Sunday July 5th, 2020 Ed Sessa

Theme: "The Magnificent Seven" - The first word in each theme entry can follow "grand".
23A. *Pro in a ring: PRIZE FIGHTER. Grand prize.

36A. *Challenge for a hopeful collegian: ENTRANCE EXAM. Grand entrance.

55A *Multi-faceted stage performance: SLAM POETRY. Grand slam.

77A. *Military stint: TOUR OF DUTY. Grand tour.

94A. *Act of genius: MASTER STROKE. Grandmaster.

16D. *1977 Eagles hit: HOTEL CALIFORNIA. Grand Hotel.

44D. *Liszt list, e.g.: PIANO REPERTOIRE. Grand piano.


111. Ribbon-cutting event, or what the starts of the answers to starred clues can have: GRAND OPENING.

We have not seen "words that can precede/follow" Sunday theme type for a while. Rich normally saves the type for weekdays.

Such a clever title.

1. Graf with 22 Grand Slam singles titles: STEFFI.

7. Epcot's Spaceship Earth, e.g.: GLOBE.

12. Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego: ALI G.

16. Part of HMS: HER.

19. Soup dish: TUREEN. This looks quite delicate.

20. Like many feedbag cereals: OATEN.

21. NFL analyst Tony: ROMO.

22. Big name in kitchen gadgets: OXO. D-Otto's brand.

25. Helped throw a party: CO-HOSTED.

27. Boxers' org.?: AKC. Great clue. We also have 29. Boxer's wound: GASH.

28. Birth day ordeal: LABOR.

31. Clock watchers: IDLERS.

32. Bygone Russian ruler: TSARINA.

34. Sonic the Hedgehog creator: SEGA.

35. Math class for coll. credit: AP CALC.

40. Footnote abbr.: OP CIT.

42. Removes fasteners from: UNPEGS.

45. Hand-rubbing chuckle: HEH.

46. Trawler's catch: SHRIMP. Most of the shrimp we eat are probably from some farms.

48. Firewood option: ASH.

49. Title for Marian: MAID. Maid Marian. Robin Hood.

50. Reacts with obvious pleasure: BEAMS.

52. Comply with: OBEY.

53. Pet peeve?: FLEA. And 54. Cap-and-crown org.?: ADA. 105. Winter coat?: SNOW.

58. Believer: THEIST.

60. Least amt.: MIN.

61. Reasons against: CONS.

62. Lands' End department: MEN'S.

63. Barrier __: REEF.

64. Historic toolmaking period: IRON AGE.

66. Practices, as a trade: PLIES.

68. Eyes and ears: SENSORS.

71. Chocolate-caramel candy brand: ROLO.

72. Industrial arts class, informally: SHOP.

73. Actor Cumming of "The Good Wife": ALAN.

74. River inlet: RIA.

75. International economic coalition: G SEVEN.

80. One of the Bobbsey twins: NAN.

81. Valley with cellars and sellers: NAPA. Extra homophone touch.

82. On the fence: TORN.

84. Loathing: ODIUM.

85. "__ Misbehavin'": Fats Waller song: AIN'T.

86. Suffix with glob: ULE.

87. Ingratiates oneself (to), with "up": COZIES.

89. The NBA's Magic: ORL.

90. Leave the larval stage: PUPATE. Not a word I use.

92. __-Croatian language: SERBO.

97. Plant-based sugar substitute: STEVIA. Boomer uses it occasionally.

99. Charged atoms: IONS.

100. Earliest work in a musical chronology: OPUS ONE.

104. One making amends: ATONER.

106. Afghan capital: KABUL.

108. Initialism for some time away from work: LOA. OK, Leave of Absence. Give [Hawaii's Mauna ___] a rest.

109. Met a monthly obligation: PAID RENT.

114. Canon initials: SLR.

115. Singer from County Donegal: ENYA.

116. Like many roofs: EAVED.

117. Parking garage designation: A LEVEL.

118. Just make, with "out": EKE.

119. Insect repellent: DEET.

120. Gushes: SPEWS.

121. Forensic competition: DEBATE. I'm not familiar with this meaning of "forensics".


1. Mar. 17 figure: ST PAT.

2. Ankara natives: TURKS. 4. Topper for 2-Down: FEZ.

3. "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA.

5. Premonition: FEELING.

6. Hospital deliveries: INFANTS.

7. Disco era word: GO GO.

8. Lion player Bert: LAHR. Never saw "The Wizard of Oz" until I came to the US. We had our first TV in late 1980s. By then, Hong Kong movies were all the rage.

9. 5'9" Giant Mel: OTT.

10. Disco band brother: BEE GEE.

11. Makes hopping mad: ENRAGES.

12. Foot part: ARCH.

13. Bath bathroom: LOO.

14. "Gotcha, man": I'M HIP.

15. Perp's pretend friend, in interrogation: GOOD COP. Looks like our state might change our flag also.

17. Works out: EXERCISES.

18. Reel holders: RODS.

24. Letter-shaped girder: I BAR.

26. Hand-to-hand sound: SLAP.

30. Brass band members: SAXHORNS.

33. Marsh plant: REED.

34. Bonehead: SCHMO.

35. Yves' squeeze: AMIE.

37. Interruption lead-ins: AHEMS.

38. Tide type: NEAP.

39. "We Have the Meats" sandwich chain: ARBY'S.

41. This, when over there: THAT.

42. Fish sauce taste: UMAMI. Important ingredient in kimchi sauce.

43. Low point: NADIR.

47. "I'm buying": MY TREAT.

50. Downfall: BANE.

51. Part-time player: SEMI-PRO.

53. Bank add-ons: FEES.

55. What weight watchers watch: SCALE.

56. Access, as a site: LOG ONTO. And 66. Calls work from home: PHONES IN.

57. Drive origination point: TEE.

59. __ Penny: folk tale name: HENNY.

65. Smoked salmon: NOVA.

67. Grant on old TV: LOU.

68. Blighted area: SLUM.

69. Mirthful: RIANT. Not a word I use.

70. "À votre __!": SANTE.

72. Stretch mark, say: STRIA.

73. Grownup: ADULT.

75. Safari sights: GNUS.

76. Pitch from a rep: SALES TALK.

78. Lysol targets: ODORS.

79. Stands in the forest, perhaps: FIRS.

83. Baum princess: OZMA.

85. A group of them may be called a shrewdness: APES. Such a long word for "group".

87. Dealt with: COVERED.

88. Memorable pie throwers: STOOGES.

90. Window one would rather keep closed: POP-UP AD.

91. Tiny Tim's strings: UKULELE.

93. Oregon golfing mecca: BEND.

95. Swathe: ENWRAP.

96. Automaton prefix: ROBO.

98. Sherlock's foe Adler: IRENE.

101. Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony: OLIVA. Still waiting for him to get into the Hall of Fame.

C.C. & Tony Oliva, 9/15/2011

102. Nine-piece combo: NONET.

103. Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE.

104. Cathedral recess: APSE.

105. ER directive: STAT.

106. Had already learned: KNEW.

107. Supplements, with "to": ADDS.

110. Emmy-winning scientist: NYE.

112. Melrose in L.A., say: AVE.

113. Lincoln's st.: NEB. Here there, Gary, Avg. Joe and Brad!


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