A4 LED Tracing Light Box with Stand 14"x11" LED Tracing Pad

A4 LED Tracing Light Box with Stand 14"x11" LED Tracing Pad

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This 14" Letter Size Led Drawing Board is used for tracing cartoons, stencils, tattoos, drawings, arts and crafts. It features adjustable brightness, super slim light board, eye-protective technology, humanized design, which is good for both professional artists or amateurs.

Professional copy in animation, cartoon
Tattoo tracing, craft projects, fabric design
Photograph, film, slider transferring
Professional tracing in architecture, design and drawing

~Adjustable Brightness
*Touch switch to adjust the brightness
*Smart brightness memory of your last use
~Super Slim Light Board
*8mm acrylic board, lightweight, portable and easy to take out
*Suitable for long hour working with 50,000 life span
*Tablet size for portable transportation
~Eye-protective Technology
*60 leds strong back light
*Super bright led lamps provides a perfectly illuminated surface
~Humanized Design
*360 degree rotating pad to adjust angle
*7 stages height adjustable pad to meet different height
*Measuring border to quickly scale your work
*Binder clip to hold the tracing paper firmly
*Anti-skid feet to keep the led board steady

Overall Dimensions: 14"L x 10 3/4"W x 1/3"H
Active Area: 13" x 8 4/3"
Output: 12V
Power: 4.5 W
Product weight: 2 lbs
Input: 110V/60Hz
Minimum measuring unit: mm

Package Content:
1 x LED Drawing Board
1 x Rotating Pad
1 x Adapter
8 Sheets Tracing Paper
1 x Binder Clip
1x Non-woven Bag