Rossi: The Tragic and Accelerating Decline of Our Schools


By Randy Rossi - 

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) just gave us more proof of the tragic and accelerating decline of our schools that is crippling American kids and the future of our country. Despite the fact that Democrat President Biden, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and the CDC insisted that our kids go back to school because of the damage inflicted on them in the last school shut down, 73% of teachers in the CTU voted against going back to school last night (1/4/2022). 73%! That is an outrageous and barbaric attack on our children. We now know that when most of our public schools kicked 56 million kids out of school last year it caused massive life long academic, social, and psychological damage to our kids. Even the CDC said that which is why they now insist that our kids go back to school. Based on hard data, US students are 4 months behind on reading and 5 months behind on math because of those shutdowns. On top of that child depressions are up dramatically and suicides by young girls are up by 52% because of those shutdowns. But the CTU simply doesn’t care. And all this incredible pain inflicted on our kids was unnecessary as we now know that only between 0.00% and 0.01% of kids under 18 died because of Covid. 5 times more kids died from car accidents than died from Covid. Sweden which did not close down their schools had zero, zero Covid deaths out of 1.8 million children. We know all that now but the CTU just doesn’t care. That is child abuse to the tenth degree.

But this destruction to our kids by our public schools is not new. America spends more per student than any country on Earth yet our kids are 22nd in the world based on the latest international PISA scores for reading, math, and science combined. China is number 1 in the world on PISA scores and they will cream our kids in global competition. Only 31% of our kids are proficient in reading, math, and science which is just a “C”. That means that despite spending more than any country on educating our kids, 69% of our kids essentially flunk reading, math, and science! That is horrific. A big part of the problem is because of teachers unions and their resistance to hard work, discipline, and the time spent teaching our kids. US kids spend less time in school than most countries. Summer vacations for US kids was based back when most families owned farms and they needed their kids in the summer to work on their farms (as I did). Not anymore as less than 5% of Americans are farmers today. But teachers love getting summers off!

Schools used to be a critical part of the greatness of America. Schools used to focus on teaching hard work, discipline, teaching fundamental skills for success, and teaching our fundamental values and the history of our great nation. We were taught that America was based on the concept of everybody could “reach up to grab the brass ring”. Competition used to be good and grades for tests were posted on the classroom door to  hold people accountable. But sadly, that is now all gone in most of our public schools. Today kids are taught that they are victims and everybody reaches down to the lowest common denominator. Everybody gets an A so nobodies feelings are hurt. And kids are bombarded with this CRT garbage in school which promotes victimhood. They are also taught anti-American trash that is simply false and dishonest like the insane “1619 Project” which says America was founded on slavery. The truth is that 650,000 Americans died to free the slaves in our Civil War in 1861-1865. America practiced slavery less than almost any nation on Earth. While the people of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia practiced slavery for thousands of years, the United States of America made slavery illegal in all the northern states in 1804 when America was only 28 years old, made it illegal in the Midwest in 1787 when it was only 11 years old (Northwest Ordinance), and illegal across America when it was only 89 years old in the Civil War. How many of our kids know that Native Americans practiced slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifices for thousands of years? Added to that, our schools used to teach that America brought freedom to over a billion people in the world by winning WWI, WWII, and the Cold War with the USSR. American students used to be very proud of their country!

On top of those false attacks on our great history,  many schools are promoting LGBTQ confusion to our kids as early as when they are in kindergarten. That is simply child abuse when young kids don’t even know what sex is.  It generates sexual confusion that can last for years. Even worse, schools are promoting transgender confusion to young people at a critical time in their development. Science says that 70% of kids who think they are transgender when they are teenagers (thanks to our schools) find out that they are not when they turn 30 which causes intense pain and suffering. Even worse, if they change their sex through surgery or chemicals because of this sexual confusion, they commit suicide 20 times more than the general population because they realize that they have ruined their lives.

There is some good news regarding this decline of our schools. First, 27% of Chicago teachers just voted to go back to school and put our kids ahead of greed and cowardice. At least 27% of our teachers are good and loving people. Second because Democrats like Biden and Lori Lightfoot are suddenly aware of the political damage they are suffering by keeping our kids out of school are now taking on the teachers unions. Knowing that speaking out against school shutdowns and the school’s attacks on our values, history, and kids can have an impact; it is time for parents to stand up to these destructive schools and teachers unions for causing this massive damage to our kids. They work for us and our kids, we don’t work for them!!! And politicians are starting to see that it will hurt their chance of being reelected if they continue to let our kids get abused by these teachers unions.

The only other good news of the school shutdowns is that parents got to hear the horrible trash that many of their kids were being taught because of  “remote learning”. Thankfully parents are now standing up and rebelling against our schools. When Democrats lost the Virginia governors race because of this issue, they have started to pay attention. That is why Democrat President Biden has insisted on getting kids back in school. Democrat Mayor Lightfoot has also demanded that kids go back to school and she has warned the Chicago teachers union that any teachers that do not go back to school will not get paid. That is good news. It is time to put maximum peaceful and legal pressure on our teachers and our schools to force them to get back to their critical job of teaching our kids hard work, discipline, our moral values, and love for our great republic!! Or they should get fired!

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