Alex And His Mother Enjoying The Ocean Walkway At Home

Song:  A Pillow Of Winds

Group:  Pink Floyd

Alex got accepted to a math research program.

He will be conducting it online...
so, he will do it along with his classes at UC Berkeley.

Getting into research is so important when applying to a graduate school.

This is good news.

Alex is so happy.


Alex and his mother went on a sunset walk along the ocean walkway.

The day was a bit foggy at first.

They both love to stroll on the ocean walkway to feel the cool ocean breeze...
and to watch the sun go down.

It is such a good stress releaser.


Alex just off the ocean walkway.

They both love to relax on the ocean walkway.

As the walkway is just a couple minute walk from home...
they may fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings anytime they feel the desire.

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