“What’s One Thing You Would Treat Yourself To Regularly If Money Was No Object?” (33 Answers)

Most of you are probably familiar with that world-renowned saying that claims that money can’t buy happiness, but is that actually the case?

According to a piece from LendingTree, an online loan marketplace for various financial borrowing needs, including auto loans, small business loans, personal loans, credit cards, and more, 33% of Americans say money makes them happier than love does. 

A decent percentage, isn’t it? 

It all varies from person to person, of course – however, one thing we know for sure is that money does make us happier, but only up to a certain point. You know, before you go mad like a fair bunch of those A-list celebrities. 

Nevertheless, every single one of us has thought about having all the cash in the world, and a Redditor that goes by the name u/GrouchyResolution974 has given us the opportunity to lurk into other people’s dreams. 

“What’s one thing you would treat yourself to regularly if money was no object?” – this internet user approached one of Reddit’s most informative and thought-provoking subreddits, inviting its members to reveal the go-to things that they would constantly splurge on if money wasn’t an issue. The thread managed to garner over 22K upvotes as well as 12.4K comments containing some pretty intriguing answers.

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#1 Massages


Image credits: razzledazzle626

#2 Dental Care

Dental care.

Image credits: SomeGuyWearingPants

#3 Traveling

Travel. No big plans around trips but just deciding to spend a week or two in another country because I saw it mentioned somewhere and it sounded nice. With money as no object airfare hotels food luggage and all that wouldn’t matter as expenses to plan or save for and it would be so awesome to feel that freedom to just go somewhere whenever the idea strikes you.

Image credits: Eternal_Bagel

#4 A House

I’d buy a house…so tired of how I’m treated as renter but I mean…I CAN’T buy so I don’t get to choose my own paint or have pets or whatever other rules that come up with. THEN your rent is twice what the mortgage would be if you owned. Less ownership MORE restrictions. Blows.

Image credits: ashbuch1980

#5 Getting Whatever They Want On A Restaurant Menu

Now that I do have money, the one thing I treat myself to is getting whatever I want on a restaurant menu. If I want appitizers, I don't try to get the cheapest, just what sounds good.

Image credits: GringoDemais

#6 High-Quality Food

High quality food, with actual nutrition.

Image credits: LitoTheUnknownPrince

#7 Trips Abroad And Lavish Hotels

Trips abroad and stays in expensive hotels.

Image credits: Shamanofthealike1

#8 Retirement

I would treat myself to retirement.

Image credits: PMYourLovelyBody

#9 Therapy


Image credits: Scooby-Doo-Man-Child

#10 Paying For People's Prescriptions Without Them Knowing

Paying for people’s prescriptions at the pharmacy without them knowing.

Image credits: Pittman247

#11 Personal Cook And A Nutritionist

Personal cook/nutritionist.

Having my meals made for me, and them being healthy meals, would be so nice.

Think I would never have takeout food/bad food ever again.

Image credits: Foreverfa11ing

#12 Neighborhood Parties

When I was a younger man, I once won $500 in a local raffle. Not enough for anything life-changing, but enough that I wanted to do something memorable. So I spent it on several dozen pounds of meat, sides, briquettes, beer, and a permit, and threw a neighborhood BBQ. About three dozen people showed up across the 4 hours we were allotted, and we all had a great time eating, drinking, and playing Hammerschlagen (hit the nail into the stump).

I'd throw a neighborhood party once a month if money was no object.

Image credits: SweaterZach

#13 Leisure Time

Leisure time. More of it.

Image credits: roidesoeufs

#14 Art Classes

Art classes. All of the art classes, all over the world.

Image credits: Which-Ad-9338

#15 Personal Staff

Staff. Just staff.

Housekeeper, nannies, chauffeurs, personal trainer, personal chef, personal assistant, etc..

Image credits: jorsiem

#16 Fancier Date Nights With Wife

Fancier and more frequent date nights with the wife

Image credits: payneinthemike

#17 Sleep


Image credits: huiscloslaqueue

#18 LEGO

lego. so much f****n lego

Image credits: Hyrax_Matoi

#19 Healthcare


Image credits: CostofRepairs

#20 Buy Whatever They Want Without Feeling Guilty

Whatever I wanted. A little treat at the shop, a cute but impractical piece of clothing, a dinner out maybe.

I'd just like to be able to buy something I want for no other reason than because I want it, without having to do all of the mental gymnastics and algorithms about whether it's "worth it" or what I might need that money for later on as I regret the purchase. It must be a really liberating feeling.

Image credits: MostlyNormal

#21 Yarn Shopping Spree

Yarn Shopping Spree

Image credits: Elaerys_Lynx

#22 Personality Trainer

A personality trainer.

Image credits: Specialist-Cake-9919

#23 Flights

Flights. I don't have the money to regularly fly places, and wish to be able to fly home and see my family for the first time in 2 years

#24 Private Flights

If money was truly no object, private flights.* No more flying commercial.

Slightly less ambitious - personal trainer, personal chef, maybe a personal assistant for all the little annoying things one has to do in life.

*Geez people, it's a fantasy... The math is simple: {odds of me flying private} x {carbon output of private jet} = 0.

#25 Musical Instruments

Every musical instrument I can fit under a roof

Image credits: Flat_Bodybuilder_175

#26 Saffron

saffron. i would buy so much saffron.

Image credits: mia_smith257

#27 New Towels, Bedsheets And Socks

New towels, bed sheets and socks

Like brand new every day.

Image credits: Low-Broccoli-9845

#28 Brand New Socks Every Day

Brand new socks everyday

Image credits: parrylarocque

#29 Full Body Wax

waxing ma whole body

would save so much time over shaving

Image credits: punjabi_femboy

#30 Mangoes

A f**k ton of mangos

Image credits: CardinalCargill

#31 Prime Ribeyes

Juicy prime Ribeyes

#32 Charcuterie Boards, Tattoos And Massages

Charcuterie boards, tattoos, and deep tissue massages.

Image credits: AniseClover

#33 Personal ASMRtist

in person asmr. i’ve always wanted someone to make the crinkley noises in my ear and massage my head.

Image credits: monsterultrablue

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