Software for Computer Monitoring


The Best Software for Computer Monitoring

Recently, I got into a discussion.  A friend of mine was worried about their kid, and wanted a way to more accurately monitor them on their devices.  He was apparently unaware that there is software you can utilize to achieve exactly this.

Of course, there is a lot of options out there.  So this week I spent a lot of time going in-depth on them and deciding which ones are worth the money and which ones just aren’t.

The Final Decision

The final decision is PC Tattletale to be the most effective overall.  It rated best for all factors, including cost, effectiveness, and ease of use.  For a more in depth look at it and its features, see the PC Tattletale review here.

Computer monitoring like this can serve a variety of purposes.  Many people (like my friend) want to use it on their kids as a way to protect them.  However, they are also very common in corporate settings.  Employers consistently use them in order to make sure their employees stay on task, prevent use of work computers for illicit or immoral purposes, and to keep track of which employees are being productive and which are not.


Importance of Software in Making an Efficient Workplace


If you are a business owner or a manager at your place of work, you are probably not aware of all the good that software can do for your business.  Software has played a very important role in the evolution of business, both small and large.  This is true now more than ever, with software more advanced than it has been at any time in history before.

There are a few distinct ways in which software can help your business.

Improve the efficiency of the business.

Software has the capability of improving the efficiency that which your employees can accomplish the tasks in front of them.  In particular, we have seen this in recent years most visibly and we will continue to see these advancements.  Artificial intelligence (AI) has rendered many basic and repetitive tasks previously performed by humans to now be performed by software.  This software has the ability to make increasingly complex decisions and undertake more complex tasks.

Computers themselves, and the software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn

-Steve Jobs

Software can also cut down the work time needed, and assist employees in a number of ways.

Other Utilities of Software

Software has a variety of other uses that can positively impact a workplace.  It can assist in organizing any number of things, and making documents and information more widely available and accessible to employees.

Software has even made major improvements to the monitoring and supervision of employees.  Computer monitoring software has allowed companies and managers alike to keep a closer eye on the productivity of their employees, and if they are doing anything nefarious during company hours.


5 Pieces of Software That You Absolutely Need

A basic video showing 5 pieces of software that you absolutely have to get.  Any comments just leave them below (we know you guys think we missed SOMETHING)!