Happy Snowman Project to Trace & Decorate that is Fun for Many Ages!

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This happy and colorful snowman project is sure to brighten any gloomy winter day! Create, trace, and decorate snowmen with your kids today!

We’ve all been there near the end of winter.

Snow has been sitting around for months, gray with dirt and sludge.

There’s another forecast featuring icy mix.

The wind seems to have blown away the sun.

How do you beat these wintery blahs?

Try a happy snowman project!


This decorate-a-snowman craft was fun for all of my kids.

Preparation was minimal, so that makes an extra win in my book!


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Trace & Decorate a Happy Snowman Project!

Supplies Needed To Creat Your Own Snowman Project:

  • white paper
  • round objects to trace
  • various craft supplies: buttons, feathers, ribbon, pom poms, washi tape, tissue paper, yarn, etc.
  • scissors & glue
  • markers or crayons

Trace and Create Snowmen to Decorate

First, we found household items in three different size circles, planning to trace them to make our snowman project.

Have some frozen fun with this simple snowman ice melt!


You can really make the snowmen any size you want!

A giant one would be fun to collaborate on with all of the kids working together.


Sneak in some math with this counting snowman scavenger hunt!

Next, I rolled out the white paper and helped my three year-old figure out how to trace their lids to create a snowman shape.


We chose to trace all three snowmen on one long piece of craft paper, but you could use smaller paper.

Decorate Your Snowman Project

The next and final step is adding the decorations that will bring the snowmen to life!


Make a snowman sensory bin for your kids!

We used buttons, ribbon, feathers, google eyes, tissue paper, washi tape, anything I could find in the loose craft supplies bin.

My kids love having a craft supply “buffet” like this!


This melting snowman activity is extra easy and extra delightful!

They decided to add a snow bunny and snow dog, to our snowman project too!

As well as some feathery trees.


Our snowmen made a happy, colorful wall hanging that was extra cheerful because of the dismal winter weather outside.


Sometimes crafts are narrow and don’t allow for open-ended creation and the opportunity to make it your own.

Not this snowman craft project!

Each snowman is totally unique.

The kids loved it!

How have you been defeating the wintery blues lately?

This adorable snowman project can brighten even the gloomiest of winter days! Trace, color, decorate, and get crafty with your kids!

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