Reunion + Routine + Required

I think my body is NEEDING some major routine in life so every day for a few days in a row I woke up within a 3 minute range without an alarm clock.  I think it’s away of trying to have some control when life feels very out of control.

These post-run porch sits before going in to start the day have become a great treat each morning.

IMG 1320

Then we went to pick up Knox.   It has been a week and a half since we have seen him and seeing their reunion made my heart very happy.  PS Andrew and I were talking the other day about how it is cool that he has known Brooke and I have known Knox for more of their lives than we haven’t.  Andrew and I met when they were 3.5 (ps it’s almost our 4 year first date anniversary in a few days).

IMG 1323

Just a flashback to their first time meeting:

IMG A17403C75E39 1

I ate a breakfast burrito while chatting to you guys in the comments (also that Tumbler below is just my favorite).

IMG 1325

I predict Skye is going to be very ahead of the game with math because of all of the math videos she has watched with Brooke over the last month.

IMG 1327 3

Breaks to lay on the ground during school at home is very normal for us.

IMG 1333

After Skye’s nap she told me that she wants to go on an airplane.  I wonder if she had a dream about going on a trip somewhere?!

IMG 1356

Andrew went grocery shopping for the first time in a while which meant FRESH food that tasted so good.

IMG 1351

And now we have the Quinoa Recovery Salad from Shalane to eat for a few meals.

IMG 1366

The more feta, the better.

IMG 1367

We made Disneyland’s DOLE WHIP and it was another winner.  I’m embarrassed over how much I’ve thought about going to Disneyland (or any vacations) lately…

IMG 1371

Screen Shot 2020 04 15 at 11 21 59 AM

A fun treat each day is pretty much required during this time.

IMG 1368

IMG 1369

We are going to be transferring these to our garden in a few more weeks (after it snows tomorrow)!  I’m so excited about them:)

IMG 0409 2


Those of you celebrating birthdays or special events during this time at home… what are you doing to make them feel special?

What did you last make for dinner?

Who are you most excited to be reunited with when this is all over?

Disneyland lovers—> What is your favorite treat there?

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