The Best Toddler TV Shows (That You Won’t Hate)

Let’s just say you won’t mind having these toddler TV shows on in the background

Have you ever turned on the television and found yourself watching a kid’s show by yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Believe it or not, there are lots of shows geared toward kids out there that won’t make you want to immediately change the channel. If you’re wondering what this cartoon inspiration without the headache is, we’ve compiled a list of toddler TV shows you and your child will want to watch together. You won’t find any earworm jingles, lead characters with shrill, piercing voices, or plots that make you want to throw a pillow at your screen on this list. Instead, these shows offer a balance of compelling content, education, and entertainment everyone can get behind. Get your queue ready!

Bluey – Disney+

Disney Junior

Bluey is at the top of the list for so many reasons. The show follows a family of loveable, imaginative heelers and chronicles their adventures through life. Mom and dad, Chilli and Bandit, are parent goals. They are great role models, and their two pups, Bluey and Bingo, are kind and creative. If you want to be envious of a fictitious family, this is the family to look to.

The episodes are silly and fun—and there are sparks of incredibly relatable content. Has it ever taken you 20 minutes to get to the precipice of the front door only to yell, “that’s it we’re not going!” So has Chilli, and that’s why parents love this show. Hidden in the heartwarming content for kids are moments of realness that make you smile and say, “I’ve been there.”

After watching Bluey, we think you'll feel uplifted because the struggles we face as parents, caregivers, and partners is normalized in this show. 

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – PBS Kids

Climb on the trolley and discover Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Inspired by the beloved show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, you’ll see some familiar faces. The show follows Daniel on wholesome adventures around his town of Make-Believe.

If you're looking for a kid show aimed at preschoolers, this is a reliable go-to. Parents will love the show because it’s jam-packed with storylines that teach social and emotional skills. Plus, it’s a fun way to reinforce positive behaviors like coughing and sneezing into your elbow, sharing toys, or stopping play to use the potty. And let's be honest, regularly singing the catchy tunes from the show is what parent life is all about.

Ask the StoryBots – Netflix

This Netflix original series is all about answering questions. The inquisitive StoryBots live in computers and enjoy learning and solving mysteries. Just ask the StoryBots—they’ll find answers to all your biggest questions, like how do computers work?

The show is a bit quirky while also being educational for both kids and adults, which is one of the many reasons to watch. It’s the perfect show for kids who have inevitably entered the “why” phase of childhood. Don’t know how computers work or what happens when you flush a toilet? StoryBots has your back. Park yourself and your kiddo on the couch, grab some snacks and go on an educational journey with your little learner.

Need another reason to watch? Episodes are packed with celebrity cameos.

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Disney+

Superheroes, teen love, and adventure? That’s what’s in store when you watch Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Set in Paris, France, the series chronicles the incredible adventures of two teenage superheroes who save the city from the evil Hawk Moth and his army of akumas (it sounds more complicated than it is).

Feeling a bit skeptical about this one? Don't say we didn't warn you. The love triangle hits all the right notes—come on, Marinette, just tell Adrien how you feel already—and the setting is oh la la. You may even find yourself wanting to watch this one even when your kids aren't around. 

Gabby’s Dollhouse – Netflix

The animated show Gabby's Dollhouse is a favorite toddler tv show, including arts, crafts, and kitty
courtesy Netflix

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a fun series that infuses both animated and real life main character, Gabby into the mix. Every episode begins with Gabby literally unboxing a surprise before being transported to her dollhouse where animation takes over. If you love cats, DIY activities, and baking, Gabby’s Dollhouse, is a series for you and your little one. Get ready to be inspired to break out your glitter glue and creativity.

Blaze and the Monster Machines – Nick Jr.

Does your kiddo like cars and trucks? Then, this series is for you and your tiny four-wheeling aficionado. Blaze and the Monster Machines follows AJ and his monster truck, Blaze, as they explore Axle City.

What’s to love about the show? Incorporated into every episode is science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. Want to understand centripetal force? Blaze can explain. It’s also very interactive. Don't be surprised if you find your kids yelling along with Blaze and his friends when they ask questions or prompt the audience to say, “let’s Blaze!” Before you know it, you’ll be joining in.

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Wild Kratts – PBS Kids

Wild Kratts will ignite your child’s love of the outdoors. It’s packed full of interesting animal facts that will engage parents as much as their kids (who knew there we so many cool animal facts we didn't learn as kids?). The show is goofy, entertaining, and educational.

It chronicles the adventures of two zoologist brothers, Chris and Martin, on a mission to discover “creature powers.” Its mix of animation alongside the real-life Kratt brothers is part of what makes this show so completely charming for everyone in the family. We dare you not to sit down and enjoy this one with the kids.  

Big City Greens – Disney+

This animated comedy is full of incredibly quirky but loveable characters. When the Green family moves from their farm to the big city, chaotic, hilarity unfolds.

The characters will keep you coming back for more. Each protagonist from the Green family is just so adorably endearing. Bill Green, the loving, but risk-averse father is absolutely relatable; Tilly, the hilarious, yet monotone older sister will have everyone nodding along in agreement; Cricket, the mischievous, compassionate lead is totally watchable; and Alice, the unforgettable grandma rounds out the cast. All deliver animated fun worth a watch.

Molly of Denali – PBS Kids

Molly of Denali
PBS Kids

So we may have fudged a bit on that no catchy jingles claim because this show's got one that's impossible not to get caught in your head. Get ready for adventures in Alaska with Molly of Denali. This educational and entertaining series centers around Alaskan native, Molly, and her friends. The characters are kind and teach important lessons, tackling topics like prejudice and Climate Change. A great show for all ages, it's one parents will grow to love.

Doc McStuffins – Disney Jr.

Doc McStuffins is an animated series about a little girl who aspires to be a doctor. Like her mom, she is caring, curious, and always ready to lend a helping hand. She cares for her stuffed animals and rescues little critters in each episode.

Kids and parents love the show because it inspires us to play and problem solve. Break out your stethoscope and stuffies and go on a Doc adventure with your nurturing little one.

Octonauts Above and Beyond –  Netflix

Octonauts & the Great Barrier Reef

All aboard the Octopod for sea adventures and underwater rescues. This animated series is all about protecting the ocean and the amazing sea creatures that inhabit it. The show is geared toward preschoolers, but it’s enjoyable for parents too. Led by Captain Barnacles, the group of adorable explorers will win you over by the time the credits roll.

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