Trivia Quiz: Circles

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Aug 17, 2020

A Science > Math Quiz : Circles are a big part of our lives. Circles are the shapes of wheels, manhole covers, and caps. Test your knowledge of circles.

1. A 'line' connecting one side of the circle to the opposite end would be called a . . .
2. Which formula is used for circumference?
3. The radius is ___ the diameter.
4. A circle is a polygon.
5. A circle is a curve of constant width.
6. Manhole covers are usually shaped like a circle because . . .
7. A part of the circumference is called a/an _____.
8. The Olympics uses ____ circles as its logo.
9. In targets used for archery, there is an outer ring and a solid circle in the middle. What is that circle called?
10. The ratio of the circumference to the diameter is known as ______.

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