Stocking Stuffers for Girls Ages 7-11

My kids were telling me the other day about how the stockings were one of their favorite parts of Christmas morning. I remember feeling the same way as a kid because who doesn’t love a giant surprise grab bag? That got me thinking about some ideas to send along to Santa via our elf, Star. Not that I want to put in specific requests, but just in case anyone else has a stumped elf, hopefully these suggestions will come in handy!

Santa likes to sneak mandarin oranges into the girls’ stockings, too, which I always think is funny. Probably because we have large stockings. I don’t blame him. But don’t forget to remind your elf that fruit and favorite snacks can be a fun filling, too!

  1. Piggy Pain Non-Toxic Nail Polish – Scented and non-toxic, these brightly colored paints are a great gift for little girls that love painting their nails. It’s water-based and comes in a multi-color set.
  2. Spy Pens with Invisible Ink – Forever and always one of my highest recommendation for kids because you get 6 in a pack so they can share with siblings and friends. You write invisible messages with the ink and the special light on the back of each pen reveals the message. Huge hit.
  3. Clip-on Reading Light – the kids have each had one of these for years. It clips nicely onto the headboard, has options of warm or bright light, as well as dim or bright. It plugs in and has a 5′ cord.
  4. Math Dice – You know I had to include our family’s favorite math game! So easy to take and play anywhere and engaging for kids ages 7 to 99. We all practice math from addition and subtraction to exponents (can not use these for younger kids) and ENJOY it!
  5. Monopoly Deal – If you don’t have this already, put a big asterisks next to it on your letter to Santa. This Monopoly-inspired game plays in about 15 minutes and is great to travel with. It’s engaging and the kids love it.
  6. Epsom Salt Soak for Kids – For the bath lover, this blend of epsom salts and essential oils will help children wind down, soften skin, and promote relaxation with a delicious scent.
  7. Mood Ring – They are back and these adorable animal-shaped options will give her a stylish way to know what she’s feeling that day. Ok, well maybe it’s just fun and my kids think they’re cool.
  8. Gratitude Journal – This is a such a great tool for introducing kids to the idea of identifying their feelings, reflecting on their days, and being grateful. Each entry page is short and sweet, but effective. We love these; it’s so much fun to look back at what the kids were grateful for on a particular day.
  9. Animal Erasers – I don’t get it, but these little erasers that you can disassemble and reassemble seem to be all the rage for kids 8+. They’re cute and erase and for some reason the kids think they are really fun.
  10. Wikki Stix – I’ll never forget when a restaurant gave a few of these out instead of crayons with the kid menus. What a hit! These 6″ wax-covered yarn “stix” can be manipulated into all kinds of shapes, allowing for creativity to run wild. From creating characters and scenes to shaping letters, the possibilities are endless.
  11. Fidget Spinner and Pop-it – this combo spinner and pop-it is a great help for fidgeting kids, or kids that bite their nails or pick at cuticles. It keeps hands busy in a fun way and I love the bright colors.

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