Things My Kids Say As Posted On Twitter - The Quarantine Edition

During these times, celebrating the small moments can be especially important. Not everything my kids say or do warrants a blog post.  This is why I like to share this roundup and snippets of recent conversations I've had with M&J as shared on Twitter.  This has been especially interesting given the introduction of homeschooling (distance learning) into our lives as we enter week 10 of self-isolation.  

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M on overhearing a news report of restaurants using blow up dolls to appear full while enforcing #SocialDistancing "why would anyone ever want to buy a doll that explodes?"

Today in #homeschooling I had to point out that If you wouldn’t yell “jinx” and punch your teacher playfully in the arm during a math lesson you shouldn’t do it to mom #parenting

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M asked for a synopsis of Rambo. Dad provides. M: that sounds a lot like Dumbo. He just wants to be left alone and they keep pulling on his ear and make him do things he doesn’t want to do. #movietwit #Rambo #dumbo

For homeschool M is listening to an audiobook of Tales Of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. The reader just pronounced Sheila as Shi-lah and now I’m questioning how I pronounce just about  everything #Homeschooling2020 #parenting

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Instead of an Easter egg scavenger hunt with their cousins as per usual today my kids are scooping up dog poop in the backyard. Best possible Easter hunt from my perspective but probably not so much from theirs #parenting #selfisolation

So today in online school both kids decided it would be fun to type up “good copies” of their paragraph long grade three draft journal entries for submission because it would be easier. One hour later... #homeschooling

Overtired tears because he can't watch TV. I gave him a hug and sliced up an orange before dinner as a snack because he was hangry. J: This is nice but it doesn't appease me. Me: Good vocabulary, but you still aren't watching TV #parenting #homeschooling

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