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Pinterest is a fascinating place. I can search for one recipe, which leads to a similar one, which in turn leads to a loosely related image of something else, and suddenly I am seeing pictures of things from my childhood I haven't thought of in years. Here are a few of these images and a short memory of each. This may bring back something for you too!

  ~ Warm from the oven with the melty icing ~

 ~ Finding an unopened one just when you needed it? Best thing ever ~ 

~ Always wanted to do this. Not sure I ever did ~

 ~ Best thing about payday! Mom bought a pack of these, and you carefully ate the pudding off the lid, trying so hard not to cut your lip ~ 

 ~Vague memories of these in our playroom ~

~ Still taste and actually smell the spilled powder that always fell onto the counter when I opened the lid ~ 

After dinner on a summer night ~ running them under the water  get the ice off ~

Hours and hours of this ~  And so many gifts for Mom and Grandma ~

On the wall in the kitchen near the stove~  Talking and twirling the cord around my finger ~

Best day ever! And waiting forever until the day the teacher comes back from prep period with a cup of coffee in one hand and the Troll Box in another ~

A brand new one for Math  every year, and hoping no one had the exact same ~

Stick pins? On blazers in the '80s

Every night before bed. And on sunburns too!

Super fun on Christmas Day! And then never touched it until Mom cleaned out the closet in March.

I hope this brought back a memory or two for you, my friends!
Anything to add?
Have a cozy Wedneaday!

Billie Jo

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