Thankful Thursday | It’s December!

This week, I am thankful:

that it’s December!

small ceramic christmas tree.

I think my last final is on December 14th, soooo….in two weeks, my semester will be officially over. Woohoo!

I just gotta stay motivated for 14 more days.

for some leaves that are still hanging on

When I was walking in the woods this morning, I noticed that there are still a few red leaves out there.

red leaves on a trail in the woods.

for beautiful things to see as I walk

Things like running water.

creek in the woods.

Lichens/moss on trees.

moss and lichens on a tree.

Little mushrooms.

small brown mushrooms.

Raindrops on leaves.

maple leaf with raindrops.

for a good night’s sleep last night

I finally managed to get into bed on the early side of things, and I feel better today!

a little drawing from my niece

She’s on a draw-cute-animals kick and she made little drawings for my girls and me. I told her I’d put mine up on my bulletin board when I got home.

drawing on a bulletin board.

I messaged her this picture and she said, “Thank you.” So cute.

for the benefits of being a homeschooling mom and then a college student

I really, really think my return to college has been a little easier due to my years of homeschooling. There was only a 7-year gap between my last day as a student and my first day as a homeschooling for most of my years on this planet, I’ve been either a student or a homeschooling mom.

I can see lots of ways that this has smoothed my path, most particularly when I need math skills for my classes.

(Heck, even my young classmates seem rustier than I am when it comes to basic math!)

for my piano

I had a lot of responsible things I could have done when I got home yesterday, but before I did those things, I sat down and played through a few pieces, just for fun.

I’m so glad I have it here with me!

piano keys

that pianos are ready to play in an instant

One thing I like about being a pianist is that my instrument takes no prep. There are no reeds to install, no assembly is necessary, nothing needs to be taken out of a case, no tuning has to be done (by me at least!)…it’s so easy to just sit down and play for a few minutes.

And when I’m done playing, I don’t have to clean anything or put anything away.

What are you thankful for this week?

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