Surprising Milwaukee Tool Deal Math at Home Depot (1/23/23)

Milwaukee Cordless Brad Nailer Math Home Depot Tool Deal of the Day 1-23-23

Home Depot has a new round of tool deals, today only, 1/23/23, featuring Milwaukee cordless power tools, Dewalt combo kits, and select Ridgid and Ryobi promos.

The deals are largely the same as earlier this month, but there are enough new tool deals that it’s worth a look.

One of the deals that caught my attention features the Milwaukee M18 Gen II cordless brad nailer, model 2746-20.

Here’s where things get a bit fun.

The Milwaukee cordless brad nailer is a gift center special buy at $249 right now. That’s a decent deal, and it seems to have sold well during the holiday season.

You can buy the Milwaukee M18 cordless brad nailer + nothing else for $249.

There’s also a bundle right now, where you get the brad nailer with safety glasses.

Okay, so Milwaukee M18 cordless brad nailer + safety glasses = $229. Wait, what? You get the glasses and an extra $20 in your pocket. Cool.

Today’s deal of the day (1/23/23 only) features a 2-pack of the cordless brad nailer.

With this new deal, you can buy two Milwaukee M18 cordless brad nailers for $429. It’s a good deal, if you have a buddy to share the cost with, assuming they also want the same brad nailer. Or maybe you’re outfitting a team and need to buy multiples. But then what are the chances you’re shopping Home Depot’s deals of the day?

The nailer plus safety glasses bundle deal definitely surprised me, but it also serves as a good reminder to check model numbers when shopping for deals. I searched for the model number to double check the holiday season price, and that’s when I saw there are a bunch of other brad nailer and accessory deals.

$229 for the nailer and safety glasses is a better deal than $249 for just the brad nailer.

But $429 for two brad nailers? I’d say $429 for the brad nailer and a finish nailer would be great.

Still, I wonder – how many of you have the need or desire to buy two of the same cordless brad nailer?

After you take a peek – would any of these new tool deals of the day convince you to pull out your wallet?

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