Stock Up on These Dry Erase Markers for the Classroom or Office

Whether you’re presenting your new idea to the boss, preparing a lesson plan for your classroom, or writing out a chore list for your kids, the best dry erase markers provide a brightly-colored and user-friendly option for displaying your ideas. Dry erase markers are a staple in classrooms, offices, small businesses and homes because they make it easy to communicate your ideas. We also love that they eliminate the need for paper, offering an eco-friendly alternative to writing on poster boards and large sheets of paper.

Dry erase boards have long since replaced traditional chalkboards in the classroom thanks to their chalk and dust-free finish (not to mention the spine-tingling sounds of nails on chalkboards). On top of that, the contrast of colored markers on a white background makes it easier for students to read the board from the back of the room.

In offices, dry erase boards are a welcome addition to brainstorming sessions, eliminating the need for complicated technological setups and giving employees the ability to quickly jot down ideas for the entire team to see.

Small businesses, like cafes, use dry erase boards as a way to update their customers on daily sales and specials, helping to keep costs down on printed materials and providing an easy method of keeping customers and employees updated on current happenings. Dry erase boards are great for home use too, from chore lists to grocery lists, as well as for young students practicing their writing and math skills.

In short, there’s no end to uses for the best dry erase markers. Whether you’re a teacher, business owner, parent or candlestick maker, you could benefit from a steady supply of these writing tools. Check out the best dry erase markers below and see which is ‘write’ for you.

expo dry erase markers

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