Watch This Woman Hilariously Explain How Families Are Coping With Homeschooling Right Now

Having your kids at home 24/7 leaves a lot of time for making happy memories while re-creating Disney rides or running a DIY nail salon. But when it comes to homeschooling, it's not always as fun. In a post on her Instagram account, social media star Adley Stump shared a video of herself answering questions at a spoof press conference about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In the middle of the video, Adley draws attention to the struggle many parents are facing as they do their best to homeschool their children. "If you are home educating, you may start drinking at approximately 10 a.m. every day," Adley says in the video, and it's too relatable. "Baking cakes can be considered math, science, or art," she adds.

The spoof primarily highlights the contradictory information presented by the media surrounding best practices for preventing COVID-19 and how to take care of ourselves and others during this time. "Here's what we should all be doing [right] now!" Adley captioned the video. "Also, I am NOT the original writer of this material!!!" she added. "I saw it (like many of you) in a few memes and adapted it for video." Watch the full skit here and find out how else to keep your children entertained while learning here.

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