.

  1. Use it as background music to a video of you doing something fun. Just start the song, wait for the part you want to highlight, then capture your video snap. You might record yourself dancing to the music, playing with your super-cute dog, or doing something completely unrelated and a little wacky—use your imagination! Show off your fun side while also pointing out that you’re paying attention to what she likes.[3]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 3.jpg
    • If you don’t know what music she likes, use a song you like—it’s still a good way to reveal your fun side.

[Edit]Pair a smoldering selfie with a silly caption.

  1. Drop a big hint without making your move quite yet. Take some time to set up and execute your perfect selfie with the right lighting, background, filters, and your best “hey girl” look going.[4] Instead of worrying about coming up with the perfect caption right now, though, just add something funny and maybe completely random. She’ll be able to read between the lines!
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 4.jpg
    • You might, for instance, pair a “come hither” look with a goofy caption like, “I really like hashbrowns,” “I can’t see without my glasses,” or “Hmm, what’s that smell?”

[Edit]Send fun snaps every few days to build a connection.

  1. Try an every-other-day schedule so you don’t overwhelm her. It’s always hard to tell whether you’re being pushy by messaging her too much or playing it too cool and seeming uninterested. While you’re building up a connection with the girl you like, sticking to an every-other-day frequency is a sensible middle-of-the-road approach. It’s often enough that she won’t forget about you, but not so often that she’ll find you too aggressive or too desperate.[5]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 5.jpg
    • If you already have a relationship with this girl but want to turn it into something more, just stick to your current snapping frequency—so long as it’s at least every-other-day. Don’t start bombarding her with messages to try to show your romantic interest.

[Edit]Follow her lead when responding to her snaps.

  1. Don’t get overly flirtatious or seductive if she’s keeping it casual. Snapchatting a girl, just like any form of communication, is all about reading her signals. If she snaps you silly comments or casual observations, stick to that arena while looking for subtle opportunities to be flirtatious. But, if she’s the one getting flirtatious, make sure to keep up!
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 6.jpg
    • Resist the urge to “play hard to get” by ignoring her messages. When she snaps you, snap her back—maybe not always immediately, but in a timely manner.
    • At the same time, don’t take a single snap from her as an invitation to send a barrage of snaps her way.[6]

[Edit]View her snap stories fairly quickly to show interest.

  1. Keep up with what she’s doing even if she’s not snapping you directly. Unlike private messages, Snapchat stories are posted for all to see—but they vanish after 24 hours. She’ll know whenever someone—like you—views her latest story, so be sure to check out each new posting before it disappears. But try not to view every story the second it’s posted, or you may give off stalker vibes.[7]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 7.jpg
    • To further confirm your interest, snap her directly in response to some—but not all—of her story posts. Just make a funny little comment or a nice, quick compliment.

[Edit]Send her a message when she views one of your stories.

  1. Make the most of this sign that she’s interested in you. Just like she knows when you view her story posts, you’ll know when she views yours. When this happens, wait maybe a few hours—again, don’t act immediately like you’re obsessed with her—and snap her a direct message. Let her know you’re particularly glad that she saw what you posted.[8]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 8.jpg
    • You might snap a straightforward message like, “Was hoping you’d see that last post.”
    • Or, you might drop a bigger hint: “My stories aren’t stories ‘til you see them.”

[Edit]Snap an event flyer and ask her to go with you.

  1. Try this as a low-pressure way to ask for a date. Find a poster or flyer for a concert, art exhibit, flea market, sporting event, or something else that interests both of you. Snap a pic with a little caption like, “Saw this and thought of you...want to go together?” It all feels very spur-of-the-moment, even if you had it all planned out![9]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 9.jpg
    • This is a good option if you’re not ready to straight-up ask her out on a date. If she gives anything other than a very clear “no,” such as a “sorry, can’t because…,” you can keep working toward asking her out.

[Edit]Draw a stick figure of her with you as a date invite.

  1. Show her that you’re fun, creative, and thinking of her all at once. Get a pic of yourself doing something fun that both of you enjoy—it could be anything from shooting hoops to making crepes. Before snapping it her way, sketch in a little doodle—the more stick figure-ish the better in this case!—with a “you” label and a quick invite like “tomorrow?”[10]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 10.jpg
    • Don’t try to make a super-accurate drawing or paste in a pic of her. You can go from “fun” to “creepy” territory quickly!

[Edit]Send a straightforward message asking her out.

  1. It can be nerve-wracking, but the simplest option is often best. Yes, Snapchat gives you all kinds of ways to be funny, witty, and flirty, but it can’t ask this girl out for you! When you’re ready to make your move, cut back some on the fun features and snap her a date request. Keep it simple and straightforward: “Want to go out for dinner tomorrow nite?” or “Would you like to go to the concert with me on Friday?”[11]
    Show a Girl You Like Her on Snapchat Step 11.jpg
    • You might be nervous to go out on a limb and ask her out directly, but at least you’ll know where you stand with this girl you like. And think of how awesome you’ll feel if she says yes!


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